Inventory of those familiar melons in the first half of 2023, none of them were born, sexual assault and harassment.

Sure enough, the entertainment industry has never been disappointed.

Just half of 2023 was just over half, it gave us too much surprise.

What kind of sexual assault is a minor, gambling owes high debt, and then use his ex -girlfriend to videos to debt, or one -night stand of pregnancy and fetus, and then in the presidential suite to take care of girls, messy, etc., this is the so -called star, this is the so -called star.It was also exposed to the most authentic side in private.

I have to say that this is really unexpected!

Not much to say, just take a look!

Recently, the top -lip male star Cai Xukun’s fetal incident and the appointment incident were full of troubles, and he had been hung on the hot search for several days without surprise.

It is reported that this should be the largest melon in the entertainment industry in the Mainland this year. Compared with him, other male stars who have been scandals are simply a little witch!

It is reported that at first the Cai Xukun incident was exploded online by a netizen named C. He said that in 2021, Cai Xukun met Ms. C, who was a few years older than him in a KTV in Beijing, and then the two of them.Play until late at night, go to the hotel in the early morning to open a room.

Subsequently, this was the end, and the two did not care about the story of this night stand.

I did not expect that after a month, Ms. C found that she was pregnant, so she went to the hospital to confirm it, but the result was unexpected. It was really pregnant.

At this time, she had to go to Cai Xukun and tell him about her pregnancy.

In this regard, Cai Xukun did not transform into a gentle warm man, but instead treats the one -night stand, he behaves very indifferent.

He asked Ms. C to fight the child, and then give her some compensation to buy some supplements. This is the case.

However, the accident happened at this time.

Because the one -night stand caused the pregnancy, he was quite big, so he told his mother.

The most speechless thing is that after Mother Cai learned of this, she started a series of destruction of three -view operation.

In her eyes, Cai Xukun said that Ms. C, who was pregnant, came to touch the porcelain. Because her son was too good, she felt that this woman came to blackmail in the subconscious.

At the same time, Ms. C went to the hospital herself to beat her children, but when she went home to recuperate, Ms. Cai took the initiative to find the door.

As she soothed Ms. C to let her pay attention to her body, take a good rest, and asked someone to investigate the woman and see if her private life was chaotic.

Immediately afterwards, the reporter said that Ms. Cai installed a pinhole camera at the door of Ms. C’s house, in order to catch evidence and hit a rake.

Unfortunately, after some investigation, the investigation told her that Ms. C was not as unbearable as expected, so it was impossible to use this method to completely shut up her mouth.

However, before the further action, Ms. C found the installation camera and the person who followed her. This can make her unwilling and tear her face directly with the other party.

In the end, the two sides sat down and talked about it with the coordination of the police. Mother Cai tried to settle the matter with 500,000, but was rejected by the other party.

In the end, Ms. C got the corresponding compensation, and she was not a person who wanted to engage in, so she agreed to settle.

But because Cai Xukun is an artist, he is inconvenient to sign on the understanding of the understanding of the book, so he can only write the four words of the men surnamed Cai.

I thought that this incident had been solved privately and would not be turned out again.

I don’t know why, after two years, it was exploded again.

However, this is not the most exciting, and even more exaggerated.

At the same time, because of the news of the later broke, it was unlocked why Ms. C had been exploded two years later.

Just as Cai Xukun poured out, there was a wave of trend over there.

Some netizens contributed the news of Cai Xukun’s melon.

The other party said that it was a matter of five years ago. At that time, Cai Xukun participated in the QG ceremony to live in the hotel’s presidential suite, and then the night before participating in the event. His room should not disturb the light and light up all night.

When the room was cleaned the next day, the cleaning found that the room was messy, and the ground was full of snacks, and there was a blood stain on the bed.

Not only that, but even long hair in the bathroom, even blood on the mattress.

From this point of view, this is a goal that can leave such a messy scene after experiencing a lot of battles.

Immediately afterwards, the netizens who broke the news gave us the answer.

He said that it was his friend who was lingering with Cai Xukun in the room. Because his friends were still in the physiological period, he left blood.

In this regard, paparazzi also asked deliberately, did your friend agree?

The news broke the consent and accompany him with the blood station!

Subsequently, the person who broke the news was afraid that paparazzi did not believe it, so he posted Cai Xukun’s working cards and photos taken in the room at the time, just to fully prove the authenticity of this incident.

However, although his breaking news feels very large, there is no substantial evidence, so it is difficult to say how Cai Xukun is about to say how Cai Xukun is.

However, in addition to this broke, there are other paparazzi that are also breaking news.

Some people say that Cai Xukun is not only one -night stand, but also a lover!

