In order to contraception, she chose the ring, but caused continuous bleeding. I regret it when I take it out

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Now in society, doctors have developed technology, and there are many contraceptive measures to choose from today.Have you found that men are unreasonable for contraception, and women have higher requirements for contraception.After all, you are pregnant at will, and it is irresponsible to both and the baby.As a result, more and more women have chosen active contraception.Some women choose permanent contraception, such as going to the hospital for tubal ligation.In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, some women will choose relatively easier Shekuan surgery.

According to hospital statistics, most of the contraceptive surgery is female, there are very few men, and women undertake too much for families.Male friends suggest that cherish their partners and be considerate of her love, so such a home will be like a warm shelter.

Xiaoyan became pregnant soon after getting married, and she gave birth to her son, a small family and beautiful on the way.Xiaoyan and her husband discussed that there was only one baby, just cultivate him.Since no regeneration is no longer regenerated, of course, the life of the husband and wife must be contraceptive.They would use condoms and the like at first, but they did not pay attention a few times, and Xiaoyan accidentally became pregnant.

At that time, the planning policy of family planning was only better, and Xiaoyan’s unit was not allowed to have two children.Between children and work, Xiaoyan chose jobs difficultly. After all, one child had one child and one less income, and his life was too tired.As a result, Xiaoyan decided to go to the ring contraception.After she got on the ring, her body was in a condition. First, her aunt who came on time every month became diligent. She twice a month, sometimes even three times to visit.Xiaoyan hurried to consult the doctor. The doctor said that this was the reaction of the Shekuan, and everyone was different.If the situation does not improve, the contraceptive ring must be removed.

After a few months, she was always bleeding like this. Xiaoyan was really worried about whether her body could carry it. She decided to take out the contraceptive ring immediately.When she was lying on the operating table to take the ring, the cold equipment stretched into the warm body and felt the extra chill.The doctor took it several times, and Xiaoyan was sweating with pain, and it was easy to take it down.The doctor took it, and Xiaoyan saw his own piece of meat on the contraceptive ring!She really regrets her ring, and she doesn’t say the effect she wants, she also hurts her body!

When a foreign body is put into the body, the body will reject reaction.Many women have various adverse reactions when they are on the ring.And the contraceptive ring cannot fully guarantee pregnancy. If the contraceptive ring falls off and loose, it will not play the role of contraceptive.Therefore, in order to avoid this accident, the contraceptive ring will be stuck very tightly, but this may affect the bladder and pelvic cavity. Severe even the uterine perforation will affect the two children.

Experience of pregnancy:

Therefore, contraception is a matter of two people. Do not let female friends take it alone. Men should also take the initiative to contraception.

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