Is Longan and Guiyuan the same food?

Regarding longan, I believe everyone is no stranger. This is a common fruit, and the name is also domineering.In addition to longan, everyone should have heard "longan", such as the folk saying "South Guiyuan, Northern Ginseng".Is Longan and Guiyuan a thing?What is the difference between them?Today, I will talk to you about this topic.

Is Longan and Guiyuan the same food?

In fact, longan and longan are essentially the same, just the difference.In many places, Guiyuan also refers to dry goods, which is the longan after drying.Specifically:

Different systems

Longan is a kind of fruit; longan is the dried fruit made by cutting the dragon -eye after the longan, the dried fruit made of fruit, fruit selection, classification, and baking.Essence

From the perspective of the system, longan is a fruit picked after the tree is long, and the longan is dried fruit products obtained by processing through a series of steps such as classified and baking.

Different appearance

The appearance of longan is round, the overall is full, the flesh inside is white, and the black fruit nucleus is still in the middle of the flesh; the appearance of the longan circle is different.Great gap.

Different taste

The longan juice is fleshy, the flesh is full and elastic, the taste is tender and smooth, and it tastes a clear sweetness; the longan juice is less, the feeling of bitterness does not have a Q bullet, it tastes slightly sweet, and the taste is sweeter than longan.

Different ways of eating

Like other fruits, Longan eats a fresh, peel off the skin directly, and you can eat it at the entrance. It is similar to lychee.As a fresh fruit, the shelf life of longan is very short. Therefore, after buying home, eat it as soon as possible to avoid rotting and deteriorating, or because it is not fresh to affect the taste.

The flavor of longan is sweeter than longan, and there is no juice. If you eat it directly, you will feel a little greasy. Therefore, longan is often used to cook soup.Guiyuan is often sold in dry goods or Chinese medicine stores, and the shelf life is relatively long.

Different nutrition

The sugar content in longan is much higher than longan, so the content of calories and carbohydrates is higher than longan.In addition, the protein content, magnesium, calcium, and iron content in longan are also higher than longan.

However, in the process of drying, Guiyuan will also lose some nutrients, such as dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and carotene content.

Will you get angry if you eat too much?

The reason why they are labeled with "getting fire" is mainly because of the high sugar content, and this meat fruit is easier to stuff the seams of teeth.

If the oral cavity is not cleaned in time after eating, then the residue can easily cause the breeding of bacteria in the mouth and cause inflammation. In the early stage, it may be manifested as gingival inflammation.The solution is very simple. After eating the fruit, use the tooth to clean the flesh residue in the teeth in time, and rinse your mouth with water in time. Then there may not be any fruit to "get angry".

Self -made dry dragon at home

Put fresh longan belt shells in boiling water for 1 hour;

Pick up the longan and drain the water and put it on the balcony for about a week;

Peel off the skin, remove the dried flesh, continue to dry for a week, and remember to turn them over every day;

Put the dry dried dragon’s eye meat in a jar and be sealed in the refrigerator.

Source: official platform of China Food News

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