Is the pre -marital examination check the hymen?Can you accept pre -marital examinations?

Some women think that pre -marital examination is a hymen to check, so they try to escape. In fact, this is completely misunderstanding of pre -marital examinations.In fact, pre -marital inspection is related to the health of newlyweds, and it is also related to the descendants of newlyweds and the happiness of their future families. In some developed countries, pre -marital inspections have become an indispensable legal provision.4 "benefits":

Good for family planning

Now, many young people are not in a hurry to have children after marriage, but most of the newlywed couples are embarrassed to consult the contraceptive method, so that they can do artificial abortion after pregnancy.This is not only not conducive to women’s health, but also increases the burden on the family.During marriage, doctors can guide contraception based on their situation, and introduce safe and effective contraceptive methods and precautions to facilitate future family planning.

It is conducive to future family happiness and the harmony of husband and wife life

Pre -marital examination is to check all parts of the body, of course, including examination of reproductive organs.In this way, you can understand whether the reproductive organs of both men and women have congenital malformations or abnormalities, such as women’s hymen atresia, congenital no vagina, vaginal intervals, male crypto tests, urethral cracks, long foreskin, and gender deformities.Those who have these diseases need to be treated after surgery.If it is not checked or treated in advance, it will cause pain to both husband and wife.In addition, in the pre -marital inspection and consultation, doctors will also provide necessary sexual life guidance to young men and women who are about to get married, talk about some sexual knowledge, and make new wedding couples healthy and happy to spend the wedding night.

Good for the health of future generations

Pre -marital examination is the first step in eugenics and a prose of eugenics.Through the consultation and investigation of the family history of the pre -marital family, some obvious genetic diseases and genetic defects can be found. Through the judgment, whether the future children will have the danger of genetic diseases.For example, congenital deafness, blindness, albinism, and schizophrenia are inherited. If the couple or the close relatives of the two parties suffer from the same genetic disease, the incidence of their offspring is quite high.In the pre -marriage inspection and consultation, you can advise such young men and women to not get married. You have to get married. You must be determined to give birth to avoid giving birth to unhealthy children.

It is conducive to the health of the unmarried couple

Under normal circumstances, young people rarely have the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive inspection.Liver disease, kidney disease, etc., are not suitable for marriage for the time being.It is necessary to get married after a healthy condition or cure of the disease.This is good for both sides and future children.Because for patients, the body is not good, and the hard work and busy preparing to get married can make the condition worsen or even endanger life.Although some do not work before marriage, due to their bad health, sexual life can also aggravate the condition after marriage, which is also very unfavorable to the recovery of the disease.

Intimate Xiao Dingxun:

It can be seen that pre -marital examination is not just to check whether there is a history of pre -marital sex life, nor is it intentionally to come up with whose ugliness. The real purpose is to protect the health of the husband and wife, and scientific guidance is not convenient for husband and wife to ask others.In addition, when medical staff did a marriage inspection for newlyweds, they demanded "serious, kind, talked, and kept secret", and the results of the inspection will not be passed on.

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