In order to catch the "rich" in Hangzhou, the post -90s girl broke through the condom, and now takes only 2000 for the baby’s monthly income

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】- 【· Foreword ·】 –

Want to "lie down", is she wrong?

It is not easy for life. Some people are struggling, and some people want to rely on their own "capital" to go to a shortcut to success.

After the 90s, Ms. Zheng, who was young, knew that a "rich man" in Hangzhou was married, and carried a rich wife with a wealthy meeting with her.

Ms. Zheng followed the "unexpected" condom to break her child.

However, when all the truth is bright, the ending is to make Miss Zheng fall as the abyss.

What does Miss Zheng have a story with this "rich"?What is her end?

】 —— 【· Meet ·】 –

Miss Zheng was a worker who went to work in a company and was arranged by his boss to a business trip in a foreign country.The short -range voyage made Miss Zheng drowsy, and Miss Zheng simply fell asleep.

Miss Zheng was sitting next to a middle -aged man. Middle -aged men looked at the sleeping Miss Zheng a little beautiful.

After Miss Zheng woke up with yawning, the middle -aged man pulled Ms. Zheng in a row.

Ms. Zheng had no good opinion of this greasy uncle, but in order to soothe the boredom of the journey, Miss Zheng also talked with a middle -aged man.

I learned through chatting that the middle -aged man’s surname was Yang.

Originally, it was a stranger encountered during the journey, but Uncle Yang’s words made Miss Zheng beating.

Uncle Yang claims to have several companies under his hand, and the flow funds are tens of millions.There are several luxury cars, several luxury homes.

You and I have nothing to do, depend on men’s money.

At this moment, Miss Zheng sobered up. It was no longer Uncle Yang said. Miss Zheng attached it. Instead, Miss Zheng took the initiative to find a topic and started chatting with Uncle Yang.

Along the way, Miss Zheng, who deliberately cater to Uncle Yang, smiled, and Uncle Yang was full of confidence in the sun.The two were very happy, and from time to time, Miss Zheng covered her chest.

During the conversation, Miss Zheng, who looked at the beautiful and generous, was very interested in herself.Uncle Yang began to frown and looked worried.

Miss Zheng looked at Uncle Yang’s face, and quickly asked if she was not doing well.

Uncle Yang answered the question that was not Ms. Zheng, but just remembered the yellow -faced mother -in -law at home.Uncle Yang’s "unintentional" revealed that he was very dissatisfied with his wife, and the two often quarreled.

Miss Zheng, this good sister, naturally won’t miss this opportunity, and quickly speaks.I persuaded Uncle Yang to show the movement, which was really a good girl.

Uncle Yang was 16 years old when she was 16 years old, still making Miss Zheng get closer and closer.The two of the father and daughter are very intimate on the plane. It is not the blocking hate of the seat.

After getting off the plane, the two ran each.Uncle Yang of Yiguan passed the business card to Miss Zheng’s hands. Miss Zheng clenched the business card, this ticket to the good day.

After the separation, both of them showed a meaningful smile.

Ms. Zheng is full of joy to make her less hard for years.

Uncle Yang is proud of the beauty and a beautiful woman to let herself eat tender grass.

】—— 【· Love ·】 –

They have their own calculations, but they do not prevent Miss Zheng hurriedly contact Uncle Yang.

After receiving the information of Miss Zheng, Uncle Yang immediately responded.The two were intentional, and the natural words became more and more Meng Lang.

Miss Zheng works in Beijing and lives in a large city in a big city.The increasing busy business made Miss Zheng exhausted, and squeezed the subway every day to make Miss Zheng breathless.

Uncle Yang was a shelter at this time, so that Miss Zheng had a peace of mind.

Of course, Miss Zheng’s purpose has always been very clear.

The two of them talked more and more speculative, and soon initiated voice and videos.From time to time, Ms. Zheng sent her some private life to Uncle Yang, while Uncle Yang said that he loved him more.

Soon people at the ends of the screen were not satisfied with this different place, but they wanted to touch each other effectively.

Soon Uncle Yang proposed to hope that Ms. Zheng would work in Hangzhou. He patted his chest and said that he would take care of her.

Uncle Yang’s abacus beads are about to play on Miss Zheng’s face, and Miss Zheng naturally understands the meaning of being "taken care of."It was just that at that time, she had unrealistic fantasies in her heart, thinking that her charm easily made Uncle Yang a minister under the skirt.

Miss Zheng quickly resigned from the job of two money and went straight to Hangzhou.

