Inventory of those cute and rolling copywriting

1. Drink, the one who is gone.

2. I hope that everyone is better to themselves, and don’t blame yourself if you can blame the objects.

3. I eat fried chicken with fried chicken. I drink milk tea for others. I do it for cakes of others. I do n’t say anything about 90 pounds of others.

4. It’s a bit unhappy today. Although it is not caused by you, can you apologize to me.

5. Go to the hospital for examination. The doctor wrote and asked: Do you drink?My face was aggressive and asked: Tonight?

6. I heard that staying up late can prevent dementia, because you can’t live at all.

7. The most annoying thing when I was a kid was eating and sleeping. Now I think about it really cheap!

8. If someone asks me, how did those difficult years survive? I only answered in one sentence, and I had a strong spiritual force to support me "I dare not die".

9. Don’t compare people too much, just get up earlier than anyone else.

10. Looking down at your own flesh, it is really gentle that you can’t get rid of it.

11. I took the street view with my mobile phone today. I thought I took Dili Reba, but later I found that the front camera was opened.

12. When you are unhappy, do learning and distraction.

13. I conflicted with people in the Internet cafe. I took out a keyboard and scolded him on the spot.

14. When I kissed last time, it was the time to eat green tongue in the summer of elementary school.

15. You can steal my paragraph or my emoji, but if you steal my heart, then I will call you a baby.

16. Love is not the whole of my life.

17. Sell my mind at a high price, not used, and the intentional person is private.

18. You are not really happy, but I am.

19. Wherever someone likes loneliness, there is actually no money to go out to play.

20. Once a young man, now big and round.

21. As long as I can solve the problem of money, I can’t solve it.

22. What do you say if you do n’t talk about your circle of friends?Is the Tao Te Ching.

23. Don’t be frowning, and the boy who can’t get my boy is more than one of you.

24. I suspect that the universe quietly intercepts the signal of someone who loves me.

25. The handsome school brother is called a schoolmate, and the beautiful school girl, my name is new.

26. There is no difficulty to defeat me.

27. Frozen three feet is not a day cold, and the lower abdomen is not one day!

28. I am just a ordinary beauty.

29. Selling cute, one gram and one hundred yuan.

30. The days are very dog, but I dare not scold him, afraid he will bite me crazy.

31. The content of the meeting has only one sentence "Sanxin" is related to me.

32. I have been a lot recently, and my cuteness has another ton.

33. I really like small animals, such as fried chicken roasted duck water.

34. The moon comes to you and what is the moon, that is called meteorite, come to take your dog’s life.

35. Some boys send me supper to me seven or eight kilometers away. What I want to eat and send it directly to the door of my house. I really moved … It is a bit expensive.

36. Where is I not good, you tell me, I will delete you right away.

37. No man is innocent.

38. I really can’t listen to the online class, I can try online dating.

39. Emotional is angry, but I don’t like you.

40. Exercise is a kind of enjoyment, but I don’t like sports, because I am not the kind of person who is eager to enjoy.

41. Too tired, draw a lucky netizen to carry everything for me.

42. Live a life without money, and now you have to live a life that is even more money.

43. What I like is either expensive or easy to gain weight or not return to WeChat.

44. I think you miss me.

45. My little wish is not insomnia at night, and there is no shortage of money on the stuck.

46. There is no ambition in this life, just want to make a fortune.

47. See you at first glance, you are a difficult pig.

48. This does not like that your mobile phone is not good.

49. There are no banquets in the world, but if you are invited, I can accompany you to eat more.

50. I am pregnant, child, you, children want to drink milk tea and want to eat fried chicken, do you understand?

51. I think I will coax the boys to sleep, and one sentence is there to say that they are going to sleep.

52, good -looking is good -looking, ugly is ugly, what do you mean?

53. No matter how fierce the boy, the lace is not to tie the bow!

54. Everything will become better, such as changing from fat to fat.

55. When I want to sleep in my homework, I said to myself that these are all memorials, my Jiangshan and Zimin, and I want to be a generation of Mingjun.

56. In fact, I also participated in youth and you, but Yi Xi Qianxi said that I am not a draft, but as his girlfriend.

57. The moonlight is nice tonight.

58. Who is not the country here!

59. Fool, what’s a good apology, I didn’t plan to forgive you.

60. If your girlfriend is so beautiful, you are afraid that she will do what to do with flowers, and it ’s useless to change it. I am more beautiful.

61. Some people are reviewed like Confucius. Some people know new, and some people review it like a son -in -law, and I review it like Columbus and find the new continent.

62. Although I can’t cook, I ordered a good takeaway.

63. I look so good. Thank you my parents. If they had not given me the mouth, I would not say every day.

64. Stay up late to become the Mediterranean, and then blind everyone.

65. I could also be a scum girl, all shy, kind, beautiful, obedient, sensible, cute, and excitement.

66. Can’t give you the stars in the sky.

67. The wind outside today is so big, I’m so scared. In case others have scratched me and can’t scrape it, that’s shameful.

68. Good friends are falling in love, and I don’t know how to comfort her, so I have to blame her.

69. Don’t smile badly, smile with a smile.

70. I also want to fall in love. Parents do not agree. It is mainly because the people I am in love do not agree.

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