Is it really time to come to "aunt" during pregnancy?

As we all know, one of the major features of pregnancy is to stop menopause, but if you are pregnant, what is going on with menstruation?Let’s hear what the doctor says.

1. Do you have menstruation after pregnancy?

Generally speaking, women will discontinue menstruation after pregnancy, and there is almost no "big aunt" phenomenon.

If menstruation occurs during pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to be careful. This is by no means a normal physiological reaction. It is likely to be caused by ectopic pregnancy, cervical erosion, etc., or a precursor to miscarriage.Therefore, pregnant women must go to the hospital immediately to find the cause and receive treatment early.

2. The cause of menstruation may come after pregnancy

1. Evil eggs are unstable in bed

The unstable bed of fertilized eggs will make it difficult for the placenta to form. If the placenta is still not formed on the day or the menstrual period of women, it is likely that women will ovulate, which will then cause the "menstrual" phenomenon.

2. Endometriosis falls off

After pregnancy, due to the low level of sex hormone secreted by their ovaries, some pregnant women can easily lead to the occurrence of endometrial endometrium falling off, which leads to menstruation during pregnancy.At about 3 months of pregnancy, this phenomenon will not occur with the improvement of progesterone levels.

3. Sinomination or ectopic pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding may also be a sign of abortion and ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, if this happens, it is best for pregnant women to go to the hospital for an examination. After all, be careful not to cause harm to pregnant women and fetuses.

3. What should I do after menstruation after pregnancy?

Menstruation after pregnancy is not a menstruation in the true sense. It is just a phenomenon of vaginal hemorrhage similar to menstruation.

If the fertilized eggs are unstable, or the hormone secretion of the pregnant woman’s own hormone is low, the vaginal bleeding is caused. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry about it. It generally does not pose a substantial threat to the fetus and pregnant women.However, due to the vaginal bleeding caused by ectopic pregnancy, the condition is serious and harmful. Therefore, pregnant mothers should seek medical treatment in time and choose properly to deal with countermeasures according to the doctors’ arrangements.

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