Is it too late to "pregnancy"?Acupuncture therapy allows patients with premature ovarian age to become pregnant

We all know that many female friends particularly hope that they can have a healthier and cute baby, but if it is infertility, it may be due to the premature ovarian failure.If you encounter it, then at this time, you can actually improve it by acupuncture.

The treatment of premature ovary? Acupuncture therapy has achieved remarkable results!

At present, the infertility rate is as high as 15%-20%, and infertility has become the third largest disease in the world after cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.China’s infertility rate climbed from 2.5%to 3%to 12.5%to 15%from 20 years ago, and the number of patients exceeded 40 million. This was mainly caused by factors such as delayed fertility and great increase in patients with ovarian failure.

The cause of premature ovarian failure is currently unclear, with irregular lifestyle, over -diet, high mental stress, and poor emotional induction.The treatment of premature ovarian aging, except for supplementing hormones, does not have exact and effective treatment in modern medicine.However, research on acupuncture promotion in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Denmark and other countries shows that acupuncture has improved the effect of IVF’s pregnancy rate and survival rate.

It has been more than a year and a half of the thirteen needle therapy for the treatment of menstruation to promote pregnancy. This therapy can effectively reduce the level of patients promoting gonad hormone and improve their ovarian function.Hope to help them get pregnant successfully.

Some ladies with premature ovarian failure found that the amount of follicles and poor follicle quality during inspection, but after the treatment of thirteen needles for pregnancy, the number of follicles increased, and superior follicles appeared.The chance of successful transplantation can even achieve natural pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of premature ovarian failure?

(1) Menstruation changes: As the ovarian function gradually declines, the menstrual cycle will be shortened, the amount of menstruation, the irregular cycle, the scarcity of menstruation, and amenorrhea will occur.From ovarian reserves to functional failure, there are several years of transition period, and some may only take a few months.A small number of women even suddenly ended without any causes of induced menstruation.

(2) Low fertility or infertility: The amount of follicles decreases, the quality of follicles decreases, and the fertility power decreases significantly; the endometrium is thin, and the fertilized eggs are not easy to bed after bed, causing infertility;%~ 10%of pregnancy opportunities, but the risk of natural abortion and fetal chromosome distortion increases.

(3) Decrease estrogen level: there can be hot sweat, dryness and burning vaginal, loss of sexual desire, osteoporosis, bone pain, fracture, skin dull and no luster, chloasma, changes in emotion and cognitive function, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vessels, cardiovascular blood vesselsSymptoms and arrhythmia.

(4) Other symptoms: development defects of cardiovascular system, intellectual disorders, abnormal characteristics of sexual development, low decrease in adrenal and thyroid gland, recurrence abortion, etc.

Do you all know? If there are some patients with ovarian problems, acupuncture can be selected in life, because this is really a very good choice, because acupuncture is also very good for our business.It can ensure that our bodies are healthier, so when infertility or premature ovarian failure occurs, it is necessary to check and treat them in a timely manner.

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