Is it good for the fetus during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers are ignorant, don’t make a joke with the baby in the belly

I want to give my baby better nutrition during pregnancy, so many pregnant women are very concerned about their bodies.

During pregnancy, some people will continue to look at the mirror and measure physical dimension, worrying that the baby in the belly is slower than others.Some people begin to change their diet, and they are based on the experts of the experts.

But sometimes it is too pursuing to supplement nutrition, and it is easy to take a detour.

Even because of some wrong guidance, the baby’s body had a problem.

Think that eating "goose eggs" is good for the fetus? Pregnant mothers almost caught a big disaster

Xiaoya just made her mother, but after pregnancy, she became very sensitive, and even bought radiation -proof clothes from the Internet.

Usually be careful everywhere, afraid that children’s health problems are caused by their own negligence.

At the request of Xiaoya, the family could not even call her, and they had to leave far from the radiation in the phone.

But these are not enough. Once Xiaoya heard that after being a mother, eating goose eggs can help eliminate fetal poison and allow children to avoid jaundice.

Since knowing this rumor, Xiaoya started eating goose eggs every day without verifying.

After eating for a month, she suddenly found that her stomach had a little swelling, and slowly began to pain.

Her family was very worried about this situation. Under the persuasion of her family, Xiaoya finally rushed to the hospital.

After asking her about her, the doctor told her that the cholesterol in the goose eggs was very high, so there was no need to eat too much, otherwise it would be difficult to digest.

Generally, due to too much nutrition of pregnant women, it is easy to cause the fetus to become fatter and fatter in the later stage, which will add a lot of difficulties to childbirth.

The doctor’s words made Xiaoya’s nervous emotions relax a lot. Since then, she does not like to believe in various rumors as before, and the process of pregnancy is much happy.


In fact, for expectant mothers, worrying about children’s health is normal.

But be sure to distinguish what is the fact and what is a rumor.

So what are the rumors about pregnancy?

1. Mobile phone radiation will affect the fetus

This is probably the most widely circulated rumor.

In fact, there are two types of radiation that can affect us. The first is nuclear radiation. Its power is great, and it will greatly hurt the human body after contact.

But we don’t have to worry, because there are very few nuclear radiation in daily life, it can only be exposed to a little when taking X -rays.

Another kind of radiation is electromagnetic radiation, which has no effect on the baby at all, and we don’t need to care.

Xiaoya is not allowed to answer the phone in front of him because she is worried about hurting her baby, but she is actually unnecessary.After understanding the truth, we know that the radiation of mobile phones will not cause any harm at all.

2. Do not touch the pair during pregnancy

There is a saying among the older generation. If a girl touches scissors when she is pregnant, production will not go smoothly.

In fact, there is no scientific basis at all, just a superstition.

In the past, people had various concerns about the production process, and rumors of gradually appeared on some superstitions.

Others say that they cannot tell others for the first three months after pregnancy, otherwise the child will be unhappy and may have a miscarriage.

Others say that they can’t hold other children when they are pregnant, otherwise the children in the stomach will be jealous.

These claims are very ridiculous, there is no factual basis at all, and it will only increase the troubles of pregnant women.

3. Do not eat mutton during pregnancy

There is a rumor that if the expectant mother eats lamb during pregnancy, the chance of their children will increase the probability of sheep epilepsy.

This is a very wrong idea. Mother needs to supplement a lot of nutrition during pregnancy. Lamb is a very important food.

To quit lamb based on these rumors, that is the real ridiculous approach.

Pregnant women do have many precautions during pregnancy. For example, do not do fierce exercise, do not bend over greatly, and do not carry heavy objects. These may affect the fetus.

We should obey the correct guidance without being confused by some unspeakable rumors.Do you agree with this statement?Welcome to leave a message.

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