In the age of three, what are the preparations for pregnant mothers?

In order to actively respond to the aging of the population, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting on May 31, 2021 to implement a couple’s policy of childbirth.This news instantly aroused heated discussions. Some families were eager to try, some families hesitated, and some families were prohibitive.So, what kind of challenges will the advent of the three -child age bring to the childcare women?In addition to psychological construction, which physical preparations do you need to do?We asked Liu Jun and Huang Zhenyu, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Tsinghua University of Tsinghua University.

Most of the three -child mother is the elderly maternal maternal

From the perspective of eugenics, the best fertility age of women is between 23 and 30 years old.Pregnant women are too young, and their physiology and psychology have not yet developed, which is not conducive to self -care and newborn care during pregnancy; pregnant women are too old, and the probability of chromosomal abnormalities in germ cells also increases.Obviously rising.

However, modern women not only take on important roles in their families, but also work pressure in society are not inferior to men. Late marriage and late childbirth have become universal.At present, the fertility age of women in Chinese cities is more than 30 years old.There is no doubt that with the liberalization of the third -child policy, most of the third -born mothers will be the older mother, and the risk of fertility will also rise.

The maternal is a woman who has had one or more children.The elderly daughter -in -law refers to a daughter -in -law who is more than 35 years old during childbirth. It also includes pregnant women at the age of 34 years of age and at the age of 35.

It is recommended to take medical evaluation before preparing for pregnancy

All women who plan to get pregnant should go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, especially for the older women, this is particularly important and cannot be ignored.Related data shows that the probability of congenital deformity such as the fetal syndrome such as the fetus syndrome is related to the age of the mother.Pregnant women are over 30 years old, and the probability of Tang’s syndrome is 1/1000; pregnant women are 35 to 39 years old, with a probability of 1/50; pregnant women are over 40 years old, with a probability of up to 1/20.

Because the physical condition of an elderly woman is decreasing compared to when she is young, do not think that there are two experiences after giving birth, and do not pay attention to the pregnancy examination during pregnancy, and despise the breeding process of the third child.

Projects for pre -pregnancy examination include basic nutritional state assessment; screening of internal and surgical diseases such as blood pressure, blood sugar; conventional gynecological examination, gynecological ultrasound, and cervical cancer screening.The maternal should provide the doctor in detail the specific situation of the previous delivery, including the combination of pregnancy, the development of the fetus, the results of abnormal examination during the birth check, the method of childbirth, the cause of delivery, the laceration of the birth canal, the cause of the cesarean section, and the cesarean section.Bleeding and so on.It is necessary to remind that pregnant women with previous complications or history of surgery should conduct pre -pregnancy consultation to determine the current physical condition and uterine recovery.

It is determined that it is suitable for preparation for at least 3 months before pregnancy and early pregnancy to supplement folic acid in a timely and sufficient amount, which can significantly reduce the risk of fetal suffering from neural tube deformities.At the same time, we must also develop a healthy lifestyle, maintain a reasonable weight, and eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, soy products, animal liver, lean meat, eggs, etc.Try not to go to person -intensive places in the early pregnancy to avoid bacterial and virus infections and affect embryonic development.

Cesa section is best for two years before pregnancy

As the age of pregnant women increases, the incidence of natural abortion, embryo -stop, and threatened abortion occur during early pregnancy.After being fully evaluated by the obstetrician, women who confirmed that they can be pregnant again should go to the hospital as soon as possible when confirming that the pregnancy or self -testing of urine pregnancy test is positive, improve the relevant test examination, understand the development of the embryo, and eliminate ectopic pregnancy.For pregnant women with threatened abortion, doctors will give corresponding fetal preservation measures.

