Is it true that "the Internet rumors" and "like a sour son after pregnancy"?


Is it true that "I like to eat sour sons after pregnancy"?

the truth:


Does the diet preference of pregnant women indicate the secret of giving birth to boys and women?Listen to what the following mothers who have giving birth to babies say.

Tongtong (girl) mother: When I was pregnant with our family Tongtong, I especially like to eat sweets. I have to eat cakes almost every day, but in order not to gestational diabetes, I have always controlled myself to eat sweets, despite this, I still eat some every day.

Quiet (girl) mother: I have been eating spicy foods since the 35th day of pregnancy, but the doctor said that eating spicy food is not good for the baby’s development, so I have been restraining myself.

Every day (boy) mother: I am pregnant with vinegar every day in our family.

From this point of view, sour girls or sour sweet girls are still accurate.

If you are not allowed? Everyone also says …


Although modern medicine is more developed, due to some national policies and medical reasons, doctors cannot tell the baby’s gender in advance, so they can only use some folk "soil" methods to judge.Among them, the "sour girl" is the most common type, especially with some rendering in film and television works.No scientific basis.

First of all, whether the baby is a boy or a girl, it is determined by the chromosome carried by the sperm combined with the egg.In other words, the baby’s gender is determined at the moment when the egg is fertilized.

Human beings have a total of 23 pairs of chromosomes, of which 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes.Men’s 1 pair of sex chromosomes, one is x and the other is Y, forming xy.Women’s 1 pair of sex chromosomes are x, forming XX.Therefore, egg cells are carried with X -sex chromosomes, and there are two types of sex chromosomes carried by sperm. One is X chromosomes and the other is Y chromosomes, which are called X -type sperm and Y sperm.For a sperm, either X -type sperm or Y -type sperm.

When fertilization, when the X -type sperm is combined with eggs, the baby’s sex chromosomes are XX, which is born into a girl. If the Y -type sperm combined with egg cells, the baby’s sex chromosome is XY, which is born into a boy.It can be seen that the sex of the fetus is random and has nothing to do with the taste of pregnant women.Therefore, the saying of "sour girls" and "sour girls" is not scientific.

However, the taste of pregnant mothers does have some changes, which is related to many factors such as endocrine changes, physiological reactions, psychology, and dietary habits in different regions.

Pregnant women will experience changes in appetite and taste, such as decreased appetite, sensitive smell, acidic, spicy, sweet, and even want to eat foods that do not like to eat, all of which are normal pregnancy physiological reactions.This is due to a variety of endocrine changes that occur in the body after pregnancy. Among them, the velvetic gonad hormone secreted gonad hormone secreted by the placenta rises rapidly. This hormone will inhibit gastric acid secretion and reduce the amount of gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing the activity of digestive enzymes, affecting the effectsSevere and digestive function.It also improves the sensitivity of smell and smell.

Elevation of estrogen can also lead to sensitive smell and exaggerate the taste of pregnant women.The elevated progesterone relaxes the smoothness of the digestive tract and slows down.At this time, the sour and spicy food, because it can stimulate appetite and play an appetizer, it will get the preference of pregnant women, which has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

The taste of pregnant women will also be affected by different regions, different family eating habits, and different constitutions.For example, there is no significant difference in the gender ratio of newborns born of pregnant women in various places in my country. Unreliable.

In addition, research has found that stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other social psychological characteristics will have a certain impact on the food choices of pregnant women.

Pregnant women’s diet and nutritional conditions will affect the baby’s healthy growth and health after birth.Therefore, even in the early pregnancy preference for a certain taste, it is necessary to pay an appropriate amount. After the early pregnancy reaction, you should still pay attention to nutritional balance and pay attention to relieving tension, anxiety and other emotions. In any case, the health of the baby is the last word.

Rumor Expert: Liu Zhaofen Chinese Prevention Medical Association Research Institute

Review expert: Zhang Ye Beijing Hepingli Hospital chief physician

Producer: Science Popularization China-Science Rumor

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