It is said that he has three children in total, one was born with female fans in Fujian, the other was the daughter of the fashion circle, and the other was Jerry!

Of course, such rumors have no evidence, and they all say that paparazzi uses their mouths.

This does not rule out that they are here to get traffic, but they cannot believe Cai Xukun’s character.

After all, he is now on the cusp, and no one can tell what is going on.

However, as a well -known paparazzi, I said, why this Ms. C ’s material is exploding two years later? In fact, a large part of the reason is that Cai Xukun offended people.

Because this year was burst out, but was settled by a big man, and the two also traded it. However, I did not expect that Cai did not recognize the account, so there would be such a one.

You know, Ms. C has already received benefits and signed the understanding of an understanding, and it is not good for her to break out.

Therefore, it should not be that she broke the news.

Today, Cai Xukun chose to deal with it coldly, and his studio is also recruiting legal affairs.

Perhaps he is going to fight back, maybe how to let us wait and see!

This June is really not calm enough. The entertainment industry in the Mainland is connected. The news continues, and the Taiwan entertainment industry has also ushered in a eruption house.

For example, Yan Yalun, in the early years, has become the target of the criticism because of homosexuality, and is often gossip.

Subsequently, the video between the same sex was circulated, causing a lot of sensation.

Today, the boy Yaole, who had been with him, also found out that he had not adults to his sexual assault this time, which made the news that was originally outrageous and became more explosive.

According to the parties, at the time, he was only 17 years old, but was filmed by the other party when he was close to Yan Aaron.

He has organized it, but Yan Yalun did not listen, but instead went to shoot the video, so Yao Le came out to sue him for his sexual assault.

As soon as this matter came out, it directly caused a lot of sensation.

In other words, homosexuality was enough to impress him, but he did not expect that he was still making videos of minors.

I have to say that this is really unacceptable.

And Yan Alun also knew that once the incident was not handled, after Yaole accused him of accusing him, he sent a long article on the Internet to respond to the explanation, and also said that he could make compensation and apologize again.

But one thing is that he is going to die or loose, that is, he has no sexual assault. At that time, Yao Le was also informed when shooting a video.

In other words, Yan Yalun said that the video was obtained by the other party, so it was taken.

Otherwise, this video can be sent in.

In the end, in order to express his sincerity, Yan Yalun also went to Yao Le’s press conference and bowed to him in person.

But Yaole did not accept this, and he thought the other party had no sincerity.

Today, because the incident is under investigation without the final result, the two sides are still deadlocked.

But I believe that justice will not be late, what should happen!

No one can be wrong for no reason, and no one can pay the price for mistakes.

How about it, just wait at peace.

As an old man who debuted for more than 20 years, Chen Jianzhou has always been a good husband in front of the public.

However, this person has recently collapsed because of a breaking news.

As an artist of the same company, Da Ya broke the news on Facebook that Chen Jianzhou sexually harassed himself, and time was when he went to Hong Kong in Hong Kong in 2012.

According to Da Ya himself, Chen Jianzhou came to the room that day and wanted to have a relationship with himself.

During this period, Da Ya obstruct more practical Fan Weiqi to press Chen Jianzhou, but he did not expect Chen Jianzhou to have a sentence: You Fan Fan just didn’t like such a thing.

This made Da Ya know something that was extraordinary, but then thought about other excuses to get rid of him.

She said she liked to be thin, but Chen Jianzhou said: How?Strong?How can you know that you haven’t tried it?If you don’t, you will like strong.

In the end, there was no way to say that he would come to friends for a while, and let Chen Jianzhou leave quickly.

In this regard, Chen Jianzhou was obviously scared, so he wanted to leave after kissing.

But Da Ya will make him succeed, and tell him that you will let your sister kiss you?

Chen Jianzhou also said that there was no, but you can try it next time.

After listening to this, the big teeth were shocked and felt that the three views were destroyed.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Jianzhou responded to the news of the big teeth that there was nothing like that at all, and it was lying on the big teeth.

And his wife Fan Weiqi also came out to support her husband, saying that he believed in Chen Jianzhou’s character.

However, Fan Weiqi hasn’t waited for the effect yet, and the second news broke the news.

The other party said that during Fan Weiqi’s pregnancy, Chen Jianzhou took her home for sexual harassment, and was still twice.

Perhaps because the news was too fierce, Fan Weiqi also believed it.

Then Taiwan Coal broke the news that Fan Weiqi lost contact after her voice, and she could not find anyone.

Later, Fan Weiqi appeared on the Internet again a few days later. She once again supported her husband Chen Jianzhou, saying that she was not afraid of shadow obliqueness.

