Is bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy? Is this abortion?Isn’t bleeding in early pregnancy?20%

Blood bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is it going to have a miscarriage? Doctors: 20%-30%of the early pregnancy will bleed

The first three months of pregnancy is the most happy and most worried period of pregnant mothers.Chen Li (pseudonym) is such a pregnant mother. She was careful after she was pregnant, but she still had bleeding, so she was very worried and found a doctor.

"Doctor, I am less than 3 months of pregnancy, occasionally bleeding, sometimes abdominal pain, will they have a miscarriage?" Recently, Chen Li was worried about the reproductive hospital affiliated to Shandong University.Because she was infertility for many years, she was pregnant with her baby herb reproductive technology, but she didn’t take long, and she was still worried about it.

However, the doctor dispelled Chen Li’s doubts.The doctor told her that 20%-30%of the pregnant mothers had vaginal trace bleeding in the early stage. Generally, there is no need to worry about it. Sometimes it is "bed bleeding", that is, the fertilized eggs are attached to the inner wall of the uterus, and the bleeding caused by bleeding in the uterus process isJust like the drill drill, the water pipe will spray water, but this situation often stops bleeding by itself without having to worry too much.As for occasional slight abdominal pain, it may be the discomfort caused by the baby’s growth.

Many people have heard that the content of three months of pregnancy is susceptible to miscarriage. Is this true? The doctor said that when the baby first entered the uterus, the link with the mother was not very stable and needed to be adaptive.In the test of quality, if the embryo has abnormalities such as genetic material (such as chromosomes), it will often occur in early pregnancy, which will cause natural miscarriage.At the same time, strong interference in the outside world, such as strenuous exercise, moving more important items or sexual life, may also induce abortion.The cause of miscarriage also involves other unknown factors such as infection, anatomy, immunity, and endocrine.

In recent years, psychological factors have also attracted the attention of medicalists and psychologists.If the pregnant mother is often worried, fear, or nervous, it will cause increased adrenal hormone secretion and excessive accumulation of adrenal hormones, which will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.Studies have shown that if the pregnant mother began to suffer mental pressure in the first few weeks, the risk of abortion is higher than others.

Bleeding in the early pregnancy is not terrible

The common phenomenon of abortion is a small amount of vaginal bleeding (sometimes blood or blood clots) during pregnancy, accompanied by minor lower abdominal pain (sometimes colic) and lumbaric acid.If the above situation continues or worsen, you must pay attention and go to a regular hospital as soon as possible.

In terms of life, doctors suggest that the work and rest must be regular. It is best to ensure that you sleep for 8 hours a day and move appropriately so that you can have sufficient physical strength and energy to cope with various situations during pregnancy.

The other is to maintain a comfortable mood. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to regulating their emotions, try to keep their mood comfortable, avoid all kinds of adverse stimuli, eliminate tension, boredom, and fear.Very unfavorable.

Pregnant women should pay attention to sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals. Avoid partial eclipse and should not be hungry and full.

Those who have a history of miscarriage, should pay more attention to in the early days of pregnancy, have doubts, concerns, or discuss doctors in time in time to seek solutions and relief methods.When a small amount of vaginal brown secretions or slight abdominal pain appear, pay attention to rest and relax.You know, Jing Yang is a very good fetal preservation measure.Of course, you can also distract attention, such as listening to songs, watching TV and chatting with family and friends.

All in all, bleeding in the early pregnancy is not terrible, relaxing mood, reassuring, and inquiring about the doctor in time.A large number of studies have proved that as long as the embryo itself is not obviously abnormal, most pregnant women can develop healthy and developing healthy even if they have bleeding or even continuous bleeding during pregnancy.

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