Is it normal for women to breast pain during menstrual period?How to relieve pain in pain

Many women will encounter breast pain during menstruation. In fact, most of the time, breast tenderness is normal, but many women are still troubled by it. They may feel that they have breast diseases.So how does breast tenderness cause? Zhendong Health is a comprehensive explanation of breast pain on the women’s health channel to answer relevant questions for everyone.

How is menstrual breast tenderness caused?

Female health experts said that the unstable hormone level fluctuations during menstruation during menstruation are the root cause of female breast pain. Except for menstrual pain, breast pain may occur in female breast development, pregnancy, etc.The fluctuation of hormone levels causes the hyperplasia of the breast tissue and the edema of the inter -breast tissue, causing women’s breasts to tender and pain.

However, if you find that your breasts are swelling and pain and pain, you need to attract the attention of women. This type is likely to cause breast disease, which may occur in breast hyperplasia, mastitis, breast tumors and other diseases. ThisIt is recommended that you must go to the hospital for treatment.

Female friends need to learn self -fighting and check whether the breasts are abnormal

During the menstrual period, breast tenderness is only one of the items. In addition, breast masses may occur. Most of the breast lumps are multiple, more than one, different sizes, hard or tough texture, the masses are not adhered to the skin, and the surface is often not on the surface.Smooth and granular.Breast lumps also have the characteristics of changes with the menstrual cycle. Generally speaking, a few days before menstruation, breast lumps will increase and harden, and the lumps are reduced and softened after menstruation.

Therefore, women should usually develop the habit of self -touching breasts for self -examination. Check out whether the breasts have nodules with their hands, feel hardness, texture, and association with the skin. If they feel uncomfortable, go to the hospital for examination in time.

Is it normal for menstrual breast tenderness?

Generally speaking, breast tenderness is normal.However, if you find that your breasts have obvious and stronger pain before menstruation, you must attract your attention. You should go to the hospital for corresponding examination to prevent the outbreak of breast hyperplasia, mastitis, breast tumors and other diseases.

Zhendong Women’s Health reminds everyone: In the daily life, we must develop the habit of self -touching the breast and check the breasts, and feel whether there is a bad problem with my own breasts. Once they find that they are uncomfortable, they must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

How to relieve breast tenderness caused by different problems?

1. Breast and pain caused by liver stagnation and qi should pay attention to regulating emotions

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that breast tenderness during menstrual periods is caused by liver depression and qi stagnation and stomach phlegm stagnation.What is more common in clinical is liver stagnation and qi stagnation.Simply put, women are more likely to have some small emotions, or it is easy to lose temper, irritability, and sullenness.This will cause some emotions to have no way to get dredge in time in the body.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ‘liver’ is an organ that needs to be adjusted and comfortable. If emotions cannot be discharged in time, it will cause liver qi discomfort, and ultimately causes women’s menstrual breast pain or itching of nipples.

In response to this situation, Zhang Yanhong said that the main therapy rule is to relieve liver and qi and Tongluo pain relief. It is recommended that women pay attention to regulating their emotions everyday and try to maintain a more pleasant mood.If there is no way to effectively solve yourself, you can try some drugs that Shu liver and qi, such as Chaihu Shupi Liver Sutra and Xiaoyao Pill.

2. Breast bloating caused by stomach deficiency and sputum should pay attention to healthy stomach and blood circulation

If women with menstrual breast pain usually have symptoms of leucorrhea, light liquor, light menstrual flow, and white tongue coating, then the cause of breast pain caused by menstrual period is likely to be stomach and stagnation.

To ease breast tenderness during menstruation, women should also pay attention to health care during menstruation. "Women should choose relatively loose underwear during menstruation, which is better to breathe. In addition, do not eat cold or irritating foods during menstruation.Don’t smoke and drink, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Doing these menstrual health care is also good for alleviating breast pain.

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