Is it difficult to get pregnancy in the backward uterus?How to increase pregnancy rate?

Women’s uterus is divided into three positions in women’s body. The uterine leaning, median, and backward dumping, but everyone’s uterine position is different. If you belong to the uterine front of the uterus, the chance of conception will be relatively high.Some, because the front leaning is the closest to the cervix, at this time, the sperm will enter the women’s uterus faster after entering, and it is easier to get pregnant.But there are also many female friends who belong to the backlift. So, will the backward uterine have difficulty in pregnancy?

Generally speaking, the back of the uterus may not be easy to get pregnant.

Under normal circumstances, the uterus can be divided into front, back, and horizontal positions in the pelvic cavity.Compared with the front and levels of the uterus, the chance of pregnancy in the back of the uterus is less, but it does not mean that you cannot get pregnant.Women behind the uterine can raise their hips after the same room, which is conducive to sperm through the cervix.In this way, it is generally recommended to persist for 10-15 minutes.In addition, you can sleep on your stomach to correct the position of the uterus.

If women are not pregnant for more than 1 year, they still have no pregnancy, and they should go to the hospital for examination in time to find the cause of infertility and treat them with symptomatic treatment.

(1) Actively correct the uterine backward.Persist in lying on the side, lying back, and kneeling 2-3 times a day, half an hour each time, so that the uterus has a chance to lean forward.It should be lying down once a day during menstruation, because this is a soft uterus, which is beneficial to help forward.If the posture of the uterus is more serious, you should often be a knee and chest lying on the knees, that is, when the knees are vertically vertically, the waist must collapse down, not to bow up, about 15 minutes each time.

(2) In the same room, the female’s hip pads under the appropriate thickness cushion or small pillow can raise the hips, so that the male sperm ejaculated will directly enter the female vaginal gathers. At this timeIn about half an hour, do not move at this time. You ca n’t go to the toilet. This will avoid the outflow of semen. Once the semen enters the uterus, it is easier to get pregnant.

(3) If it is a posterior uterine, the posture of a woman should be adopted in the same room. In this way, the male ejaculation of the male will be kept at the dome, which is easier to enter the uterus.

If your uterus belongs to the backward uterine, you may wish to increase the surrogacy rate through the above methods. If you have been prepared for more than a year, you are not pregnant, then you must go to a regular hospital for conditioning.In this way, you can get pregnant as soon as possible.

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