Is the fetal spitting self -protection?Reveal the "harm" of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy vomiting is also known as harmful joy. It is often a relatively obvious symptom of early pregnancy. This is also played by various dog -blood TV series. As long as the female lead vomits and wants to vomit, most of them are "happy"!

In reality, each pregnant woman’s pregnancy response is different.Some pregnant women are particularly sensitive to the smell after pregnancy; some pregnant women will find that some taste may make themselves nauseous, and some people may like some "strange flavors"; some pregnant women have no reasons vomitingEssence

Why does "pregnancy vomiting" appear?


First of all, it is a change in the sense of smell caused by estrogen in pregnant women.Because women cause the biggest change after conception are hormones.When pregnancy, the level of estrogen will increase.The estrogen is complementary and closely complement.

Experiments have proved that during pregnancy, the role of lactating hormones in nerve occurs, making the pregnant mouse more sensitive to the smell, which may help issue a dangerous alert to the mouse.Although this work is aimed at mice, it still "confirms that pregnant women are more sensitive to odor."


Another point of view is that the probability of miscarriage is less likely to have an abortion after experiencing vomiting and nausea.Researchers have found that the smell of the smell of smoke, alcohol, bitter vegetables and caffeine -containing beverages in the early stages of pregnancy of pregnant women cause pregnancy. This can refuse to consume certain chemicals or harmful foods to the fetus.Daily food contains a small amount of toxins. These mild toxins may cause harm to the weaker fetus in the abdomen. When pregnant women eat such foods with mild toxins, motional symptoms will occur, which will vomit harmful foods in time to suppress itToxin absorption.In fact, the fetus is self -protection.


Recently, research experts pointed out that because half of the fertilized eggs are the inherited substances of the father, the pregnancy reaction is a rejecting manifestation of the mother’s body.However, the pregnancy reaction is also a kind of effort to prevent itself from being eliminated.Some hormones that promote synthesis of progesterone in pregnant women can promote the level of progesterone in the blood, which is very beneficial to pregnancy.It can be seen that pregnancy itself is a self -protection role of the fetus, reducing or preventing the embryo growth environment and a way of effort to be eliminated.

Breeding for pregnancy vomiting?

In addition to the self -protection of the fetus mentioned above, the benefits of reducing the rate of abortion.Pregnancy vomiting will also have some other benefits:

1. Pregnancy vomiting is the reminder movement of the fetal transmission information

Many women’s exercise during pregnancy will be reduced, and even the time to go out will decrease.In this way, it will cause a decline in physical resistance.The reaction such as pregnancy vomiting is also reminding pregnant women to strengthen exercise.

2. Pregnancy vomiting is the control weight of the fetal transmission information

Because the ability to move with anger after pregnancy is reduced, and the nutrition has begun to be richer.Therefore, it will lead to the continuous gain, and the weight of the weight will form a huge fetus, which is difficult to produce.Therefore, a pregnancy reaction will occur during pregnancy, and this is the fetus reminding pregnant women to pay attention to controlling the diet. Do not exceed the standard to avoid surge in weight.

3. Pregnancy is the prove that the fetus transmission information is proved to exist

The fetus in the early pregnancy was in the bud stage, and there was no external force to express his existence.Pregnancy is also a kind of information that the fetus proves it. It is that the fetus is telling the pregnant woman to be in the stomach, reminding pregnant women to protect herself.

Research data proves that women with vomiting symptoms are relatively low.Pregnant vomiting and pregnant women are sensitive to odor to avoid some substances or environments that may be poor for pregnant women or fetuses.For example, some potential and harmful substances, such as paint, gasoline flavor, and oil fume flavor, these are the taboo taste of pregnant women.This achieves the effect of reducing the risk of abortion.

10 effective ways to relieve pregnancy vomiting

Although pregnant vomiting cannot be completely avoided, it can relieve symptoms.Below, Mengzhu recommends 9 ways to relieve pregnancy to relieve pregnancy. Hurry up and try it.

1. Do not force yourself

Some pregnant mothers forced themselves to eat "nutrition" for their nutritional balance, but sometimes nutritional things are not right, so it is easy to cause nausea and vomiting.Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to avoid food or smell that may make you feel disgusting.If you feel like you can feel nauseous, don’t worry, eat things that can mention your appetite, even if these foods can’t let you reach nutritional balance.

2. Eat less meals

Eat some snacks at any time. Don’t let your stomach be empty for a moment (the empty stomach is the easiest to cause nausea). No matter what, how much you eat, it is much stronger than eating a big meal, but it is much stronger.

3. Drink water in a small mouth

Don’t drink "beef"! Although drinking water is very important for preventing dehydration, don’t drink it at one breath and fill your stomach, because you can’t put other anti -vomiting foods in your stomach.If you vomit very frequently, you can try sports drinks containing glucose, salt, and potassium, which can supplement the loss of electrolytes.

4. Prepare small snacks

Put some simple snacks such as biscuits on the bedside.After waking up in the morning, you can eat a few pieces of biscuits first, and then rest for 20-30 minutes before getting up.If you feel disgusting in the middle of the night, you can also eat some biscuits to relieve it.

5. Try the food containing ginger

Studies have shown that ginger can make your stomach feel more comfortable.Cut the ginger, brew it with hot water, and make a glass of ginger tea for yourself.Ginger candy is also a good choice!

6, smell lemon

Cut a fresh lemon and smell it, the fresh flavor and sour taste of the lemon can relieve many pregnant mothers to ease pregnancy.

7. Eat cold food

Try to eat foods in a cool or room temperature, because the smell of these foods is not as strong as hot food.

8. Vitamin B6

Although people don’t know why vitamin B6 can relieve pregnancy, you can ask your doctor if you can take vitamin B6.Some expectant mothers find that it is indeed effective. The recommended dose of vitamin B6 is 1.9 mg (mg) per day, but if your vomiting symptoms are severe, the doctor may also let you take a dose of 3 times a day, 10-25 mg (mg) each time, 10-25 mg (mg) each time.EssenceDo not take vitamin B6 or any other supplement without asking doctors.

9. Avoid high fat

Avoid eating high -fat foods because they take longer to digest.Avoid eating greasy, spicy, sour and fried foods, these foods can stimulate your digestive system that has become fragile.

10. Avoid taking an empty stomach for vitamins during pregnancy

Do not take vitamins during pregnancy after getting up in the morning. You can try to take vitamins when eating, or you can take it before going to bed at night.You can also ask your doctor if you can temporarily change a supplement to pregnancy with less iron, because at present your fragile digestive system is difficult to withstand minerals like iron.

If all other ways to ease pregnancy can not work for you, you can ask your doctor to prescribe some antivirus that can be taken safely during pregnancy.

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