At the same time, pregnant women need to go to the corresponding community hospital for mother and child health care manual, go to a regular hospital to build files, and conduct a regular production inspection in accordance with the requirements.Under normal circumstances, the ultrasonic NT examination is completed from 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy to eliminate the developmental defects of fetal nerve tube and other congenital diseases.For elderly pregnant women over 35 years of age, it is not recommended to screely screen for conventional serum learning. Instead, it is recommended to do amniotic fluid puncture in the middle of pregnancy to eliminate the abnormalities of embryo chromosomes and increase the accuracy of diagnosis.The fetal discharge ultrasound examination is performed from 22 to 24 weeks of pregnancy to exclude major organs.If you find death deformed or congenital chromosomal abnormalities, it is recommended to terminate pregnancy in time.By the third trimester, we must strengthen the guardianship, take several fetal movements every day, and regularly monitor blood pressure and blood sugar, and appropriately increase the frequency of production testing.

Patients with a cesarean section or other patients with uterine surgery (such as uterine fibroids or uterine horn pregnancy) are recommended to be at least two years apart.During the ultrasonic examination during early pregnancy, the doctor will confirm the distance between the pregnancy of the bed and the uterine scar. If it is confirmed to be a scar pregnancy, the risk of placental implantation, uterine rupture, prenatal and postpartum bleeding will increase significantly during pregnancy. It is recommendedTerminal pregnancy under strict clinical monitoring.

Be wary to shorten the labor process to avoid delivery on the way

According to clinical data over the years, even if the elderly mother has passed the early pregnancy, the risk of pregnancy complications during pregnancy will increase accordingly, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy.Therefore, elderly mothers must pay attention to check -up on time. If you feel discomfort or abnormal fetal movement, you need to go to the hospital for treatment, and appropriately increase the frequency of production inspection to discover the abnormal signal of mothers and infants in time to avoid accidents.

Pay special attention to the identification and monitoring of contractions during the third trimester. Mother who has experienced the two -child delivery will be significantly shortened when the third child has a third child.It may cause delivery on the way, and improper care of newborn care may occur.If a pregnant woman who has a history of cesarean section, the contraction will lead to thinning the lower section of the uterus, and may even suddenly occur in uterine rupture, abdominal hemorrhage, and fetal death in the palace.Therefore, no matter what kind of childbirth method is the older mother, when the last two times the child, when the intermittent lower abdomen, abdominal pain, water breaking, or seeing red, they should go to the hospital immediately.Outside the hospital, causing maternal and newborn injuries.

In addition, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet, nutritional matching, and exercise appropriately under the condition of physical allowance to avoid excessive weight gain and cause hypertension during pregnancy diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, reducing the incidence of huge children.

Should three babies take birth or cesarean section?

Many obstetrics and gynecological experts now point out that age is not a indicator of cesarean section, especially for pregnant women under 40 years of age. The success rate and safety of their dysfunction are not significantly different from that of maternal women.For elderly pregnant women with physical conditions, they are mainly encouraged to produce delivery. However, considering that their physical strength has decreased, excessive consumption during childbirth will increase the risk of postpartum bleeding, and sufficient psychological support and energy supplement should be given during production.For elderly pregnant women who have a cesarean section, those who have a willing to produce are assessed with conditions, and they can fully inform the risk and try to give birth after the choice.During the delivery process, the fetal heart condition and the symptoms of pregnant women are needed closely, and the signs of the aura uterus rupture signal should be identified in a timely manner.

After childbirth, women need to go through a period of time to gradually recover to pre -pregnancy status, including uterine recovery, blood capacity changes, body recovery, and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, etc. It takes at least 6 weeks.The same is true of elderly pregnant women. After delivery, you need to pay close attention to the amount of dew, color, odor, duration, etc. in a timely manner.Many maternal leakage occurs after childbirth, and pregnant women are more obvious. Symptoms will increase with the number of output.Caused by relaxation.Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention to the bottom muscle exercise of the basin. Frequent anal lifting exercises throughout the pregnancy and postpartum can promote the repair of the bottom of the basin and reduce the occurrence of postpartum urinary incontinence.

In short, pregnancy is a huge challenge for women’s physiology and psychology.When the three -child era is coming, the maternal maternal who has a re -fertility plan must comprehensively evaluate her physical condition, and understand that they can officially put the "three children" on the schedule after understanding the tolerance of re -pregnancy and childbirth.After all, pregnancy is a pain, happy, and full of risks. For the sake of mother and child, I hope that every pregnant mother can complete her "advanced" under the escort of modern medicine.

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