In the first three months of pregnancy, pay attention to these matters

We all know that the first three months of pregnancy is a very important stage in the process of pregnancy. Because the placenta in the early pregnancy is not formed, it will cause high risk of abortion. Therefore, many good habits of pregnant mothers may affect the normal growth of the fetus.Many things need to be paid attention to pregnant mothers.

1. In terms of diet

Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to diet balance, and take enough nutritional elements such as protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients. There will be pregnancy vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, which will affect appetite. Pregnant mothers still have to eat more at this stage.The habit, do not eat partial eclipse, do not eat cold and spicy irritating food, do not eat fried, greasy food, do not eat crab and other hair products, do not smoke or drink, you can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits in moderation, drink more milk and soy milkClass and so on.

In addition, a few months before pregnancy should pay attention to supplementing folic acid, which can help prevent fetal tube malformation.At the same time, some anemia mothers need to add more iron to eat some polysaccharides.

2. In daily life

Pregnant mothers should try to avoid exposure to toxic and harmful environments. If the working environment is special, such as in the radiology department of the hospital or in the printing plant, you need to contact a toxic and harmful environment, try to get rid of it from before or early pregnancy.This working environment.During pregnancy, living space is ventilated and disinfected, living in an environment where the temperature is suitable and green and environmentally friendly, avoiding the possibility of toxic matter in the outside world, such as new renovation may be more toxic

3. In terms of emotion, pregnant mothers must not be happy and sad, and to maintain a pleasant mood, so as not to be too excited because of the emotional excitement, which is not good for the fetus.At the same time, dad should also pay attention to letting pregnant mothers more in life, do not make her angry or quarrel often, everything should be the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers use less or not to use cosmetics, because some cosmetics have chemicals that are not good for fetal growth and development, or pregnant mothers can also use cosmetics for pregnant women, which will be safer.At the same time, try to go as little as possible as possible, because the toxicity of the car is high, which is not conducive to the growth of the fetus.

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