It is also pregnant, why do some people vomit into dogs, but some people have nothing to do.

Many people’s impression of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting!However, some people can eat and sleep in the first three months of pregnancy. There is almost no special response. People may think you are deceiving. Where is a pregnant woman!Why is there no pregnancy reaction!

After some people are pregnant, basically, from the end of menstruation for more than half a month, the pregnancy reaction will occur. The vomiting is overwhelming, and it is not even worse until three months, and some even worse.Why is this?Why the gap between everyone’s response is so big!The heaven is unfair!

Doubt: Why do you always like to vomit in early pregnancy

1. Hormone changes

In the early stages of pregnancy, hormones in pregnant mothers will change tremendous changes, which is completely different from her before.The increase in the increase of the puffed gonads of the human body is also HCG. At this time, it can be measured by early pregnancy. This hormone will cause you to vomit, nausea, and the higher the hormone level, the easier it is to be nauseous and vomiting.

2. Smell becomes keen

It becomes a dog’s nose and can smell anything, even if some scent that can’t be smelled at all can be distinguished.I heard that this is a self -protection response when human evolution. In order to be able to give birth to the next generation, he will tell you which foods are gone.

3. The gastrointestinal changes are fragile

The gastrointestinal tract has also become fragile, which is also related to the protection of the next generation. Whenever I eat a little food that is not good for the baby, or a little bit fresh, even if you encounter foods that your baby doesn’t like, it may make you make youThis meal was eaten in white.

4. Lack of vitamin B6

The lack of vitamins can also lead to worsening pregnancy reactions, but science is still not completely real.However, eating a certain amount of vitamins during pregnancy or early pregnancy does have a certain help to alleviate pregnancy.But before eating vitamins, you still have to consult a doctor. After all, it is not good to eat too much.

Therefore, pregnancy vomiting still depends on personal constitution. The hormone changes, the sense of smell are not so sensitive, and the prospective mothers with better gastrointestinal and intestines are not easy to get pregnant. If the opposite is the opposite, then it really wants to vomit and live.

Method: How to relieve pregnancy

1. Relax

Let yourself relax, don’t be nervous, especially after each meal, don’t always want to vomit, relax, forget about this, what to do, listen to music, take a walk, make yourself happy,Maybe I don’t vomit.

2. Reasonable diet

You can eat whatever you can eat in the early pregnancy. You don’t need to force yourself to eat how much you must eat every day.At this time, the babies do not have much demand for nutrition. If you vomit, let him vomit, even if you lose weight, it does not matter.However, it is best to eat some foods that nourish the stomach. After all, it is uncomfortable to spit more stomach and esophagus. You can eat some soda biscuits or increase your appetite.

3. Appropriate exercise

After pregnancy, I have no strength. If you choose to lie on the bed without moving, it is not good. Lying your stomach slowly, exercise appropriately, help digestion, do gymnastics, or take a walk outdoors.Inner pressure.

4. Correct sleeping position

The posture of sleep on the left is the best for the baby, and it can also protect the internal organs of pregnant mothers.Let yourself sleep well every day and sleep, so that you have more sufficient spirit.If you ca n’t stand the left side, you may wish to try a variety of postures alternately. As long as you do n’t sleep on your stomach in the early pregnancy, it ’s best to sleep.

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