Is it sick if you always love to put stinky farts after pregnancy? Pregnant mothers are angry and don’t hold back, otherwise it is easy to endure big problems!

After pregnancy, most of the phenomenon of farting, and the farts are stinky and loud. In fact, this is directly related to the changes in the body of the pregnant woman.Will it affect the body of pregnant women?How to alleviate this embarrassing question?Today, I will introduce the things about the fart during pregnancy.

Why do you "have too many farts" during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the progesterone of women’s bodies will increase, and problems such as loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, weakened gastrointestinal peristalsis, and indigestion will easily occur. In addition, with the continuous growth and development of babies in the uterus, it will beLet the uterine expand sharply, compress the intestine, causing the intestinal peristalsis and affect the digestive system, so pregnant women have frequently farted farts.

Does it have an impact on the body of the pregnant woman?

No one likes to fart in public, even in his own home, the smelly and loud fart will make people feel very

Embarrassing, so many pregnant women will be patient when they are farting. So, will it affect the health of the pregnant woman in good health?The answer is yes.

As the saying goes, "there is no fart, no liver" is a joke, it is reasonable. If it is long -term fart, the gas will pile up in the stomach and stomach, which will increase the constipation of the pregnant woman.The wall is gradually absorbed, entering the human body’s blood, bringing a burden on the liver, and it is easy to cause chronic poisoning of the body. Therefore, expectant mothers must not hold back, otherwise it is easy to endure big problems!

How to relieve frequent farting?

1. Reduce starchy food intake

After consumption, starch items can easily cause slow gastrointestinal digestion. At the same time, pregnant women have a small demand for starchy foods, so they can appropriately reduce the intake of starch foods.

2. Increase the intake of food fiber

You can eat more vegetables and high -fiber foods during pregnancy, such as celery and apples.It can not only increase nutrition, but also help gastrointestinal digestion, nourish the stomach and protect the stomach.

3. Chew slowly, talk less while eating

Talking during meals will allow the air to enter the body through the mouth and increase the gas content in the body. In addition, eating too fast will affect the digestion of food. Therefore, pregnant women should chew slowly while eating, and do not overeating.

4. Massage slightly to help exhaust

Pregnant women can lie down flat at night, five fingers together, with the navel eyes as the center, mild abdomen position slightly, help the gastrointestinal digestion, and excrete the gas out of the body.

Fart is the common sense of human beings. Although embarrassing is a natural detoxification reaction. It is recommended that you do not let go for face, which will affect your health.

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