Is the pregnant woman burning the fetus with long hair?Fetail: You can’t blame me!Try these to relieve methods

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After all the discomforts of early pregnancy, most of the pregnant mothers thought that the appetite would soar after the second trimester, and they could eat all kinds of huhcnists and replenished all the nutrition that had fallen in the early pregnancy.But what I did not expect was that the new trouble came to come to the door again -often there was stomach discomfort such as heartburne, acid reflux, etc., which affected appetite.

1. The stomach discomfort may occur during the whole pregnancy.

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have a "heart burning" situation. Some pregnant mothers are more serious in the early stages of pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers appear after the middle and late pregnancy.

A friend of me, this situation is particularly serious during pregnancy. The position of the heart nest always feels like a fire. It seems that the food you eat will not flow into the stomach. There are often some sour water flowing up, and your appetite will also be.Not good, even the food you usually love to eat have no appetite.

In the early pregnancy, the stomach discomfort caused by the early pregnancy reaction and the feeling of heart burning, almost pregnant mothers have different degrees of feeling.

2. Is the saying that "burning heart in the middle and late pregnancy is long hair"?

Many elderly people see that pregnant women have this situation, they will say "this is the fetus with long hair". Indeed, the fetus will have hair around four months of pregnancy, and many pregnant mothers are almost at this time.This is not the case.

Although the symptoms of "heart burning" are closer to the fetal hair time, the heart burning is not half dime with the fetal hair.

3. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, it is the cause of "burning heart" for pregnant mothers.

① The role of hormones.

The impact of elevated hormones after pregnancy, the smooth muscle will relax, and the smooth muscle tension will also be reduced, which will cause the gastric cardia muscles to relax and cause reflux of food in the stomach, so the pregnant mother will have heartburn;

In addition, progesterone can also inhibit the contraction of the esophagus and intestines, which slows down the digestive ability of pregnant mothers, which is also prone to "stomach burning".

② The stomach quilt is squeezed.

With the development of the fetus, the uterus will become larger and larger, and it will "expand the site" like the surroundings, and the stomach will be squeezed upwards. After eating food, stomach acid will be easily "pushed back to the cauliflower, and the stomach will appear.Anti -acid, this is also a common cause of heart burning.

Regardless of the discomfort caused by stomach acid reflux, heart burning, etc., for pregnant mothers, it is more concerned about how to alleviate such discomfort, then try the following methods:

1. Eat less meals and eat seven or eight every time

After pregnancy, the digestive function of pregnant mothers has fallen. It is not advisable to eat too much at one time, and it is better to "eat less and eat more."If the stomach heart burns again, then don’t eat too much, otherwise it will increase the burden on the stomach, and the pregnant mother will be more uncomfortable.

Then you can arrange this daily diet: I usually eat three meals, and can be divided into six meals to eat, but the total amount of daily remains unchanged; don’t be too anxious when eating.To relieve stomach discomfort; it is best not to eat two hours before bedtime, which can also reduce gastrointestinal burden, so as not to stimulate gastric acid secretion or reflux of the esophagus when sleeping.

2. Light diet, avoid eating foods that can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort

The diet of pregnant mothers should be based on light, eat less irritating foods such as raw cold, greasy, spicy, and reduce the irritation of food to the stomach and stomach, especially for pregnant mothers who have poor stomachs in their own stomach.Eat these irritating foods.

In addition, the cooking method is also particular, and you can use steaming, cooking, and stewing.

If pregnant mothers with particularly severe heartburn symptoms, you can also try these methods to relieve: you can usually cook some yam porridge to eat, nourish the stomach and nutrition; properly eat alkaline foods, such as carrot porridge, soda biscuits, etc.It helps neutralize gastric acid, relieves acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach discomfort; eating raw peanut rice is best to be small granules with red peanut rice. Eat more than a dozen peanuts a day, which will help relieve, because peanuts contain lecithin, because peanuts contain lecithin, Can protect the gastric mucosa; eat some coarse grains, such as coarse grain buns, corn noodle hair cakes or noodles, miscellaneous grain porridge, etc.

3. Adhere to the right amount of exercise every day

The appropriate amount of exercise can also stimulate the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines, help promote the digestion of pregnant mothers and reduce gastrointestinal burden.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not rush to lie on the bed after dinner. You can take a walk at the small park with the accompanying father or family, or walk back and forth at home.

4. Dressing loose

If the clothes they wear are too tight, especially underwear, it will also affect the reflux of the esophagus, which will increase the feeling of reflective and heartburn, making the pregnant mother more uncomfortable.

Therefore, pregnant mothers usually wear more loose clothes as much as possible. This will not only be comfortable and help reduce stomach discomfort, but also help the fetus development. If the pregnant mother wants to wear tight clothes for beautiful, it is best to choose a greater elasticity.Don’t wrap too tightly.

Jingma warmly reminds: Stomach heart burning during pregnancy is very common, especially in the second trimester, but pregnant mothers do not have to worry. This is a normal pregnancy response.Method relief, symptoms will naturally alleviate.

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