Is the lubricant harmful to the husband and wife’s body?How to use it?One article clearly

Uncle Zhang and Aunt Liu are a couple. They have been married for more than 20 years. Friends and neighbor neighbors around them are not harmonious.Uncle Zhang and Aunt Liu have always been very loving, making others very envious.

Since the marriage of Uncle Zhang, Aunt Liu has nothing to worry about. Even if there is, Uncle Zhang can quickly solve it for her.But recently, Aunt Liu had a trouble, and Uncle Zhang was afraid that he could not solve it.

Aunt Liu, 46, has been intermittent and continued for a year. It has been three months of menstruation for three months, and this time, Aunt Liu always felt that the private part was not very comfortable.Formally entering the menopause.

I just met Uncle Zhang who had worked in the field for more than a month. Xiao Bie won the new love, and the husband and wife inevitably had to conduct "intimate communication".I feel very uncomfortable, and the pain is unbearable and can only stop.

After that, they also tried several times, but the situation was the same as the first time, and they could not complete the "intimate communication". To this end, Uncle Zhang and Aunt Liu were very distressed, but this kind of thing is not easy to talk to others.Also, because of this kind of thing to the hospital, they couldn’t let go.

One day, Uncle Zhang accidentally brushed an article when he looked at his mobile phone, saying "Promote the harmonious relationship between the husband and wife, the help of the lubricant is indispensable."You can buy some lubricants and try it. Maybe it can solve the problem. "When Aunt Liu was still tangled, Uncle Zhang had already bought some lubricants back.

After using a lubricant once, their problems were solved. Uncle Zhang thought that every time he "intimate communication" could be used in this thing. Aunt Liu also knew what he meant.Well, solve the big problems between them, but Aunt Liu is still a little worried, because she has heard that the use of lubricants can be harmful to the body and it is easy to get gynecological diseases. To this end, Aunt Liu is very anxious.

Is the lubricant harmful to the husband and wife’s body?Today, we will solve the questions of Aunt Liu and eliminate the concerns of Aunt Liu.In response to this question, we will focus on understanding some of the relevant knowledge of lubricants and the precautions during use, and how middle -aged and elderly women are scientifically supplemented with estrogen.

The main ingredients of human lubricants include sodium, sodium glass, and papo mother. Early lubricants are mostly used in clinical clinical rectal fingerprint examination, colonoscopy and other related examinations, which can reduce the friction of skin and mucosa, reduce damage, Reduce patient pain.

At present, lubricants have new uses and can be used in sexual life between husband and wife. It is not very different from clinical use. It is the same to reduce friction resistance.When sexual behavior of husband and wife can use lubricants to relieve interference, reduce pain, and help the sexual intercourse.

There are currently three types of lubricants produced on the market, water, silicon -based and oily lubricants.At present, the highest usage rate is a water -based lubricant, because it is well -soluble, for men and women, this lubricant is easier to be accepted, and it is easy to clean after use.There is also a very important point. It is insoluble in silicone and can be used at the same time as condoms.

Oil lubricant is difficult to clean and it will be soluble in condoms, so general human behavior rarely uses this type of lubricant.However, it is widely used to make oily items such as Vaselin and body oil, because it is oily, and it can continue to keep the lubricity.

In contrast, the silicon base lubricant has the advantages of the above two lubricants. The lubrication effect is good and will not be absorbed by the skin. It can also be used with the condom. ThereforeCompared with the two lubricants, its price is more expensive.

The use of lubricants is good for men. For example, using lubricants when sexual behavior can reduce sexual organs friction, which is conducive to extending time and slowing the process of migrant ejaculation.The use of lubricants is conducive to the stability of condoms, reducing their friction, reducing the possibility of condoms, and avoiding the risk of accidental pregnancy to a certain extent.

The use of lubricants is also good for women. Women always have a special period of private parts and reduced secretions. Especially women enter the menstrual period, glandular function decreases, estrogen secretion has decreasedEssence

According to survey data, 78.7%of the elderly women have had dry private parts, causing sexual fluid to secrete the prostate during sexual behavior, and pain and discomfort refuse to have the same room.Therefore, for women who are in this case, lubricants are simply their "life -saving things."The use of lubricants can solve the dryness of women’s private parts, reduce friction between sexual intercourse organs, and cause pain and discomfort. It is also conducive to the "intimate communication" between husband and wife and promote the harmony of the relationship between husband and wife.

