Is the drug flow damage small?How to take medicine?What you want to know is here: Twenty questions about the drug flow

Medica abortion is a method of simulating the natural abortion process that uses the drug method to promote the death of the embryo and discharge the in vitro. Compared with the surgical abortion, the chance of fertility is very small, but the bleeding is long, even if there is a major bleeding, the incomplete abortion rate is not the probability of abortion.high.Surgical miscarriage is an invasive operation with surgical abortion to remove the embryo from the uterus. It has an impact on the environment in the uterine cavity and the possibility of endometrial damage.If the drug and centers can be completely miscarriage after the medication and medication, the drug flow damage is smaller than the abortion, but if there is no abortion, the surgical curettage must be performed. The process and risk are the same as the abortion of surgery.Therefore, it cannot be generalized.

It takes 3 days before and after the medication of drug abortion. The blood bleeding time is long and the bleeding is more, and the surgical abortion surgery time is several minutes. The bleeding is less, which is relatively faster.

The drug flow is combined by the two drugs of Mikle ketone and Mesopotenol, and the so -called sequence is used in order.

Mi -non -olone is a hormone -resistant hormone drug, and progesterone is an important hormone that maintains pregnancy. Anti -progesterone is to prevent progesterone that can not work, and it will terminate pregnancy, anti -bed, induces menstruation, and promote promotion.Cervical maturity.Meso anterior glycol is first applied to the digestive system. You are not looking at it. It is the digestive system. It is the prostate E1 derivative. It can inhibit gastric acid secretion and is mainly used for digestive ulcers.In recent years, it has been discovered that the preferred alcohol has a contraction effect, which can enhance the uterine tension and intrauterine pressure. It can be used with rice ketone, which can significantly increase the frequency and amplitude of the early pregnancy uterine contraction.As the saying goes, the science is here, and it is basically understood like this. Mi Fuzhone promotes embryonic death, and the front alcohol is the best partner.

Drug side effects include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other digestive tract symptoms. A few people will have side effects such as rash, flushing, fever, itchy palms, and two -hand tremor.

The main side effects of miscarriage are bleeding and more bleeding for a long time, and very few people will bleed a lot of bleeding and need emergency curettage to terminate pregnancy.

①In pregnancy ≤ 49 days, age <40 years old.

② Diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy.B -ultrasound for menstrual diagnosis is confirmed by the doctor.

③ High -risk factors for artificial abortion:

Such as scar uterus (referring to the uterus for surgery, such as cesarean section, uterine fibroids removal, etc.);

If the cervix develops seriously;

Such as severe pelvic deformity.

④ History of manual abortion multiple times, those who have fear and psychology of surgical abortion.

(There are too many professional nouns, anyway, the doctor is determined that you can skip it or not to see it)

① There are taboos using rice ketone: adrenal glands and other endocrine diseases, the history of skin itching, blood disease and thrombosis during pregnancy.

② Taboo taboos with macolytic alcohol: cardiovascular disease, asthma, glaucoma, epilepsy, colitis, etc.

③ Ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy.To explain this, the embryo of the outer uterine pregnancy is outside the uterus or the normal position of the uterus, and the pregnancy of the rings means that the upper ring is unfortunately conceived at the same time.

④ Other: allergies, pregnancy drama spitting, long -term anti -tuberculosis, anti -epilepsy, antidepressant, anti -prostaglandin drugs, etc.

The drug flow has the risk of major bleeding. It must be carried out in regular hospitals with rescue measures such as blood transfusion and infusion. Do not take the medicine at home.Pharmaceuticals are prescription drugs. The drug supervision bureau stipulates that pharmacies are not allowed to sell.In clinical practice, we have seen a lot of patients who are not afraid of death. In the bold private clinic and pharmacies, we have to buy medicines and take themselves. In the end, we have to go to the hospital to clean up the disabled.

Do not buy medicine in a pharmacy

On the third day of the tire, there will be stomachache. The uterine contraction will discharge the embryo for about 1-2 hours. Everyone’s sensitivity to pain is different.Bear.If you have given birth to a child, there should be no problem. After all, compared with having children, it is really a little witch.

The report of the drug flow rate is different. I checked the relevant medical papers on the "Wanfang Knowledge Service Platform". The completely abortion rate of the drug flow was between 68-90%.It has a relationship, such as the high power of the anterior uterus, the success rate of the forward flexion and the rear flexion is low.

The abortion of drugs is included in the medical insurance maternity insurance reimbursement, and the individual pays very little. If the whole process is at your own expense, it will be about 1,000 yuan according to the charging standard of the two -man hospital in Zhongshan City.

Pregnancy ≤ 49 days, from the last menstrual period of no more than 49 days.

It is nothing more than hematuria.

Signing a letter of consent, after taking the medicine and flowing medicine, carefully listened to the doctor to explain the precautions for taking medicine. Mi Fuzone went home to take it. On the morning of the third day, he took the tire of the first glycol in the hospital for the first time in the hospital.It is thought that it can be left.

The drug flow needs to be empty 2 hours before and after taking the medicine.There are 6 pieces of Mi Fuzone, a total of 150mg, which can be taken or taken in one time. Each hospital has its own usage, which is specific to the doctor’s instructions.3 slices of macolytol, a total of 0.6mg. On the morning of the third day of the mimetan, it was taken in the hospital once, and then abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding occurred. Pay attention to tires.

The pregnancy embryo within 49 days has not been formed. I only see a piece of white like fluff. It will develop into a placenta in the future., But in addition to the tissue such as velvet, it is difficult to determine whether it is completely aborted, that is, the so -called cleanliness, you need to use the B -ultrasound to check

This is the fluffy

Wet 2 thickened sanitary napkins within 4 hours or for 2 hours, even if you bleed more, you need to deal with it immediately.

If you have more bleeding at any time, if you do n’t have much bleeding, you must go to the hospital for re -consultation 2 weeks after taking the front alcohol.must!must!Emphasize three times!Because this is related to whether the diagnosis is required for clearing the palace surgery.

After more or 2 weeks of bleeding, there are residues of pregnancy and must be cured.

Like all abortion, it is recommended to rest for 15 days.

If it is completely aborted, it is probably one month after the tires, and the Qing Palace is needed for one month from the day of the Qing Palace.

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