However, Chen Jianzhou’s melon could not stop, and more and more outrageous news was constantly fermenting.

Like what Chen Jianzhou was naked in Xiao S’s house in the early years, he harassed Xiao S’s mother, hooked up the female DJ home, and so on.

In short, the black material is constantly, and the kind of digging cannot be dug.

Regardless of the final result, Chen Jianzhou is almost over.

His people couldn’t go back, and the harassment hat could not be taken down.

This may be the hottest time since his debut, but he did not expect to be in this way.

It’s really enough!

Some time ago, in addition to the most explosive entertainment industry in Taiwan, Huang Zijiao’s breaking news was also particularly shocking.

Some people say that he sexually assaulted a girl in his early years, and he also admitted in the live broadcast room.

But in addition to that, he also broke the news many times.

In order to explain his sexual assault, he said that his mother had derailed other men in front of him, so he was affected to be psychologically distorted until perverted.

He also broke the news that sizes s often peony. In South Korea, the big S’s husband now forced himself to take drugs. He didn’t want him to give himself a drug.

Then they also said that their private life was very rotten, and even Wu Zongxian was not spared, saying that people and other women were unknown, and they owed money.

In this regard, Wu Zongxian directly said that he would sue Huang Zijiao, and the size S also said that he would send a lawyer’s letter, hoping that Huang Zijiao would go to the hospital to see if there was a mental problem.

And Huang Zijiao did go to the hospital, but because of self -harm.

Subsequently, the doctor said that when Huang Zijiao was sent, the mental state was really not good, and he had passed out, and he had to observe.

In the end, Huang Zijiao successfully escaped the danger and went home to cultivate.

But his breaking news has been circulated, and many artists have taken troubles.

As for whether it is true, there is no way to know.

However, for Wang Xiaofei, this may be a good thing, because he saw the child and brought the child out.

I have to say that he should really thank Huang Zijiao!

If the melon that is not said in September, then Chen Feiyu’s sleeping female fans will hang a strong wind in the entertainment industry.

It is said that after the photo was exploded, Chen Feiyu was severely punished by Chen Kaige.

So that the media revealed that Chen Feiyu was kneeling in Chen Kaige’s room in the crew all day and one night. It was not until his father disappeared, and then he got up.

But speaking of this, in fact, Chen Feiyu did nothing wrong.

He did not get married or girlfriend, so that the two people sleep together is what you feel like.

Therefore, although the simple person setting collapsed, it did not actually involve the character’s problem.

Coupled with the strength of his father Chen Kaige, he must not be cold.

Maybe just make Chen Kaige feel that his face has no light, after all, in this circle, his status is a big guy level.

So how can his son be so angry, how can he not be angry!

Therefore, these second -generation stars in the entertainment industry are still very happy. No matter how big it is made, someone is settled. This is really enviable.

As a real star in the sports industry, Zhang Jike’s influence is not to be underestimated.

In the past, his annual income reached 60 million, and it was the top three in the sports industry.

However, he did not expect that after retiring, he came out like this.

According to the news, Zhang Jike always likes to go to the casino gambling, but because his luck is too bad, he lost a mess.

So that in the end he owed a lot of gambling debts, and there was no way to take the video of his ex -girlfriend to give the bet.

For a while, Jing Tian’s name rushed to the hot search.

Because in Zhang Jike’s love affair, only Jing Tian is a well -known ex -girlfriend.

And some netizens found that Jing Tian had indeed said in the show before that she had been in a painful thing for a while.

Based on the video event that broke the news, everyone speculated that she was threatened.

Fortunately, she was strong enough and chose to report the police to solve things and solve it.

As for Zhang Jike, he was completely cool.

Because after the incident was exposed, his reputation disappeared completely, and many stars in the entertainment industry were involved.

He borrowed money from many artists, and the number was not small.

It is also because of this incident that the public knows that those little stars who are not very famous are so rich!

Today, Zhang Jike has disappeared in the public’s field of vision, and those gambling debts have not been paid off.

He just suffered his parents, and his son was a respected hero, but he finally became a scum step by step by step by step.

Who can you blame this?

Perhaps because there are too many halo, Zhang Jike has vanity.

Of course, gambling is a bad behavior. Such a gambler is difficult to return to evil.

After all, ten gambling losses, the remaining one is also a matter of time.

Because of gambling, how many family wives are scattered and their family is broken.

Therefore, it is rather to be silent, bleak in your life, and don’t touch these things.

Cherish life and stay away from yellow gambling.

Move your money to get rich, let me pay attention!

I am waiting for everyone in the comment area to discuss it together!

Thank you!

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