Is there any problem with the body during ovulation?

Netizens asked: Around the ovulation period, I always felt that the waist and abdomen had a little pain, the degree of not heavy, and tolerating it. After two or three days, I disappeared by myself.

I remember that I wouldn’t do this before giving birth to a baby. It appeared after giving birth to a baby. Is this normal?Will there be any problem?

This situation is actually the so -called "ovulation pain".

To understand "ovulation pain", you must first start with the ovulation process.

When the follicles secrete the follicle stimulatory (FSH) secreted by the hypothalamus, they gradually develop and mature, and then induce ovulation under the action of lutein (LH) secreted by the hypothalamus.

At this time, all the follicles are released into the pelvic cavity, which can cause a stimulating response to the neighboring pelvic peritoneum.

As for the result of the stimulus reaction, each person’s perception is different, and some people do not feel much, and some people feel the hidden pain in the waist and abdomen, that is, "ovulation pain".

So, why did you have no such situation before, ovulation pain after giving birth?

We know that the menstruation and ovulation of women after pregnancy have been put off the suspension key. After delivery, the estrogen hormone level in the body gradually recovered to before pregnancy, and the ovaries began to restore ovulation and restore the regular menstrual cycle of pre -pregnancy.

In most cases, each ovarian cycle only develops a mature follicle; after fertility, the menstrual recovery, because the hormone level is not stable, can develop a mature follicles.

The increase in ovulation has increased the amount of irritation, and ovulation pain can occur.

In addition, during the process of pregnancy and childbirth, some subtle changes can be brought to women’s bodies, which can also include ovulation and perception of ovulation.

But no matter what the reason, the ovulation pain in postpartum is also physiological, so don’t worry too much.

If the pain is obvious and affects life, then there should be any other causes.

Physiological ovulation pain appears within a few days before and after the ovulation period. As the ovulation of the left and right ovarian ovulation, the periodic and alternately occur, the degree of mild, and it can be lifted by itself after ovulation.

As long as this law does not meet this law, it is necessary to consider whether there are other pathological factors to participate, and clinically more common endometriosis.

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