Is the baby’s athletes be ringworm?Nutritionist: Learn 2 methods to prevent infant aes

Xiaoyong’s mother was very troubled. The three months of son did not know what happened last night. Suddenly, there was a phenomenon of crying at night. There was a vomiting in the morning.The hospital, after a doctor’s examination, found that the child turned out to be a baby’s beriberi!

Xiaoyong’s mother was on the side, athletes?How can my son only have athletes in 3 months?I have no problems with athletes myself?Where is this from?

In fact, infant aes are common, but it is easy to be ignored by parents and compare with ringworm. This is very incorrect.

So what is infant aes?Why does the baby get this disease?How can we prevent the treatment of this disease?

When it comes to foot, everyone must be familiar with, but if you say that infant aes, parents should be more puzzled.In fact, infant aes are common, it is mainly caused by the lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the baby’s body. It is also a kind of nutritional disease.

Vitamin B1 is an anti -foot qi chair, an anti -neuritis factor, and the earliest found in vitamins.

In 2697 BC, my country’s medical book "Nei Jing" had a detailed discussion of beriberi, but this kind of nutrients were extracted in the London Institute in the London Institute in 1911 and were named "Life amine".

In 1936, American chemist Williams was synthesized by manual methods. At this point, beriberi was effectively controlled.

Since vitamin B1 is considered "life amine", it is so important that what kind of harm will it lack it and get infant aes?

Infant athletes, symptoms do not cause ringworm as adults, but mild diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, heavier vomiting, anorexia, and even decreased body temperature, reduced blood pressure, dyspnea and heart failure!

Babies are generally urgent and sudden. Early symptoms are pale, impatient, anxious, and are very easy to be ignored by parents.

So what causes baby torture?

Infants who occur more in infants and young children under 1 year old are related to improper feeding. When the baby cannot get vitamin B1 nutrition from breast milk or supplementary food in time, it will cause athletes to occur.

Above, we understand the causes and age of infant anesh disease. So how to supplement the baby vitamin B1?How much should I add?

Babies are in the stage of rapid development, and the metabolism in the body is very strong, so the demand for vitamin B1 is also higher than adults.

1) Breastfeeding

For babies who are less than 6 months, if they are breastfeeding, the breasts’ diet needs to supplement enough vitamin B1.

According to the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide 2016" of the Chinese Nutrition Society, the recommended intake of breasts needs to be supplemented by 1.5 mg every day.

Because thiamine is only 50%of the efficiency of being transferred to milk, special attention should be paid to increasing the supply of breasts vitamin B1.

In fact, not only the breastfeeding period requires more vitamin B1, it is necessary to pay attention to replenishment during pregnancy.

According to the Chinese Nutrition Society "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines 2016", it is pointed out that the recommended intake of early pregnancy is 1.2 mg of replenishment per day,

Recommended intake in the second trimester is 1.4 mg of daily supplementation, and the recommended intake of the third trimester is 1.5 mg of daily replenishment.

The picture comes from "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines 2016"

2) Milk powder feeding

For babies fed with milk powder, pay attention to consumption formula milk powder, so as to ensure that sufficient vitamin B1 can be supplemented.

3) After adding supplementary food

When the baby is 6 months old and adds supplementary food, pay attention to supplementing supplementary food rich in vitamin B1.

The above we know how to add vitamin B1 at different ages. So, what foods can we get through children’s feeding to get the nutrients such as vitamin B1?

1 eat more

In grain, especially in the outer embryo, there are coarse grains. Sunflower, peanuts, peanuts, soy products, animal liver, dairy products, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables all contain vitamin B1.

1) Milk Food

For example, breasts should eat more of these foods, such as grains, dairy products, animal liver, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

2) Children supplement food

For the baby’s supplementary food feeding, you can choose rice noodles, meat, puree, vegetable puree, fruit puree, etc.

The vitamin B1 content of common foods is given below, we can choose high -value consumption.

The picture comes from "Chinese Nutrition Science Book"

2 Eat less

Although vitamin B1 exists in natural foods, the content will be affected by the conditions of food storage, cooking, and processing.For example, excessive white rice noodles, the content of vitamin B1 is very small.

Therefore, breasts and children should eat less white rice noodles.

1 When a baby has pale complexion, drowsiness, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., be vigilant, whether it is a baby’s aes.

2 Infant athletes are not athletes.

3 Infant footage can be prevented by taking vitamin B1 in diet.

4 When you are pregnant, pay attention to supplement vitamin B1 in your diet. In the period of feeding your baby, you need to add more.

Do you still think that the baby’s athletes are the same as adults?In terms of parenting, what are the troubles and confusion of you?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together.

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