At Hangzhou Airport, Miss Zheng and Uncle Yang hugged each other enthusiastically.Miss Zheng listened to the love words in her ears, and she wanted to refuse to welcome her.

Uncle Yang took the wind and washed the dust quickly, and quickly ate a meal.

The two held their hands and found a hotel, and Miss Zheng took a shower.After that, what happened to Miss Zheng happened, the hotel’s sound insulation was good and did not let the next door hear "singing".

Miss Zheng quickly became the secret lover of Uncle Yang, and the two maintained physical relationships.

Every time Ms. Zheng let Uncle Yang humming his songs, Miss Zheng was not satisfied with this.It is the right thing to let Uncle Yang kick the yellow face in the family, and it is what the girl thinks of the girl.

It’s just that every time Miss Zheng and Uncle Yang raised their business, Uncle Yang always supported me, and he didn’t recognize his pants.

Uncle Yang was finally loosened, and Miss Zheng was happy to wait for marriage, waiting for the news that Uncle Yang and his wife divorced single.

The extravagant wedding is Ms. Zheng’s wish, but she is not married to a stinky man, but a RMB that is married to incense.

However, the news of Uncle Yang’s divorce could not wait, and Miss Zheng had a crooked idea.

· —— 【· Meng a game ·】 – »

Ms. Zheng took out the condom that I bought in advance before a exercise, took out the needle to break one by one, and then put it back to the bedside.

Uncle Yang came to Miss Zheng in two days.

Uncle Yang is on the string, and he uses it without much thought.

Without insurance, Ms. Zheng moved her hands and feet on the condom several times in the future.Touching her lower abdomen, Miss Zheng smiled.

Ms. Zheng couldn’t eat it all day in the morning, and she was disgusting.When she went to the hospital, she was pregnant with her child. She thought that with the flesh, it was not easy to control Uncle Yang.

Uncle Yang once again hung a hypocritical mask to meet with Ms. Zheng.

Ms. Zheng told the news of her pregnancy with shyness that she thought it was the love of the lover.I don’t want Uncle Yang to push Ms. Zheng away with panic, such as avoiding plague.

Facing Miss Zheng, who was wrong, Uncle Yang changed his kindness, and he said with a cold face: "Broken the child."

Naive Miss Zheng seemed to know this strange acquaintance for the first time.

Uncle Yang leaned off the axillary and hurried away.

Uncle Yang replied to Miss Zheng’s news late, and even gradually gone.

Uncle Yang thought about "don’t forget the original intention", and he asked the prodigal son to turn back as a good husband.

Uncle Yang is not tight as his good husband, but this makes Miss Zheng, who gambles herself on men.

From time to time, Ms. Zheng will hold her mobile phone to see if there is any information about the familiar person, but the result is always disappointed.

Ms. Zheng finally broke out in silence. She went to the river to commit suicide and showed uncle Yang to appear.Her move attracted the media, and after reporting the report, Uncle Yang was finally caused.

However, after Uncle Yang appeared, he not only did not have a little guilty of Miss Zheng, who was covered with water droplets.Uncle Yang also borrowed 20,000 yuan from Ms. Zheng, and Miss Zheng turned the money over.

Miss Zheng explained herself like this and values feelings.

I want to come just to make a show to maintain the position of the weak to get sympathy.

In 2018, after October, Miss Zheng, who was pregnant, gave birth to the children in her belly.

A cute and cute daughter did not make Miss Zheng feel much better.In her eyes, the child was only used to be used to tie the rich chain of the rich as a dog.

The child’s father never appeared, which gave Miss Zheng’s eyes a lot of haze.The cry of her daughter made her upset and failed to achieve the purpose to make the woman fierce to the child.

The complexity of adults was taken to her child’s simple world, and she blurted out of the child’s swear words.The child did not understand why the mother was so embarrassed.

In order to further maintain her affectionate lover, Ms. Zheng combined her surname Yang as the name of her daughter.

Miss Zheng has no source of income and does not want to continue to work hard. She wants to find a TV station to expose the matter.

初 —— [· Regret originally ·] —— »

In 2020, Ms. Zheng was in no way, without the original makeup of her original makeup, replaced by her face.She had a hoarse voice to ask the Women’s Federation for help, but she didn’t want to make the staff of the women’s federation shock.

Director Pan said that he didn’t know much, but the three views broke the place.

