Is there pregnant vomiting and no pregnancy. Is it related to the gender and IQ of the child?This study is surprising

Some people say that pregnancy is the greatest moment of women, and it is also a continuation of life. This kind of salary has also become the mission and goal of countless families. Every move of pregnant women during pregnancy is closely related to the health of newborns.

As a young pregnant woman Xiao Zhang and her husband have been learning about pregnancy related knowledge. On this day, the two suddenly saw a report that the baby’s intelligence level of pregnant women who often occurred in pregnant women should be higher.I have always been looking forward to the appearance of pregnancy vomiting.

But in the 9th week, Xiao Zhang has not had a pregnancy vomiting, which also made the two worry that there was a problem with the child in the belly.Xiao Zhang even drank some lemonade and eat some sour things, the purpose was to stimulate his pregnancy reaction.

For this reason, the two also went to the hospital for examination, and there was no problem after the B -ultrasound and blood routine test. The infant in the small belly developed normally. So is it related to the development of the fetus and the intellectual of the fetus?Let’s look down together.

Pregnancy is a common symptom that appears in the early pregnancy, manifested as discomfort such as nausea and vomiting.This symptoms usually occur within the first three months of pregnancy, and many pregnant women will suffer this pain at this stage.

There are no clear answers to the specific cause of pregnancy, but some theories believe that pregnancy is related to changes in progesterone.A large amount of progesterone is secreted in the early stages of pregnancy, which may affect the movement of the gastrointestinal tract and the acidity of the stomach, causing pregnant women to feel nausea and vomiting.In addition, pregnancy vomiting may also be related to factors such as the mental state and eating habits during pregnancy.

A study pointed out that women with severe pregnancy during pregnancy may have children with higher IQs.Studies have shown that children born with severe pregnancy during pregnancy perform better in language, memory and spatial skills.However, this study is limited to analyzing the data of 200 Norwegian mothers, and the research samples are relatively small.

Another study shows that the severity of pregnant women’s pregnancy may be related to the gender of the fetus.According to the results of the research, the expectant mothers who are pregnant with girls are more likely to feel more obvious symptoms of pregnancy.

However, the experimental objects of this study are relatively limited. The source of data is mainly pregnant women in a hospital. Therefore, some scientists have questioned the authenticity of the research.More large -scale, multi -center clinical experiments are needed to confirm this discovery.

In addition, the degree of pregnancy may also be affected by various factors, including the physique, living habits, and fetal health of pregnant women. Therefore, more in -depth research is needed to accurately understand the connection between them.

In fact, the development of the fetus in the abdomen is related to these points:

1. Parents’ genetic genes

Parents’ genetic genes will directly affect the fetal’s genetic composition and development.The embryo has half of the father’s gene and half of the mother’s gene from fertilization. These genes will determine the characteristics and character of the fetus, such as the color, height, and IQ of the eyes.

If parents carry a certain genetic mutation, their children may suffer from genetic diseases related to the gene.For example, if there is a genetic disease in a family of a pregnant woman, then she and her partner may be the genetic carriers of the disease.If the gene is passed to the fetus during conception, the fetus may suffer from the disease.

2. Placenta

The placenta is an important part of the fetus growing and development in the uterus.It is the junction between the fetus and the mother. It is important to bear important physiological functions such as nutritional supply, oxygen transmission, and metabolic waste excretion.However, abnormal or pathological changes in the placenta will also affect the development of the fetus, which will have a adverse effect on the health of newborns.

3. Mother’s nutritional status

The nutritional condition of the mother has an important impact on the development of the fetus.In the early days and before pregnancy, the lack of key nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin D, and calcium in the lack of nutrients in the mother body will increase fetal malformations and birth defects. The lack of nutritional nutrients in the middle and later stages of pregnancy will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

This is because the mother provides all nutrients required by the fetus, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.If the mother lacks certain nutrients during pregnancy, the fetus cannot get enough nutritional supply during development.

1. Eat less meals

During pregnancy, the hormone level in women’s body changes, leading to symptoms of nausea and vomiting.These symptoms of pregnancy are usually the most common in the first three months of pregnancy.In order to alleviate these symptoms, eating less meals is an effective way.

Eating less meals means that daily foods are divided into more meals and each consumes small amounts of food.This approach will slow down the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the body’s intake and metabolic burden, thereby alleviating the symptoms of pregnancy.

2. Eat more high -protein low -fat foods

The cause of pregnant women is prone to pregnancy vomiting due to hormone changes during pregnancy.High -protein and low -fat foods can relieve the symptoms of pregnancy, because this kind of food has a long digestion time, which can help maintain blood sugar levels, reduce blood sugar fluctuations and gastric acid secretion, thereby alleviating pregnancy vomiting.

High -protein and low -fat foods suitable for pregnant women include: chicken breasts, turkey, salmon, cod, fish, carp, cheese, tofu, protein drinks, nuts and oats.You can also try to eat whole grain foods, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc. These foods help supplement the nutrients and cellulose that the body needs, and can also relieve the symptoms of pregnancy.

3. Drink plenty of water

One of the causes of drinking water can alleviate pregnancy vomiting is that water can dilute the digestive juice, reduce stomach discomfort, and at the same time help digestion and relieve the stomach tension.Especially after vomiting, the appropriate amount of water can supplement the water lost by pregnant women to help maintain the balance of body fluid.

When pregnant women drink water, they should drink them in order, and do not drink too much at a time, otherwise they may cause edema, compress the digestive system and liver organs.At the same time, it is recommended to choose excellent water quality, safe and reliable drinking water, such as pure water or boiling water to ensure safety and health.

4. Add more probiotics

Probiotics can increase the balance of intestinal microbial communities, improve the digestive capacity and immune function of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby alleviating the symptoms of pregnancy.

Many studies have shown that the composition and quantity of intestinal microorganisms during pregnancy have changed, resulting in imbalances in intestinal flora.The supplement of probiotics can have a certain effect on alleviating the number and activity of beneficial bacteria by improving the intestinal environment and increasing the number of beneficial bacteria.

It is recommended that women appropriately increase the intake of probiotics during pregnancy, but it should be noted that the proper probiotic types and dosage should be selected according to personal conditions, and the doctor’s advice should be supplemented.

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