Is it true that eating these foods during pregnancy is true?

After pregnancy, expectant mothers will be careful about diet, for fear of harm the baby who should not eat.In the spread of the people, many foods have been on the blacklist during pregnancy:

"Watermelon is cold, and it will have a miscarriage after eating."

"Crayfish and spicy spicy are not clean, you can’t eat when you are pregnant."

"Eat more oranges, and the baby is easy to get jaundice."

There are many controversial foods like this, such as instant noodles and barbecue.Today we will take a look at it to see if it is really unable to eat it.


You can eat watermelon during pregnancy.

"Watermelon is cold and not suitable for eating during pregnancy." "Eating watermelon can cause abortion" has no scientific basis.

There are many advantages of watermelon: sufficient water.Good taste, can promote appetite and improve the phenomenon of expectations of expectant mothers.It is rich in nutrition and provides rich vitamins and minerals for expectant mothers.High potassium contains diuretic and swelling, regulate nerves, relax muscles, and reduce blood pressure.

Specific mothers can eat watermelon with confidence, but if the gastrointestinal function is weak or overweight, it is best to eat less watermelon, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort or further fat.


You can eat oranges during pregnancy.

The taste of oranges is sweet and sour, which can alleviate the symptoms of many expectant mothers’ appetite.Orange contains vitamin C, which can improve human immunity.

It is circulated on the Internet that "eating too much during pregnancy will make the baby easily get jaundice after birth", this statement is unscientific.Newborn jaundice is due to the increase in bilirubin in serum, which causes skin, mucous membranes and sclera yellow stains. Eating oranges will not cause such results.


You can eat crayfish during pregnancy, but pay attention to hygiene.

If you eat unhygienic crayfish, diarrhea is prone to occur.

If you eat crayfish yourself, you should choose fresh and clean, clean and process carefully, and ensure that you cook it.If you go outside to eat crayfish, choose restaurants with good sanitary conditions.


Eat less barbecue during pregnancy.

In theory, if the ingredients are fresh and they are completely cooked, it can be eaten.

But in fact, the barbecue may not be completely cooked, which may cause Listera infection.In addition, the ingredients can not only be destroyed during the process of high -temperature barbecue, but also cause carcinogens.If you eat frequently, there will be some health risks.


If you ensure the healthy ingredients and hygiene, you can also eat hot and spicy after pregnancy.

Compared with ordinary foreign fast food and fried or pickled foods, the spicy ingredients are rich in ingredients. They have both vegetables and meat.Essence

However, considering the quality, hygiene status and production specifications on the market, the hidden safety hazards are hidden. The expectant mothers are not suitable for eating too much. You can consider making spicy spicy at home.

Instant noodle

You can eat instant noodles appropriately during pregnancy, but it is best to eat less.The oil content of instant noodles is high, which is not conducive to control during pregnancy.Instant noodles produce a certain amount of carcinogenic substances -acrylamide.Although acrylamide in instant noodles does not reach the amount of harm to health, it is not good for health.The flavor of the seasoning of instant noodles is heavy, and a light diet is advocated during pregnancy.

soy sauce

You can eat soy sauce during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to eat too much.

It is rumored that "eating soy sauce during pregnancy will be darker in the future." This statement is unscientific.In addition to the gene, the skin color depends on the genes, but also the melanin on the surface of the skin.After entering the human body digestion, the non -ferrous substances in soy sauce will become amino acids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts and other substances. They will not calm down on the surface of the skin, and will not promote the synthesis of melanin, making the skin of the expectant mothers or babies black.

However, it is best to eat a light diet during pregnancy. There are a lot of salt in soy sauce. It is recommended not to put too much when cooking.


It is not recommended to eat fritters during pregnancy, whether it is traditional oil dough sticks or so -called "alum -free fritters".The aluminum element in the fried dough stick is not conducive to human health.The fried fritters are made of fried, which is too high, which is not conducive to weight management during pregnancy.The fried temperature of the fritter is above 180 ° C, and some carcinogens will be generated in the process.

cold drink

You can eat cold drinks during pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, eating cold drinks during pregnancy is safe.However, due to the high sugar and calories of ice cream and beverages, if you eat too much, it will easily lead to overweight, which will increase the difficulty of delivery. Long -term eating may also increase the probability of gestational diabetes. Therefore, expectant mothers cannot eat too much.

In addition, if the gastrointestinal function of expectant mothers is relatively weak, or it is easy to catch a cold or suffer from sinusitis, it is best to consult a doctor if you can eat cold drinks.


You can drink coffee appropriately during pregnancy, but not too much.

Coffee, black tea, green tea, cola, chocolate and other foods contain caffeine.

It is safe to consume caffeine per day during pregnancy. Generally, the caffeine contained in a 350ml American coffee is about 150 mg. Drink at most one cup a day.

Regarding the content of caffeine contained in common foods, you can click on the relevant recommendations under the end of the article to learn more.

Wine, cooking wine, sweet wine

Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy, nor can you eat foods containing alcohol, including sweet wine. It is best not to put cooking wine for cooking.

Alcohol may cause abnormal fetal development.Sweet wine contains a certain concentration of alcohol, and its concentration is similar to beer.

The concentration of alcohol in cooking wine is low, and some alcohol will also volatilize during the cooking process, but safety reasons, expectant mothers are best to let go.If you want to put it, put less, and open the lid when cooking, which is conducive to alcohol volatilization.

Regarding whether you can eat some food during pregnancy, there are many ridiculous but generally circulating rumors in the folk. It is largely because ancient science is underdeveloped.When there are some coincidental examples, such as the expectant mothers who have eaten watermelon happen to have a miscarriage, people will associate the original "watermelon" and "abortion", and the rumors are born.

Therefore, expectant mothers should learn more scientific knowledge and distinguish rumors.

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