Is there no spiritual or sleepy during pregnancy?These methods can help you quickly eliminate!

Pregnancy itself is a hard work, especially for some professional women, more attention should be paid to the change during pregnancy.Although some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy will affect the mental state of pregnant mothers, it is not very good to have no spirit throughout pregnancy.If you want to improve the mental state of pregnancy, pregnant mothers only need to do the following.

Do n’t watch TV series with a relatively large emotional fluctuations before going to bed at night. You can drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed, soak your feet with hot water, you can also take a hot bath, open the music, put a more soothing and hypnotic songEssenceSleep as early as possible at night. If you ca n’t sleep, you can read books, listen to music, assist sleep, and try to ensure sufficient sleep, so that you can be beneficial to the fetus in the abdomen.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, relax your mood, take a walk more, don’t always stay at home.When you are in a low mood or difficult to encounter, you may wish to find your husband, family, and friends to complain, and slowly say unpleasant emotions and problems. Although the other party may not be able to effectively help you solve the problem, in the process, you can re -organize you to re -organizeThe problem, the other party will also give you proper warmth and feedback, so that you can feel warmth and restore the full and pleasant spirit.

During pregnancy, it is affected by hormone secretion. Some pregnant women will have gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. It is recommended that pregnant women should adopt a small number of meals and healthy and balanced diet. If necessary, they must cooperate with special diet.And appropriate minerals such as calcium, iron, and sufficient vitamins can soothe the body’s discomfort. Among them, vitamin B group has the most eliminated fatigue effect.

Foods containing vitamin B groups: eggs, cheese, whole grain, beans, seafood, lean pork, milk, yeast powder, green vegetables, nuts, etc.

When the pregnant mothers massage, do not lie down like usual (when you are not pregnant). You should choose a comfortable chair with a comfortable chair back. Sit across the chair with your feet, and your face and chest are facing the back of the chair.At this time, please ask your husband to help, touch the hips, hands and feet, and other parts, let the muscles slowly reach the state of relaxation.This not only has the effect of eliminating fatigue, but also adds the taste of husband and wife.

In the first few weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will feel fatigue regardless of day and night, and 90%of expectant mothers will feel lazy and weak.If you are pregnant, you feel tired and tired, and your fatigue is like a shadow, and you ca n’t get rid of it.May wish to try to improve with the above methods, eliminate fatigue, and drive away sleep.From now on.

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