Is it awesome after pregnancy?Related to these three reasons, learn to deal with

Many pregnant couples have been pregnant as scheduled. Of course, they are very happy, but followed by pregnant women, there are also sweet troubles, that is, during pregnancy, pregnancy.You know, women will secrete different hormones at different stages. For example, during pregnancy, a large number of progesterone will secrete the human body. These hormones will make expectant mothers feel tired and uncomfortable, and even affect appetite. Most expectant mothers need to needFrom 3 to 4 months to adapt to these high -concentration hormones, the symptoms of "pregnancy vomiting" will occur during this period.However, the physique of each expectant mother is different. Some expectant mothers cannot soothe the pregnancy vomiting phenomenon throughout the pregnancy, and stop the pregnancy until it is produced; some expectant mothers have no trouble of pregnancy.In addition to the physiological direct impact, psychological and living environment may also be a key factor in whether expectant mothers are pregnant.Below we analyze the causes of pregnancy.

First, the mother’s rejection reaction.When expectant mothers are pregnant, their bodies will become more sensitive. Although it is intended to form a defense mechanism, avoid some irritating substances to interfere with the baby’s growth to achieve the protection effect, but so that the expectant mothers can accept food or she can accept in the past.The items have a strong rejection reaction, and even the food you like in front of you cannot successfully evoke the appetite of the expectant mother.

Second, psychological factors.Although the expectant mothers will feel happy about the incident of pregnant, but in the face of the pressure of raising children and changes in status, many people will feel emotional and start to produce pregnancy.It is more special that some expectant mothers in the workplace are mentally energetic and concentrated when they work, and they are working as usual as usual, but after arriving at home, they gradually relax their physical and mental, and they will suddenly notice the fact that they are "pregnant".In the case of being unable to be dispersed by work, it is more likely to have pregnancy vomiting at the rest time.In addition, some expectant mothers see or hear a specific food type (for example: there is no special response when seeing the whole fish, but when you see raw fish slices, you will feel sick), and you will especially want to vomit. These are all suffering.Psychological influence of pregnancy.

Third, living habits.Most people have developed the habit of brushing their teeth and wash their faces when I get up in the morning. After a whole night of sleep, the gastric acid in the stomach has accumulated a lot, and the amount of saliva will increase. ThereforeCauses vomiting, which is why pregnancy vomiting is called "Morning Sickness, which is the cause of the morning disease.

Reminder: Through the above, we can know the cause of pregnancy and vomiting, and we can also learn how to reduce the intensity of pregnancy and prevent the knowledge of pregnancy. I believe that pregnant mothers will carefully take care of the baby and themselves. At this time, we must study and practice well.

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