Is it normal for a husband and wife to live a month?Doctor’s reminder: Don’t deliberately pursue the number of times

When it comes to sexual life, many people will feel shy, but this is a very enjoyable thing for the married couple.After all, when you are happy and mentally, you can also enhance the feelings between husband and wife. Why not?

For the newlyweds, the energy is of course very vigorous. When you do n’t feel tired at any time, even when you have sex, you will make the newlywed couple feel better.

But for the old husband and wife, sometimes sexual life has become a kind of pressure, and even some people say that they are really excited?

What exactly is going on?However, this is indeed not alarmist, after all, there are many such interesting stories in life.

Recently, Mr. Chen was a little worried, because his wife always looked unhappy recently, and his mood was always unable to rise.It was a loving couple who was always in the Cold War recently, and almost didn’t communicate much.

It turned out that the two began because of the "sexual life" discord, and their wives always wanted more, but they were really heartless.It always feels particularly exhausted in half, and her wife seems to be very energetic.

Because these two people always have no uniform opinions, just in his opinion, it is good to perform properly, but his wife wants more.In this regard, he is also very annoyed, because as he grows older, he not only does not feel that sexual life can bring his fun to himself as a burden.

I believe that many girls have learned from the novel that the Battle is seven or eight times a night, and the strength of the decisive battle to dawn is that the man in real life is the same as in the novel.Essence

But the more you reached the back, it also formed a stereotype, thinking that if a man does not have seven or eight times a night, it means that it does not work.For example, the weakness of the weakness in two or three times a night is weak, but when it is heard, it will be ridiculed.

However, people who have experienced sexual life will clearly know that about 1-3 times a night is a normal performance.It is not exaggerated like seven or eight times, and some people are about 4-5 times.

The husband and wife can do it until the sexual life, and there is no need to be so strong, because too many times will not only make people feel tired, but it will be difficult to raise interest in the future.

First, how many sexual life should be done in one month between husband and wife to do normal?

This is necessary to discuss different classification, after all, there is a big age gap between "husband and wife".

1. For normal couples, 15 times a month, and the number of sexual life is the most normal.

2. For middle -aged people, about 40 years of age should be less than ten times. This age is that when the body’s resistance decreases, it is not good to have sexual life.Do not excessive force during sexual life, the body is the most important.

3. The sexual life of both husbands and wives should be carried out at a normal frequency. Do not be too greedy. If the couple in preparing for pregnancy should pay attention to the man’s energy.

Do not greedy more that the chance of pregnancy is more than a few more times. In fact, it is to pursue quality rather than quantity. If you grasp the number of times, it will help the sperm of the man.Remove all the old and weak sperm.

Pay attention to diet between husband and wife before sexual life. Do not eat more spicy foods, and try to focus on light, so that the number of new sperm produced by the man will also have certain benefits.

2. One -time life is equivalent to 5 kilometers?

Do you listen to the marketing number and praise that the sexual life is a great benefit to the husband and wife, and it will help to lose weight?Is this true or false?Many people think that sexual life is also a moderate exercise, which helps to lose weight.

However, this is just a marketing number in order to attract others to pay attention to intentional title. In fact, sexual life does not play a role in weight loss.Although the one -time life is a kind of exercise, the two sides will feel very tired after general life, and they will fall asleep immediately.

Sexual life is equivalent to a jogging at a time, but it cannot be equal to the efficiency of jogging. It can only be said that it is an auxiliary force for weight loss.Because both of them will be tired after sex, they will even eat a lot, because after the sex life, the two need to supplement energy.

This is far from the movement of jogging swimming. Sexual life needs to supplement additional calories, but because these calories cause a little exercise consumed by sexual life, they also rebound back quickly after eating high -calorie foods.

And sexual life does not consume much calories, so everyone should not be confused by some marketing numbers, and firmly believe in science to ask doctors.

What should I pay attention to when doing sexual life?In fact, sex life is also a learning.

Third, precautions for sex life

If sexual life is too frequent, not only men can cause inflammation, but women’s uterus will continue to be congested.Women here should also pay special attention, and it is likely that they do not pay attention to the control and hygiene of sexual life that will make many gynecological diseases organic.

1. Pay attention to hygiene during sexual life, at least both parties must take a bath.After the sex life is over, you must also take a second bath. You must pay attention to hygiene.

2. Remember to pay attention to the good time of sexual life. You must not forcibly the same room when the girls come on vacation. This is an extremely great harm to the woman’s body.

Sexual life should also be done, otherwise it will not be reluctant to affect the growth of men’s sperm, and it will also make the woman feel uncomfortable in sexual life.

3. If you do n’t have the idea of pregnancy, you must take contraception. Do n’t mess up, because the injury to the physical physical damage to girls is extremely great.The best way to contraception is that men wear contraceptives.

Although sexual life is good, it must be carried out at the right time when the correct age is correct and correct. Do not blindly carry out sexual life for the moment of refreshing.

Do not be too frequent between husbands and wives. Everything should be based on science. Do not worry too much, and do not embarrass themselves for pursuing the number of times.The sexual life between husband and wife is to regulate the pressure between the two sides and increase each other’s feelings, rather than becoming a burden on each other!

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