Is the vaginal secretion increased normally during pregnancy?

The main component of the leucorrhea is cervical mucus, controlled by hormones secreted by the ovaries, in the first half of the menstrual cycle, that is, before ovulation, the amount is gradually increased, and it is thinner and translucent.It will gradually become humid.Make changes based on the changes in our body to better reflect our own effects.

What is normal leucorrhea?

Women’s normal leucorrhea is white, sometimes transparent, sometimes sticky, without odor.Adolescent leucorrhea is affected by estrogen. It has periodic changes, sometimes increased, and sometimes decreases.The vaginalized leucorrhea period is transparent and large, while the amount of time is small and viscous.

Under normal circumstances, only mature follicles will be excreted from the eggs. There is no developing follicles without the eggs, and they will not get pregnant.However, in some special cases, follicles are eliminated in the body without maturity, which is a special case.

At this time, the function of the eggs is not fully developed, so it does not have good fertility.Even if you form a fertilized egg with sperm, it is very easy to cause miscarriage and death. Therefore, the follicles cannot be pregnant without maturity. Even if you are pregnant, it will cause abnormal conditions. The vaginal B ultrasound should be used to monitor the growth of follicles.

Is it normal for leucorrhea during pregnancy?Which situation is normal?

During pregnancy, leucorrhea does have some changes.After pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen secretion in the body, the blood supply of the uterus and pelvic cavity increased compared to before pregnancy, the secretion of the inner body of the cervical tube increased, and the amount of vaginal secretion increased. This is a physiological increase, which is normal.

At the same time, due to the increase in vaginal epithelial cells and the increase in lactic acid content, the pH value of the vagina is weak and acidic, which is not conducive to bacterial growth. Therefore, the normal leucorrhea during pregnancy should be white, odorless, weakly acidic, thin paste -like secretion during pregnancy.Best.

After understanding the reasons and normal situations of the increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy, let’s talk about the abnormal situation of the increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy.

The leucorrhea is more foam, gray -yellow or yellow -white thin -like liquid or yellow -green purulent secretions, accompanied by odor, vulva, vaginal itching and discomfort. Consider whether it is pregnant with trichomoniasis infection, vaginal secretions, vaginal secretionsCheck the trichomoniac can be diagnosed as pregnancy and trichomonas vaginitis.

Increased leucorrhea is condensed or soybean dregs with severe vulvar vaginal pruritus discomfort, burning pain discomfort, and dysuria. It is necessary to consider whether it is pregnant and mildew infection. If the vaginal discharge is checkedSilk can be diagnosed as pregnancy -induced mold vaginitis.

The increase in leucorrhea is gray -white, uniformly consistent such as milk -like, thin and accompanied by fishy odor. The detection of vaginal secretions finds clue cells and salivary acid enzymes.

The leucorrhea during pregnancy is brown or bloody leucorrhea during pregnancy. If the vulva, vaginal, cervical lesions, anal hemorrhoids, etc. have been eliminated before pregnancy before pregnancy, it is accompanied by or without lower abdomen pain and discomfort.If the maternal examination finds that the bloody secretion flows out of the outer mouth of the cervical pipe, it should be highly suspected of signs of abortion, and tire protection should be given in time.

The vaginal secretion of the vagina in the third trimester is more humid in the vulva, or the liquid flowing out of urine -like in the vagina. It is necessary to consider whether there is an early breakthrough.

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