In the first month of pregnancy, I was pregnant smoothly?Learning these 3 pregnancy skills is the key!

If you want to effectively increase the surrogacy rate, it is very important to prepare for pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, before pregnancy, couples should prepare for three months of pregnancy. At this time, what preparations you do will directly affect your conception.For example, some husbands and wives have been preparing for three months, and the first month of pregnancy is successful.So what kind of pregnancy is there such a high success rate?In the first month of pregnancy, I was pregnant smoothly?Learning these 3 pregnancy skills is the key!

I am pregnant in the first month of pregnancy?During pregnancy, these three things are critical!

1. Pre -pregnancy examination

In fact, when you plan to ask a child, it is recommended that the couple must do one thing first, that is, a pre -pregnancy examination.Especially when you exceed the best childbirth age, that is to say, after the age of 30, pre -pregnancy examination is even more important.When conducting pre -pregnancy examinations, you can effectively evaluate your fertility, and if you have a disease problem, you can also treat your illness before pregnancy, and then let your pregnancy take less detours.For example, some couples did not perform physical examination before pregnancy, and they could not succeed after a year. At this time, they went to the hospital for examination and found that it was a physical problem.

Second, conditioning the body is important

If you are checked before pregnancy, if someone has a disease problem in both husband and wife, you must cure the disease first and then get pregnant.If there is no disease problem, you must also use the three months of pregnancy to adjust your physical condition to the best.

At this time, some people may ask questions, why should I prepare for three months?In fact, the entire process of metabolism in our human body takes about three months. It takes three months to raise a good body, which can effectively improve the surrogacy rate and effectively improve the quality of the fetus.

Third, the woman is looking for the ovulation period

Whether you can get pregnant quickly is the key to finding the ovulation period.Therefore, the three months of pregnancy is used, it is recommended that women may use the method of measurement of basic body temperature to find out their ovulation period.When you enter the pregnancy test stage, you can more accurately find the ovulation period and ovulation day.And during the ovulation period, a woman’s active conception is only three days, that is, one day before ovulation, the day of ovulation day and one day after ovulation.

When preparing for pregnancy, if you can master the above three methods of pregnancy, you can greatly increase your conception.

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