There are so many benefits of lubricants, but many people are worried that the use of lubricants will be harmful to the body. In fact, regular lubricants are harmless to the body.So if there are men and women in need, you can use it with confidence.

So how should the lubricant use it correctly? This should be a problem for many novices or middle -aged and elderly people, and I will explain it clearly.

The first is to pay attention to the choice of lubricant. When buying a lubricant, you must go to a regular store or platform to buy lubricants. Do not buy "three non -products".Most of the lubricants such as sterilization, help, and vitality are mostly fake. It is recommended not to buy.

There are also a variety of chemical ingredients, and the strong lubricant with strong aroma is best not to buy. It may be added with a variety of additives. It is easy to cause private infections, inflammation, or skin allergies.

Secondly, the problem of using the portion varies from person to person. Some people feel that "just right" is fine. Some people think that applying more can make the sexual intercourse process smoother. Before you don’t understandPut it in your hands and rub it for a while to heat it, and it can also make the skin skin easier to accept. Then apply it to the private part to see if the amount of lubricant can be applied evenly.

This is also a matter of "cooked coincidence", so you don’t need to be too nervous during the operation. After skilled, increase the amount of lubricant according to your own needs, so that both parties can feel comfortable.

Pay attention to the use of condoms, the lubricant should not be applied too much, otherwise there may be a condom falling in the middle.There are also lubricants that can only be applied to the private parts of both parties. It does not need to be applied to the whole body. This is not conducive to physical contact and it is difficult to clean. If you touch the face and eyes and other parts, you may also cause discomfort.

After using the lubricant, both sides must clean the private parts to avoid staying in the private part for a long time, which can easily cause infection and inflammation. In particular, the female reproductive organs are special and more sensitive than men. Pay attention to private hygiene.

Also, if you do n’t buy lubricants in time, do n’t try to solve the impulse to replace the lubricant with oily substances such as Vaselin and essential oils.It is possible.

The above are places that men and women need to pay attention to when using lubricants. For people with special circumstances, lubricants are indeed a good thing to promote the harmonious relationship between husband and wife, but we cannot rely too much on it, otherwise it may be counterproductive.After menopause, the level of estrogen is often reduced. How can middle -aged and elderly women scientifically improve estrogen secretion, and then look down.

First of all, from the perspective of living habits, developing a habit of sleeping well and not staying up late can help the body to regulate and supplement estrogen. If long -term sleep, staying up late, etc., it will cause endocrine disorders and abnormal estrogen secretion in the body.

We can also exercise in a moderate amount in daily life, which has certain benefits to the balance and metabolism of estrogen levels in women.Women’s mood can also affect estrogen, such as excessive mental stress, depression, irritability and other emotions, and long -term falling into these emotions can also cause estrogen level imbalances.

Secondly, from the perspective of diet, pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat less unhealthy food, you can eat soybean foods appropriately, such as tofu, soy milk, etc., which can regulate the level of estrogen in the body and promote estrogen secretion.

Finally, if the estrogen is seriously lacking on the body, it has a serious impact on the body, such as vaginal atrophy, menstrual disorders, osteoporosis, and even because of estrogen imbalance, which affects the life of husband and wife.Supplementing estrogen drugs can alleviate some of the above situations.

Be careful not to buy health products by yourself. Many people think that health products are not toxic. In fact, it may have a greater impact on the body than regular drugs.

Summary: Through the example of Uncle Zhang and Aunt Liu, we learned that the auxiliary lubricants used in sexual life. The regular and good lubricants are harmless to the husband and wife’s body and can be used with confidence.However, once discomfort occurs during the use process, it is recommended to not use it.

Estrogen is a "umbrella" of women. Many women’s body functions are related to it, such as organ development, menstrual tide, ovulation, and sexual life of husband and wife.In daily life, we can take the above measures, try to keep the estrogen levels in the body, and reduce the occurrence of some diseases.


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