In these two stages after pregnancy, it is best to sleep with the old centimeter bed, not only for the health of the fetus

Xinlan has been pregnant for five months. As the belly gradually becomes larger, she proposed the idea of sleeping with the old centimeter bed, but it didn’t take long before she found that her husband was getting colder and colder for herself.Later, Xin Lan communicated with her husband, but her husband said that although the fetus was good, the newlywed couple fell asleep every day, and her heart was inevitable.In fact, many women are the same as Xinlan. After pregnancy, they are afraid that her husband will encounter a pregnant belly when sleeping, so he will choose to sleep in bed, but many children who are born in bed are as healthy as the child.What impact?Let’s take a look together!

Go to bed

After women are pregnant, they are extremely sensitive to many things, especially when they are about fetal health, pregnant mothers will be cautious.Therefore, once the belly starts to grow, many pregnant women will choose to sleep with the old centimeter bed, fearing that the unintentional movement of her husband will encounter her belly at night, which is more dangerous to the fetus.And many men have the habit of snoring when they sleep. The female nerves during pregnancy are more sensitive, and they are easily awakened by her husband and affect their sleep.Therefore, for this kind of pregnant women, it is better to choose to sleep with the old centimeter.

Sleep in bed

After some women get married, they have a strong dependence on her husband, and even if you are pregnant, you still don’t sleep with the old centimeter bed.Because these women are relatively fragile, sleeping with her husband can make themselves more secure during pregnancy.In addition, pregnant women may have many situations at night, such as vomiting, cramps and other symptoms. Her husband can also help pregnant women in time to make expectant mothers more at ease, and make her husband feel the difficulty of his wife.

Decide to divide the bed according to the pregnancy time

1. Early pregnancy and third trimester of bed

In the early stages of pregnancy, the woman’s belly had not appeared. If he did not sleep with the old centimeter bed, he would be afraid that the two people could not control themselves, and began to feel affection.However, the development of the embryo at this stage is not stable. If the husband and wife are in the same room, there may be many accidents and even cause abortion. Therefore, in this critical period, many pregnant women will choose to sleep with the old centimeter bed.In addition, I have to go to bed in the third trimester, because at this time, the pregnant woman’s belly is already very large. After sleeping with the old centimeter bed, the space on the bed can be larger, and there is no disturbance of her husband.Will sleep more comfortably.

2. No bed in the second trimester

In the middle of pregnancy, the embryo development is in a stable state, and the pregnant woman’s belly is not very large. At this stage, the husband and wife life can be performed in an appropriate amount, so it has no effect on the fetus, so I still sleep with her husband.Essence

In fact, there is no absolute answer to whether to sleep with the old centimeter bed during pregnancy. Pregnant women can decide according to their own situation.

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