In the cattle, talk about "cow" with dreams

The work of dreams is the most important content in my psychological counseling. In the work of dreams, I find that many animals in dreams. How do you understand the animals in dreams?It happens to be the year of the cattle this year. Today, I use "cattle" as an example to describe how to understand the cow in the dream.

Cow is an animal. The cow in the dream may represent the human animal, which is what Freud calls the instinct.From this perspective, we must pay attention to the health and physical state of the dream. If it is a very strong cattle, it can be understood as full of instincts.

Of course, there are different ways of expression, and it is generally easy to think of sexual instincts.But if you firmly believe that the animals in your dreams are sexual instincts, you may be the fans of Freud’s early theory, because it is the subsequent psychologists’ questioning of this, and it will develop more psychological theory to develop more psychological theoryAnd Jung is one of them.

Jorde believes that the animals in dreams are a symbol of psychological energy.But there are many psychological energy, and sex is just one of them.For example, a woman dreams of a bull may be related to sex, or it may be related to attack.If the cow in the dream is still angry, it can be thought of the emotional needs to be seen in the heart of Dream Lord, and it is very strong, because we all use the "cow’s temper" to describe a person’s temper.If this cattle’s eyes are red, it can be understood that the anger of the dream Lord’s heart is terrible, because we will use the cow with red eyes to symbolize evil, such as the cattle demon king in "Journey to the West", such as the WestThe devil is also an image with a horn.

Of course, in terms of instinct, if the cow in the dream is sick, then we must consider whether the dream master is too tired recently, because there is also a symbol of the cow to bear the burden of humiliation.As a poem in the Song Dynasty said:

Flowing a thousand acres of real thousand boxes, who is exhausted and exhausted?

However, all sentient beings have to be full, and they will not resign.

Of course, this kind of humiliation load of Niu will also be used to express praise to a person, representing due diligence in a person’s nature.Once I dreamed of "cow", in my work with my analyst, the analyst asked me what I thought, I accidentally said that I was a cow, and then I found that the cow in the dream was part of my nature -thenPersonal and down -to -earth personality.So the dream of work made me more acceptable to me, and I was more able to face others and say that I was stupid and honest. I was very angry before being said before.This is also the important meaning of dream work: to connect with your own heart through dreams, integrate into a more complete self.

Is that because I belong to the cow, can I connect the characteristics of the cow to me?

Real is not.For example, Lu Xun’s "horizontal eyebrows cold to Qianfu pointed at Qianfu, bowed their head as a bull", so that the spirit of the cow’s willingness to give is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so everyone can use the cow to symbolize the characteristics of this characteristic.Of course, it can also be expanded to other characteristics related to cows, such as lacking flexibility in character, which is said to be a cow or a cow horn tip.Sometimes we still use cows to symbolize a dialogue that a person is not high or not at the same level, such as "playing the piano".

As mentioned earlier, the bull may be in terms of sex, if it is a cow.It is easy for cows to make us think of milk -producing cows, and milk will make people think of mothers, so cows or cows without gender will also think of mothers.In addition, Niu will carry heavy objects, carrying human needs like the earth.Therefore, cows can also think of the earth. The Book of Changes will treat cattle as "Kun". It is negative and a symbol of motherhood.From the perspective of the prototype, it is the activation of the mother’s prototype.

If you look at the style of work dreams, the work of dreams needs to become a dynamic development concept of purpose.Then there is a symbol of connecting self and self.Because cows are domesticated, they are in the middle state of humans and animals, and it can also be understood as an intermediate state of unconscious and consciousness, so there is a cow in the dream that is also symbolizing the unconscious psychological energy to be close to the state of consciousness.

This may be the reason why Zen classic "Ten Bull Pictures" symbolizes our minds.Because Niu Jie could not control the middle.The symbol of cow symbolizes the characteristics of highlighting the characteristics that may be domesticated.Because Niu also has the symbol of self -nature, there is a perspective of the process of linked the self -ization process with "Ten Niu Maps" with the Japanese Ronge analyst.

It is precisely because cows have been domesticated and served human beings very early, and they play an irreplaceable role in farming, especially in long -term farming culture like China, cows are very important.Many food and even wealth, so cows also symbolize wealth.

In ancient times, the status of the cattle was very high, not as much as the current panda.Ancient harm cats were sentenced to sentence.In the Shang and Zhou dynasties, it was the highest level to give God a cow sacrifice to God.The product is called "worshiping three animals". Of course, the "three animals" of the civilians’ houses do not include cows.Even many ancient ethnic groups use cattle as totems and inject cows’ spirit into their own spiritual world.

The status of cows is very high or even deified by us. Hinduism also regards cows as a symbol of sacredness."Come to metaphorize the wisdom without leakage.So when you dream of cows, you must also pay attention to the color of the cattle in the dream. If it is a black cow, it may be more primitive, without domestication, and white symbolizes the divine power.Infinite, no difference in Sun Wukong.

Lao Tzu was also riding a cow west in the end, which means that Niu became immortal with Lao Tzu.Dayu’s treatment of water through cast iron beef also symbolizes the power of cattle.The Shan Hai Jing is the god of Emperor Yan as the head of the cattle.Of course, if the head of the cow appears in the dream, in addition to the image of Emperor Yan, it may also be a issue related to death anxiety, because Niu Tau Horse Noodle is two assistants of King Yan Luo.

Therefore, Niu has both instinctual symbols, symbols of self, symbol of divineness.There is a cow in the dream. Which symbol can correspond to the meaning of the cattle in the dream?

Jung believes that this is not what an analyst can decide. When the dream master provides a dream, first after the dream master has done a free association on the dream, the analyst is the theme of rich dreams such as culture, imagery, fairy tales, society, and religion.At the prototype level provides the master’s handle to the master, let the dream master meet the psychological energy in the dream.This is called expansion technology in the Jung Analysis.

For example, a dream owner told me that she dreamed of a tiger, and at the beginning, she didn’t think of any meaningful content.Then I mentioned my association, and I would think of the domineering and fearless characteristics of the tiger. Dreamland thought that I always had a contempt authority during work or study.Case.Then combined with other elements in the dream, we discussed: I may be involuntarily making a "mother tiger" in my usual way, without developing my soft side as a woman, that is, too strong and lack of softness.

Therefore, a cow shows many possible meaning and symbols in dreams. It may be connected in animal, humanity to divine nature, and from the subjective love of the dream master to the prototype level.The cow in the dream carries the entire human understanding and experience of cattle.Each of these cognitions and experiences may be transmitted to us through the "cow" in unconscious dreams, which is full of psychological energy of personal complex and collective prototype.Once we realize, it is not far from the characteristics of our own or the help of this significance to promote our lives.And Jung believes that we are in this way to absorb unconscious energy and promote the improvement of conscious life.


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