Is your menstrual blood color normal?Is it cold with blood clots?

It is said that the darker lipstick, the more aura, the more pink, the more girls,

But if the aunt is sometimes dark and sometimes powder,

The little fairies were panicked!Is it sick?

Don’t rush to doubt yourself,

First listen to the analysis of Hua Xiaolu

During menstruation, the body was discharged from the uterus and blood through the vagina.This bloody secretion can ranging from bright red to dark brown or black.Under normal circumstances, the color of menstruation should be dark red, so some people’s menstrual blood may be lighter or deep. Is this healthy?

In fact, the changes in hormones and a person’s diet, lifestyle, age, and environment can lead to changes in menstrual blood.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that normal menstruation should be dark red, non -thick, non -condensed, no blood clots, no special smell.At the beginning of menstruation, the color may be small, and the color is deepened by the mid -term, which is dark red. As the menstruation is about to end, the color will become lighter again.

△ The above five colors are blood color, and normal menstrual blood is close to 2-3 colors.

When girls use hormonal contraceptives, they can reduce the level of estrogen in the body, which can cause pink menstrual blood during menstruation.Other reasons for pink menstrual blood may include: significant reducing weight, unhealthy diet, anemia, pregnancy, etc.

If you look at it in Chinese medicine, this light menstrual blood may mean qi deficiency or blood deficiency.The amount of menstrual blood and deficiency may be qi deficiency, the amount of menstrual blood is small, and the quality may be blood deficiency.The common cause of blood deficiency is generally insufficient qi and blood in the body. After a long disease, or abortion after injury, or excessive thinking, or damage to the spleen and stomach, or excessive weight loss.The cause of qi deficiency may be that the spleen and stomach are weak, the diet is unconventional, excessive fatigue, and troubles.It is best not to eat cold fruits or foods, such as watermelon, western cabbage, and cabbage.Avoid excessive weight loss.

Some people may find that their blood remains bright red during menstruation.

In the early days of menstruation, the menstruation was prolonged, the menstruation increased, and the collapse ("collapse" refers to a large amount of bleeding, and "leak" refers to a small amount of bleeding).These symptoms are often manifestations of blood heat. The common cause may be to eat too much spicy and greasy food.

It is worth noting that bright red bleeding may be a sign of cervical cancer.

The other symptoms of cervical cancer also include the duration of menstrual blood longer than normal time, bleeding after sexual intercourse, vaginal secretions with odor, etc., whether cervical cancer cannot be broken by menstrual blood, but the change of menstrual blood is also a warning signal. It is also a warning signal.It is worthy of everyone’s attention.

Menstrual delay, less menstrual color, small menstrual blood clots, amenorrhea, breast pain, dull complexion, chest tightness discomfort, less abdominal pain. The common causes are generally stressful life, often staying up at night and poor mood.It is recommended to find ways to improve emotions and exercise in moderation.

Everyone’s menstrual period is different, and the blood will change the color and consistency between the menstrual period and the moon and the moon.Therefore, girls must understand what is normal.In this way, if you have abnormal situations, remember to seek medical treatment in time, do not drag again and again, girls, you must remember to love yourself.

Some little fairy would say, "My aunt’s color is always dark, and I checked a certain degree and said that I am Gonghan"; or "menstrual blood is very dark, is there toxins in my body?"In fact, this color often appears at the beginning of menstruation or when the menstruation is about to end. At this time, the endometrium has not shedding much, the flow rate is slow, and the blood is partially oxidized during the flow of the vagina, so the iron rust is dark to dark brown.Some little fairy with a large menstrual volume is not timely or long -term sitting for a long time, causing menstrual blood to be stored in the body for too long, and black blood clots will appear.

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