Is the fetal bud fetal heart without the first pregnancy examination? Is it a fetal health problem?Don’t panic, let’s talk about the day

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I believe that the mothers will always look forward to the baby’s birth when she is pregnant, and can’t wait to see her baby who wants to see her.Then I think that I can use B -ultrasound to find all messages about the baby on their belly, such as fetal buds and fetal hearts.

According to the development of normal embryos, when the Baoma went to the B -ultrasound at the hospital at about 60 days of pregnancy, you can observe the situation of fetal sacs, fetal buds, and fetal hearts.At this time, if there is any problem with the results of the inspection, Baoma will be very worried and worry about the health of the baby.

Seeing the fetal heart after 10 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor suggested that the fetal fetus, it turned out that the time was wrong!

Colleagues Li Ting finally pregnant with the child, and the family was very happy because of the baby’s arrival.At about 6 weeks, she went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, but she couldn’t check the baby’s fetal buds and fetal hearts.Although the doctor told her not to worry about her words, she might not be able to cooperate closely, and then go to the hospital to check for a while.

After that, Li Ting was always worried that she came to the hospital for B -ultrasound in 7 weeks and 8 weeks, hoping that she could detect the fetal buds and fetal hearts, and she was still not detected.The doctor did not report too much hope this time, saying that the fetus may stop developing, and it is recommended to have an abortion.

But Li Ting still didn’t want to give up. He obviously had a great response to his early pregnancy, and everything went smoothly. How could he stop?With a sad mood for this, Li Ting continued to wait for another 2 weeks.Finally, in the 10th week, the fetal buds and fetal hearts were found. The data showed that the baby was healthy and the family turned to be sad.

When the family accused the doctor who had suggested a fetal at the time, the doctor expressed sorry, but also informed them that from the beginning, Li Ting’s husband and wife misunderstood their conception, so it caused the pregnancy examination of the pregnancy examination.Fetal buds.For this reason, colleague Li Ting is also embarrassing.

Can’t find fetal buds and fetal hearts?No panic, maybe these two reasons

1. Menstruation cycle disorders

Some of the relatives of Bao Ma never kept coming from time to time, sometimes early, sometimes late.In this way, Baoma’s ovulation period is not very regular, resulting in the extension of fertilized eggs in bed.Therefore, Baoma may not find the fetal buds and fetal hearts within the specified time.

2. Remember the wrong time for the wrong case

Moms are generally speculated that the time of pregnancy is generally speculated based on the time of the holiday and a series of pregnancy. There is actually a relatively large error, which is easy to remember, or even the wrong.Therefore, in the non -specified time to go to the B -ultrasound, naturally, she could not find the fetal buds and fetal hearts.

It is not accurate by speculation?Teach you how to accurately calculate the ovulation period!

According to a doctor, there is such a formula for the ovulation period: the first day of the ovulation period = the shortest one -time period, the number of menstrual cycles is reduced 18 days of ovulation, the last day of the ovulation period = the maximum number of menstrual cycles, the number of days of the menstrual cycle is reduced 11 days.However, there are also requirements for use. Moms need to record the menstrual cycle of nearly 8 months to determine the longest and shortest number of days of their menstrual cycle.

The chance of fetal stopping is generally small, and you can judge in these methods

As far as the symptoms are concerned, the mother may not have obvious reactions such as bleeding and abdominal pain after fetal stopping.Therefore, the symptoms of the single look at the symptoms cannot accurately identify the fetal stopping, or it is necessary to use scientific means.

1. B -ultrasound

Go to the hospital in the hospital in 6 and 7 weeks to observe the fetal heart and fetal buds. When there is no fetal heart and fetal buds, or the data cannot meet a certain standard, you can judge that the fetal stop.

2. HCG inspection

By going to the hospital to draw blood, the concentration of HCG in the blood is detected. In different pregnancy cycles, the concentration of HCG can not meet a certain standard.

When B -ultrasound, B -ultrasound can’t find fetal buds and fetal hearts, don’t worry.In addition to the factors of individual differences, it may also be the wrong menstrual cycle.Of course, the most important thing is to obey the doctor’s guidance.

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