In the late spring, you must eat "1 Black and 2 Red" often.

"Gankou Spring’s yellow birds are thin, Xinyi flowers fly all the apricot flowers." In the late spring, it symbolizes that spring has gone quietly, and the warm summer is coming.In this warm and pleasant spring, not only did various branches germinate secretly, but various grain ingredients also appeared in our sight.

Spring is about to go far. We should seize the "small tail" of spring. In this nourishing golden period, eating more bean products is good for the body.Today, I will take everyone to know 2 kinds of beans that should be eaten during the season alternate, so that you are full of spirit.

1. Black beans

Black beans are a common soybean product. Not only are the protein content very high, they are also rich in various nutrients and have a certain effect of nourishing the body.In addition, eating black beans can also help maintain the integrity of physical functions, which is very helpful for delaying aging.

But in daily life, except for ordinary black bean porridge, there are few other foods made of black beans.Today, I will introduce a healthy snack, black sesame pill.

It not only includes black beans, but also the addition of ingredients such as black sesame and black rice. The black sesame pills combined by the three are soft and chewy. The key can also supplement nutritional energy. It is especially suitable for eating during seasonal changes to avoid getting sick due to seasonal changes.

It is worth mentioning that, except for the ingredients mentioned just now, this black sesame pill has no other additives. The combination of pure natural ingredients, the taste is more pure, it tastes healthier, and it will not cause additional burden on the body.Use honey instead of artificial sucrose to adjust the sweetness, and the calories are lower. Even friends who are in the weight loss period can rest assured.

2. Red beans

As a common soy product in kitchen, red beans can not only boil porridge and soup, but also make a variety of small desserts. It tastes sweet, soft and glutinous, and is very delicious.The most important thing is that red beans can relieve human fatigue, can also nourish blood and nourish qi, and improve their complexions well.

In fact, red beans can also make small snacks. Like these two red beans I often eat, the snacks can not only alleviate appetite, but also help conditioning the body.

(1) Six o’clock and zero wet cake

In addition to red beans, there are barley and Poria.Natural damp -removing ingredients such as Chixiaodou make various nutrients more balanced. It is not only delicious, but also has a certain dampness effect. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who get fat due to excessive moisture.

Moreover, the simple and convenient sealing packaging of the six o’clock wet cakes also ensure the freshness of the six o’clock wet cakes. Open the lid and eat it. It is easy to eat, but also supplement multiple nutrients directly to the body.

Don’t look at the appearance of the six o’clock wet cakes, but it does not affect its taste and taste at all. Eating one by one is a lot of benefits to the body.

(2) Seven degrees Fang Yiyan cake

From the name, everyone can guess it is good for girls.This is due to the selection of the seven -degree Fang Yiyan cake on the ingredients. It not only contains red beans, but also the ingredients that nourish the body such as red dates, wolfberry, roses, and red peanut peanuts.

According to the physical condition of modern people, the scientific proportion of ingredients makes the taste of seven -degree Fang Yiyan cake richer and more comprehensive.In a sip, not only can we meet the needs of taste buds, but also help us nourish our body, improve the lack of qi and blood, and the poor complexion.

Seven -degree Fang Yiyan cakes have no additives. The lignol instead of sucrose to adjust the sweetness. Not only does it not damage the original taste and nutrition, but the calories are lower. Do not worry about eating fat at all.

And its production process uses modern grinding and low -temperature baking technology, and its delicious and healthy is not getting angry.

In the late spring, everyone must eat more beans, not only to remove the moisture in the body, but also regulate the physical condition.If you see the above two small cakes, you can store it at home. If you want to eat anytime, anywhere, you can eat it and get healthy. Let us go through the late spring and welcome the arrival of Changxia.

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