Inexplicable pregnancy incident series No.7: prospective dad "pregnancy vomiting" restraint leave

In "Journey to the West", Zhu Bajie was pregnant because he drank the water of his daughter’s Mother River, and his belly was extremely funny. For the first time, we saw "men’s pregnancy".However, according to foreign media reports, the modern version of "Zhu Bajie" was born.After Birmingham’s prospective father Ashby, after her fiancee was pregnant, pregnant women also appeared uncompromising, including morning vomiting, abdominal swelling, back pain and weight gain, and appetite to change.piece.A few days ago, it was allowed to release production leave because of the morning vomiting, which is the first case in the UK.

The two checked on the Internet and suspected that the prospective father Ash would suffer from the "syndrome of childbirth."In fact, before that, there have been many typical cases of "childbirth".Studies have shown that this symptoms usually occur in men aged 21 to 27, and 11%of young prospective dads have experienced this strange symptom more or less.

"Diseases" may be affected by hormone changes

At present, the specific cause of "childbirth disease" is not clear, but experts speculate that there may be psychological and physiological effects.

Psychologically, the prospective father may lead to "childbirth disease" based on care of his wife or being ignored during pregnancy. Scientists call it a phenomenon of psychological disorders.

On the one hand, the prospective dads saw the pregnancy wife experienced a series of early pregnancy reactions, psychologically worried about the wife’s body, and felt the hard work of his wife. Due to too nervous concerns about his wife, he would psychologically tend to want to share it.Or expect to suffer from her, so under the influence of psychological effects, "childbirth symptoms" appear.

On the other hand, the expectant mother’s pregnancy has become the focus of everyone in the family, and the prospective dad can easily be ignored. The slightly sensitive prospective father may also have the same symptoms as the pregnant woman on the basis of psychological dissatisfaction.

Secondly, physiologically, experts speculate that it may be caused by the corresponding changes in hormone levels in the body during pregnancy.The first manifestation is the improvement of oxytocin.Studies have shown that oxytocin itself exists in men and women, and when the husband and wife are promoted to prospective parents, the level of oxytocin will rise at the level of the two and even reach similar levels; on the other hand, Specific dad’s body’s emulsine (stimulating breast milk in women’s body) will also reach the highest peak; in addition, the concentration of cortisol with severe childbody in the body and other two sex hormones (estradiol, test solid) alsoWill rise.These types of hormone changes may cause symptoms of "childbirth".

Studies have shown that excessive stress of prospective dad during pregnancy can also produce similar manifestations. Mental stress can cause disorders of male hormone secretion, reduce the level ofrogens levels, cause imbalances of estrogen levels, and cause symptoms similar to pregnancy.

Doctors said that "childbirth disease" is not a disease, it can only be said to be a phenomenon, and generally does not need to be treated. As the pregnant woman’s delivery is over, the symptoms of prospective dad will also disappear accordingly.For many wives, they believe that this phenomenon of husbands at least shows concern to themselves and children.Therefore, some people say that the stronger the performance of the "dysfunction", the more "good dad".However, based on the current phenomenon, there is no clear reasons for explanation, and the symptoms of the symptoms should also seek the help of a doctor if necessary.

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