But anyway, the child is still young, and it is also the biological flesh of Uncle Yang.Uncle Yang must at least fulfill the responsibility of raising. Hangzhou TV and the Women’s Federation find to help Miss Zheng.

In the face of the camera, Uncle Yang was very wronged.

More details of the matter are disclosed. This is not a good stubble on this surface.

At that time, Miss Zheng came to Hangzhou without any place.Miss Zheng leased the house in the residence of Uncle Yang, and the two carried Uncle Yang’s wife.

Under the eyelids, Uncle Yang’s wife naturally found the clue.When Uncle Yang faced his wife’s showdown, he chose to stay away from Miss Zheng.

Ms. Zheng began to weave her first lie. Ms. Zheng said that she was pregnant with her twins and asked Uncle Yang to take care of herself.

For the first time, Uncle Yang had "the crystallization of love" with Ms. Zheng, and of course cherished.Uncle Yang is tired of crooked with Ms. Zheng every day, for fear that Miss Zheng will encounter it.

After a few days, Miss Zheng’s stomach did not change significantly, which caused Uncle Yang to question.However, Ms. Zheng took out the custody that had been prepared for a long time, and the twins accidentally had a miscarriage.

Uncle Yang frowned and was very impatient to separate with Miss Zheng.

Ms. Zheng first sent the news that Uncle Yang had to commit suicide in advance, and then performed in the West Lake jumping lake jumping in the West Lake in the daytime.

Uncle Yang’s second plan, looking at Miss Zheng, who was crying, immediately softened.Facing Miss Zheng Yishun, the relationship between the two recovered.

But the sympathy of tears is not long. Uncle Yang soon wanted to separate from Ms. Zheng.When Ms. Zheng saw this meaning, she broke the condom and broke the condom.

Ms. Zheng told Uncle Yang that she had a trilogy and informed the story of her condom.Uncle Yang was full of anger, but Gu Nian’s unknown child was still controlled by Miss Zheng.

Uncle Yang was called by Ms. Zheng as slaves, how can such a day be better.I was thinking about Uncle Yang, who fluttered outside, and thought about ending this sin.

Where is Miss Zheng get rid of it so well?Uncle Yang then discovered the true face of the "good sister", so he broke the contact with Miss Zheng more firmly.

After Miss Zheng returned to Beijing and gave birth to a child, she was entangled with Uncle Yang.As for the trigger’s lie, she also returned.

After death, the deformity gave people, and the remaining alive.

This time Ms. Zheng took the television station to be fierce and advocated compensation of 1.01 million yuan.

Uncle Yang said he was willing to compensate in accordance with the legal decision. As for more, let his wife come forward.

Uncle Yang’s wife seemed to be numb. She said that she had persuaded Miss Zheng for a long time. Ms. Zheng still had her husband and you.

Uncle Yang also said that when Miss Zheng committed suicide, she also helped Miss Zheng bring the daughter.

But it seems that Ms. Zheng, who seems to be "just as a mother", does not care about her daughter’s condition.

One of the most important information in the show is that Uncle Yang is not a boss, but a migrant worker of 6,000 a monthly salary and Miss Zheng.

Ms. Zheng had already filed a lawsuit with the court, asking Uncle Yang to pay 5,000 support fees per month.Law maintenance costs are generally 20%to 30%of the monthly salary. According to law, Uncle Yang with a monthly salary of 6,000 will give 2,000 yuan per month.

The dream of Miss Zheng’s daddy has fallen in the air, and she spends her own savings to create an independent owner.

In the end, I really didn’t care about it, and I didn’t care about it.

Ms. Zheng used her own money to sell her joyfully into the hands of Uncle Yang. The golden woman met with a negative man, which was considered a pair.


Miss Zheng was pregnant first, and the ravage fee claimed to be in the air. The court supported only 2000 a month, which was very different from Miss Zheng’s intended.In the future, Ms. Zheng, who is not good at it in the future, is unwilling to accept the old man with the baby.

Uncle Yang was daring, derailed in the marriage, and was unfaithful in marriage, so that the chickens that had lived peaceful lives jumped.Uncle Yang, who is taught in the future, may be able to control his lower body.

Uncle Yang’s wife, who was betrayed, licked the wound silently, and flew to make a lot of human feelings in the family.There will always be a thorn in my heart.

The absurd farce is essentially a tragedy.

Sitting on the BMW car and laughed, they had to pay the corresponding price, but the children were implicated in it, which was really sighing.

Everyone should take care of the desire in their hearts. People are not sages, but they cannot go to be beasts.

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