Is there no pregnancy reaction to indicate that the child is not developing?Listen to what the experts say

Generally speaking, there will be a pregnancy reaction a few months before pregnancy. The friends around the side I know are all performed like this. Some lasted for two months, some lasted three months, and some were pregnant with the entire pregnancy. It was terrible. The whole was terrible.When people have reached the birth of a child, they lost 30 pounds, and they were alive from a fat man to the weight of the goddess.

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However, some pregnant mothers have no response at all, and there is no pregnancy at all. Except for the larger belly, everything else is normal. This is the case. From pregnancy to production, it is now the mother of two babies.Knowing what pregnancy is, very happy

Novice mothers will be tangled. Everyone else has pregnancy. I don’t have it. Is this normal?is the fetus growing normally?My friend Xiao Peng looks like this. The fourth year after marriage was pregnant with a baby, and there was no reaction of the pregnancy vomiting. She was very sensitive and always worried whether it was abnormal. Here, I would be popular for everyone.unusual

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Answer: Normal.

Starting around 6 weeks of pregnancy, around 14 weeks of pregnancy, most of them will have pregnancy reactions, especially in the morning and evening nausea and vomiting, but there are also a few pregnant women who do not have a pregnancy reaction throughout the pregnancy.As long as the fetal indicators are normal during pregnancy, it is normal for no pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, and it cannot be explained that there is something substantial.


Is it not good for your child to develop without pregnancy?

Pregnancy reactions cannot explain the development of the fetus. Pregnancy vomiting cannot represent the vitality of the fetus. This is just a kind of reaction made by the hormone in the expectant mother’s body.There are different personal constitutions in pregnant women, and there will be certain differences in the pregnancy response.

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Isn’t a baby who does not have a pregnancy reaction?

There is still a saying on the Internet, "The baby with pregnancy and vomiting is high, and children without pregnancy are not smart." This is not a scientific basis.The intellectual development of the fetus is related to heredity, and it has a greater relationship with the acquired learning.Moreover, mothers with severe pregnancy vomiting, if you do not want to eat, may not be nutritious and affect your baby’s brain development.According to this, babies who are not pregnant have advantages.However, in fact, no pregnant woman gave birth to the next malnutrition baby because of severe pregnancy, and most mothers would find a way to eat.


It is normal to have no pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. Don’t worry about pregnant mothers.

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