In the second trimester, pregnant mothers should not take it lightly. This is the golden period for the baby to grow.


Everyone knows: there are too many uncertainty in the early pregnancy.Coupled with just pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are not very suitable, and it is difficult to accept from physiological to psychology.

Immediately after, some pregnant mothers still have a strong pregnancy reaction, and some pregnant mothers even bluntly say: vomiting during pregnancy, you can vomit you doubt life.

Throughout pregnancy, people’s focus is actually in the early stages of pregnancy and late pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, it was mainly worried about the health of pregnant mothers; while the third trimester was worried about the growth of baby.

So that many pregnant mothers have ignored the mid -pregnancy between 12 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.Compared to the other two stages, it seems that the second trimester seems to be better. No wonder the pregnant mother will ignore it.

Why is it easier to ignore in the second trimester?

First, the pregnancy response began to decrease slowly.After the first three months, the phenomenon of vomiting has been significantly reduced, and it has basically returned to the previous life state.For many pregnant women who vomit more than early, don’t mention how comfortable it is in the middle of pregnancy.

Secondly, the baby’s development is not obvious.Many sisters have not "showed their arms" in four or five months, and their figures seem not much different from before.Of course, it will not affect the normal life, and the body is not very sinner.

Finally, the overall feeling of pregnant mothers feels very comfortable.Perform the fact of pregnancy, and survived the early pregnancy of vomiting, and did not reach the stomach too much, which seriously affected the third trimester of life.Therefore, many pregnant mothers forget that they are pregnant.

Who would have thought that many sisters would even plan short -distance travel in the second trimester?As for eating food, drinking afternoon tea, and shopping, it is not a problem.In the subconsciousness of pregnant mothers, I felt that in the middle of pregnancy, I had to go out to "waves" to make up for the pain of early pregnancy and inconvenience in the third trimester.

What pregnant mothers do not know is that the second trimester is the critical period for the baby’s development and growth

The state of pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy is indeed worthy of encouragement.After all, good mentality, the development of the baby, and their own health are very good.

However, what pregnant mothers need to know is that the second trimester is the most critical period during the whole pregnancy.In other words: the baby’s development and important checkup are at this stage.

Therefore, while pregnant mothers maintain a good attitude, pay more attention to protect themselves.In the second trimester, there are also very important matters, hoping that all pregnant mothers can remember it.

1. Important inspection

There are three particularly important inspections in the second trimester:

One was the Tang family screening, mainly to detect the defect of the fetus in the nervous system;

Once it was sugar sieve, mainly to test the body of pregnant mothers to see if there is a problem of gestational diabetes.

Another time is a four -dimensional examination, mainly to detect the development of the baby baby. It is particularly clear through the four -dimensional image, which is a row of deformed screening.

Different inspections have different requirements in terms of time:

Tang’s screening is generally between 15 weeks and 20 weeks of pregnancy; sugar sieve between 24 weeks and 28 weeks of pregnancy; four -dimensional examination, usually between 22 and 28 weeks, but 24 weeks to 26 weeks, the clearest see the most clearlyEssence

2. Supplementary nutrition

During pregnancy, baby and pregnant mothers need nutrition, which is beyond doubt.

Most of the time, pregnant mothers will use food supplements, which is also a traditional custom.It is just that when you supplement nutrition, everyone’s cognition is not enough. Just know that you need to replenish more calcium, but you do n’t know that you need more iron.

In the second trimester, the placenta has been formed. Coupled with the growth of the fetus, it is actually very demanding for nutrition.Their growth can also cause the iron element in the pregnant mother’s body to keep up with.

At this time, pregnant mothers need to supplement more iron, which can alleviate their discomfort, but also provide more energy for fetal growth.

Warm reminder: You can choose a special iron dedicated to pregnant women, or you can supplement it by diet.

In addition to iron supplementation, substances such as folic acid, vitamins, protein, etc. need to be supplemented in proportion.During the prime stage where the fetus is developing, only sufficient nutritional guarantee can make it develop healthier.

3. Do a good job of prenatal education

Many parents want their babies to win at the starting point, and they have been smarter than others since childhood.Therefore, after the baby was born, he began to learn various skills early and shuttled in multiple early education centers.

As everyone knows, the baby’s education has actually begun in the mother’s belly.After 16 weeks, the many abilities of the baby have begun to develop rapidly, and they will gradually be interested in the surrounding voice.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, parents must do a good job of prenatal education, which can not only improve their feelings with the baby, but also let it start learning early.

Regarding prenatal education, there are many literatures to check.As far as current research is concerned, prenatal education is still very useful, and the overall development of the baby is still good.

Want to tell all pregnant mothers: On the road to pregnancy, every stage must be paid attention to.The inspections and things that should be done must be arranged carefully.

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