Is "wolfberry brewing wine, aphrodisiac" is credible?Why is someone excited after drinking and someone is lethargic?

Uncle Zhang and Pharaoh next door went down the restaurant. Uncle Zhang picked up the wine bottle and laughed, saying that he must drink deliciously today.

I did not expect that Pharaoh waved his hand, "I have quit drinking."

"No, Pharaoh, when is it?" Uncle Zhang was shocked, "Why did you quit alcohol? I thought I was drunk today."

"There is a relative of a distance, and I didn’t move after being drunk. We thought it was lethargic, and I found out that it was suddenly dying. I advise you to drink less."

"Hey, people have their own lives, don’t be too sad." After that, Uncle Zhang has been filled with two or two white wines. "The more I drink, the more excited, do you say that everyone is different?"

The peanuts in Lao Wang’s mouth are crispy. "I don’t know, I drink too much that day, I remember you can drink it, or pay attention."

"I use wolfberry to make wine at home now. I heard that health can still give birth." Uncle Zhang took a sip, "this wine is really difficult to quit."

Drunk is the embodiment of alcohol’s anesthesia in the central nervous system. After drunk, people usually cannot distinguish Eastern, Southwest, and south. There is an inexplicable excitement. When speaking, unstable walking gait, deepening suppression, people will be unconscious.,lethargy.

If you are alcoholic hypoglycemia, most of them occur short after an empty stomach. At first, the excitement symptoms were not obvious, and they often directly entered the state of suppression. If the amount of alcohol was good on weekdays, it was suddenly suspected that the possibility of hypoglycemia was suspected.

Someone can’t sleep, trying to drink and anesthetize themselves.The reason why drinking is easy to fall asleep is related to a substance called adenosine.The more adenosine accumulates, the gradually makes people sleep, and alcohol can increase the adenosine. The most intuitive feeling is to quickly sleep and produce drowsy.

In addition to quickly falling into sleep, you will also find that "snoring" is often more prone to appear after drinking.

This is because alcohol can relax the entire body, including the internal muscles of the respiratory tract. At this time, the airway becomes narrow, and people are naturally easy to call.For people who have severe snoring symptoms, they are more prone to sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome after drinking, and it is likely to have the risk of suffocation.

Many people love to drink. Some of them want to drink and worry about the harm of alcohol. So like Uncle Zhang, eat wine with wolfberry, is there really a special thing?

Senior Member of the American Food Technology Association introduced that wolfberry is rich in wolfberry, and wolfberry is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, iron, selenium, and protein, calcium, potassium and so on.

In addition, modern science also found that wolfberry contains more sub -metabolites and polysaccharides with more flavonoids. In cell experiments and animal tests, polysaccharides and flavonoids have various effects such as antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, antiviral, etc.But in terms of the intensity of existing scientific evidence, it is not enough to prove the effect.

Wolverine wolfberry will not stimulate any new ingredients.Even if you eat wolfberry to eat wolfberry, the nutrition of the total amount of the human body is very small, not to mention the wolfberry used to make wine.Essence

Lycium barbarum is harmless, but the harm of alcohol has sufficient scientific evidence to verify.Drinking wolfberry wine can at most help "flourish", but if you want to drink and aphrodisiac, it is not reliable.Alcohol affects the secretion of testicular hormones, affects the generation of sperm, and has a large amount of alcohol and affects erection, but loses the effect of "giving birth to aphrodisiac".

Lao Wang’s relatives died unexpectedly after drinking alcohol, and there were not many people who drank themselves to drink. Every year the hospital visited a large number of patients with acute alcohol poisoning.When drinking threatened life, what are the general performances?

1. Crooked mouth

Drinking cerebral hemorrhage is a very common phenomenon. According to statistics, 110,000 people die from alcohol poisoning every year in my country.Patients are generally manifested as: skewed corners, paralysis of one side of the limbs, and abnormal breathing.

2. The upper abdomen hurts sharply

Acute pancreatitis is a severe acute abdomen. The common factors are caused by alcohol poisoning, which causes the pancreatic enzymes of digestive food to be activated in the pancreas and "self -digestion" for the surrounding organs.Patients will have a sudden pain in the upper abdomen. The pain often occurs after a full meal or after drinking, and is accompanied by bloating, nausea and vomiting.

Acute pancreatitis can produce myocardial inhibitory factors and stop the heart arbitration.

3. Consident blurred

The summary of alcohol in the body’s metabolic process can induce hypoglycemia. When blood sugar is too low, people will sweat and irritability. When aggravating, they will have a sense of drowsiness and consciousness. The continuous degree is too long, which can affect functional damage and even death.

4. Passion and chest tightness

Drinking is the most likely to induce various cardiovascular accidents. A large amount of drinking itself can cause myocardial damage, which shows panic and chest tightness. However, after drunk, this feeling will be paralyzed by themselves. Patients can easily sleep in drunk.

A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that there are three periods of life in life that the brain is particularly sensitive to the neurotoxicity of alcohol, and the harm of alcohol brings to this time will also maximize.

· During pregnancy (from pregnancy to birth)

This is a critical period for the formation of neurons. The brain is particularly sensitive to alcohol. Studies have found that drinking alcohol during pregnancy, alcohol in the mother’s blood will be passed to the baby, causing the baby’s central nervous system injury, behavioral disorder and intellectual disorders.

· Adolescence (15-19 years old)

The brain is still developing in adolescence. At this time, drinking will reduce the volume of the new leather in the brain, weaken the functional connection between neurons, and reduce the development of white quality.

· Elderly (over 65 years old)

In the elderly, the brain shrinks. Drinking at this time will accelerate the number of neurons, the number of spiny spiny, and the number of synapses, the brain atrophy is faster, and the elderly are prone to Alzheimer’s disease, which is the elderly.

When drinking, you may feel that "there is a lot of wine in life", but the negative impact of alcohol on health is accompanied by a lifetime, so if you want to live longer, you should drink as little or not drink as much as possible.

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