Is it really "three -point poison"?Do you need to take medicine for normal colds?

“Headline article development plan”

Say "good news"

In order to give you more popular knowledge

I am exhausted, endless day and night, exhausted my efforts


But this will not be caught again

A good opportunity for popular science?

Speaking of a cold

Have you ever heard two kinds

Completely contrary to

What kind of reason is it?

Let’s take a look at it first

Cold this thing

Whether it is a normal cold or a flu

All diseases caused by virus infections

They pass through various channels such as droplets

Enter your body

Secretly lurking in the upper respiratory tract of human beings

But because your immune system

Patrol at any time

They can only be in the dark

But there are only a thousand days as a thief

No thousand -day anti -thief

Once you blow a wind, rush to cool

Or stay up late every day until the hair is stunned

The immune forces in your body have also rested

The virus lurking in the dark will

"While you are virtual, you want your life"

Run out Yao Wu Yangwei, make chaos everywhere


Waiting for your body to respond

You will also dispatch troops to fight with them

at this time

You will have various cold symptoms

Naturally kill cells and viruses first

If you are defeated, you will be swollen and painful to your throat

Nervous system and immune system cooperation

Grow the temperature in the body

Make the virus weakened and can no longer breed

But you will tremble and fever

till the end

The patrol little brother’s antibodies hug the virus

End up with them

Eat by white blood cells together

The process is finished

Have you found one

Very, very important question:

It seems that the human body is fighting with the virus

What is the effect of cold medicine?

Nothing wrong

You found Hua Dian

Cold is a self -limited disease

Saying people

Generally rely on your own immune system to deal with

You can be good by yourself

Whether you are hard resistance or taking medicine

Nothing will affect this process

Cold medicine is of course not a little bit useless

It really cannot make the cold better faster

But it can relieve the symptoms of a cold

for example

To eliminate the virus in your body

The immune system will call the hill brain temperature adjustment center

Let you fever

And you take the antipyretic cold medicine

Actually it is not the immune system

Together to kill the virus together

But run to the Hugu brain to calm it down

Haven’t killed the virus yet

Burn myself to death first

So make a summary!

You have to feel that the symptoms can bear

Just fight with the immune system

If you feel dizzy and swelling affect life

You can also take the right medicine

The discomfort caused by alleviating this war to you

It will not affect anything

As for what to say

With a cold and carrying hard, you can exercise immunity

Purely nonsense

It’s better to drink more water and stay up late

Don’t boil your immune forces into old and weak soldiers

It will not be able to play virus at that time

Or you are sins

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