Is the pregnancy period of modern sows or 114 days?

Everyone knows that sow’s pregnancy is "3 months, 3 weeks plus 3 days."Is it still so long during pregnancy?In order to understand the current pregnancy time of sows, Pig333 made a survey among users from March 26 to April 16. How many days are sows in pig gardens that do not induce delivery.A total of 314 users from 55 countries/regions participated in the investigation.The user’s answer shows the current trend of extension during pregnancy as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The reply from the 333 user indicates that there is a trend of more than 115 days during pregnancy

333 users’ answers show that modern sows have a trend of more than 115 days during pregnancy.Although we cannot verify the accuracy of the data, we can see that the diagram is obviously sloping to the right, indicating that the pregnancy is over 115 days.The average and medium numbers were 115.5 days and 115.6 days, respectively.

We hope to compare the results of the questionnaire survey with the data collected by the Database of the Spanish Development Research Center in the past two decades, and find that the average pregnancy period of the Spanish sow is extended from 114.6 in 2001 to 115.6 in 2020 (Figure 2).

Figure 2: 2001 to 2020 Spanish sow average pregnancy length.Data source: BDBOC

If you look closely, you can find that the pregnancy time has increased by 1 day in a short period of time.What may be the cause of this increase?We do not have accurate data, but we can consider the number of pig farms that are synchronized may decrease, which will make us closer to the real pregnancy period.

In the article, "Does the sow need Pig334?How to prolong the length of pregnancy during childbirth.

Figure 3: Comparison of the length of pregnancy between a specific pig farm induced childbirth and natural delivery (whether the sow needs 334)

Why did the number of pig farms induced by childbirth decreased?

The weight of the piglets is closely related to the survival of the piglets and the later performance, especially in a farm in a high breeding force department.

We can only speculate that because we do not have accurate data, in the article, "Does the sow need Pig334? (Figure 4) we see how the pigs who induced childbirth at birth compared with natural delivery, if we thinkMost fetal growth occurred in the last few weeks, which was not surprising.

Figure 4: The difference between the piglets of the piglets who induced childbirth (114th) and naturally (116th) during childbirth (114th).(Do sows need pig334?).

in conclusion

The era of "333" has passed.The actual pregnancy period of sows does increase and different from various factors.The pig farm must understand the actual length of pregnancy under its specific circumstances in order to properly manage traffic and transfer plans.If the pig farm is at delivery, the actual pregnancy period should be checked regularly to avoid premature birth, which will cause the piglets to be weak when they are born.

Fan Message: Calculated in 115 in a few years, now it is basically used to calculate 116.

Fan Message: Like the statistics I made a few years ago, the natural delivery was 115.6 days; the sow was preparation for 113.4 days after the childbirth, and the sow was 114.6 days.However, I think the difference in the average 1 day is less impact on the birth of the piglets, and the piglets are growing faster than in the mother’s fetus.No matter how low the price of the pig, the sows can not be compiled, but the sow is the capital of turning over

No matter how low the price of the pig, the sows can not be compiled, but the sow is the capital of turning over

High -temperature weather, the pig farm must pay attention to these problems, otherwise the loss is heavy

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