Is the cow conceive?Teach you these 2 points to quickly distinguish

The key point is to improve the breeding rate of cows is to prevent emptiness, shorten the breeding cycle, and increase breeding benefits.

After the breeding, some cows have false estrus, not only did not improve the benefit of breeding, but increased the cost of breeding.

It is important to determine whether cows’ conception as soon as possible is to breeding work. So how should we distinguish it?The following methods have been proven to be summarized:

The external manifestations of cows before and after pregnancy are different. You can make a basic judgment by observation of the body surface;

It is determined through the internal inspection method. Generally, it is best to check for about 30 days.

Body watch observation

1. Whether to fight after breeding

After breeding, the cow has no rabding within the next 1 to 2 estrus cycle (the average estrus cycle of the cattle) is not a fence. It can be judged that there is a possibility of pregnancy;

2. Observe the cow’s eyes

There will be three purple -red longitudinal thick bloodshots on the eyes of the pregnant beef; the unwanted beef blood vessels are relatively thin, and the color is relatively light; the color is relatively light;

3. Look at the direction of the ox tail

You can observe the state of the ox tail. When the daily vertical putting down of pregnant cattle is deviated from one side;

4. Observe appetite and fur

Observe whether the cows appetite is more vigorous than before. It is willing to eat and drink, and the rest time will increase, and the hair color of the maternity cow will also be smooth and shiny.

The middle and late stages of the cow’s external performance are relatively obvious. In order to distinguish whether it is a fake estrus as soon as possible, we can use the internal inspection method to determine.

Internal inspection

1. Rectal examination

About 60 days of breeding, you can touch the uterus, the size and changes of the cow cows, and the uterine angle of the pregnancy of the cow to become thicker through the rectal.

At the same time, the obvious luteum can be touched on the ovarian on the pregnancy. When the cows are pregnant with twins, the uterine horns on both sides are symmetrical; there is no contraction response when touching, and it can be judged as pregnancy.

This method is recommended to operate experienced veterinarians, and the movements must be gentle to avoid causing miscarriage.

2. vaginal examination

After 3 weeks of pregnancy, the vaginal mucous membrane changes from pink to pale and non -luster. When the pupa is inserted into the vagina, the resistance is obviously dry; the cervix has mucus and a closed state.

3. B -ultrasound

This is a commonly used pregnancy detection method with high accuracy. Conditional farms are equipped with a B -ultrasound machine for beasts. It is more convenient to use and can store image information for a long time to facilitate archives inquiry management.

If there is no B -ultrasound equipment, you can also buy early pregnancy diagnostic test strips for detection. Of course, the accuracy rate is still more accurate.

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