Is the "upper ring" contraception reliable?Regarding these issues of the birth ring, women must understand in advance

Ms. Zhang was 32 years old and went to the birth ring after giving birth to her daughter at the age of 23.However, after the ring was on the ring, the physical condition was getting worse and worse. At first, it was a little uncomfortable. In the future, it was a bit tricky. Symptoms such as gynecological inflammation, menstrual disorders, and other symptoms came.Immediately go to the hospital for surgery, and a few hours later, the circular -shaped birth ring was taken out.After the birth ring was taken out, Ms. Zhang’s physical condition improved.

What is confusing is that Ms. Liu, 45, also brought the birth ring after giving birth to a child at the age of 21, but so far, there is still no symptoms like Ms. Zhang, but the body is healthier.It is not affected by the birth ring.

From the above two examples, we can see that the side effects of the birth ring varies from person to person, or in other words, there are not much problems in the birth ring itself, but the people who take it are not suitable.

There are still many people who have misunderstandings about the birth ring, and we can understand the following content.

First, the birth ring does not directly cause uterine fibroids and uterine cancer. Moreover, if the birthplace of mitinal -release progesterone is used, the prevalence of uterine cancer can also be reduced.

Second, if the birth ring is placed normally, the life limit is within the normal range, and it does not grow into the uterus.

Third, there is no completely safe and reliable contraceptive method.

The contraceptive method of resettlement and breeding ring needs to be combined with personal circumstances. It should not be just let the birthplaces be used to carry a black pot.

Does the placement of the nourishing ring sterilize from this?

The loop is also fully successful, and sometimes there will be a ring of pregnancy, and the ring is pregnant.

After the birth ring in the palace, it will not have a great impact on the normal fertility in the future.

Will the breeding ring wear the uterine and grow into the meat?

The navigation ring has a lot to do with the non -standard operation of the uterine perforation.The breeding ring is placed normally, and the chance of perforation in the uterus is very low.According to the reality of the relevant research, most of the perforation of the uterus occurred in the place where the uterine perforation occurred at the time of placement, not in the late stage.

The probability of this situation that is generally growing in the meat in the specified years is very low, and the difficulty of taking the ring due to the trap in the meat is mostly because the ring does not take it out in time, plus the cause of the cause, plus the causeThe atrophy of the uterus caused by the increase of the age leads to the difficulty of taking the ring.Therefore, it is recommended to take out the birth ring within one year after menopause.

Will the resettlement of the birthplace cause infection?

Many people think that with ringing can cause pelvic inflammation and other gynecological diseases, and in fact, this view is one -sided.

In fact, the most common symptoms of placing the birthplace are excessive menstrual blood, long time, unclean, and back pain and abdominal pain.The occurrence of infection is mostly caused by irregularly placing the birth ring.

The birth ring is not as terrible as we think.It can be an effective, safe, and cheap contraceptive measure, as long as we use it.

There are many women who have strong resistance and fear of the birth ring. However, we must realize that what has caused this dilemma today is not just the birth ring itself.

At that time, the type of breeding ring used was limited, and the doctors were not skilled enough, and the operation was not standardized. Everyone did not know enough about the birthplace. I don’t know that this thing has a period of use.Only to lead to the current situation and make the birth ring harmful.

We should think about it carefully when we criticize the breeding ring. Be careful not to cause people who do not understand enough about the birth ring because of the extreme language, and let them misunderstand and conflict this.

However, there is no completely reliable and safe contraception, unless you do not have sex for a lifetime.Fortunately, with the development of the modern economy, medicine has become more and more advanced. In terms of contraception methods, we have more and more choices.At the same time, when considering how to contraception, we should treat it objectively, choose the correct choice, and find the most suitable method of contraception, because this is not only related to your person, but also the love and respect for the other half.

Contraception is not just a woman’s business, but men can not be absent

No matter how many ways to contraception in the future, how advanced its technology is, we must remember that contraception is never what women should do, and men should also bear corresponding responsibilities.

Fortunately, it is fortunate that with the progress of society and the improvement of people’s consciousness, more and more male friends are also aware that they must better participate in contraception and bear corresponding responsibilities.

The birth ring called "a generation of Chinese women" should not be just attacked by people. It should be treated fairly. It should be used correctly. The birthplace can also play a certain role.

After all, the birth ring is just a contraceptive tool. Its use depends on the people who use it, which has nothing to do with it.

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