It is best not to go to the Qingming Festival grave sweeping, not superstition, but to avoid these points

Everything in spring recovers, and the scenery is refreshing.No, Alian, who lives in the countryside, noisy to sweep the grave with her husband on the day of the Qingming Festival.But her mother -in -law would not let her go, because she was three months pregnant at the time, and the old man felt that the mountains were too heavy and afraid of affecting the fetus.

But Arian stayed at home since she was pregnant, which was really boring.I wanted to take this opportunity to go out, and was strongly opposed by her mother -in -law.It was not very good to have a good relationship with her family, and Alian didn’t want to stay with her mother -in -law at home.Coupled with the opposition of his mother -in -law, Alian went with her husband and went with her husband.

Because she had just made contradictions with her mother -in -law, Alian had been unhappy in her heart, and accidentally tripped when she walked, she accidentally tripped.Although he fell down, Arian didn’t feel pain or fell into his stomach, so he didn’t take it to heart, so he continued to sweep the grave.

That night, Alian felt a faint pain in his stomach. He didn’t care at first. Later, he felt that something was flowing out of the lower body. Later, when he came to the toilet, he knew that he was red.At this time, I rushed to the hospital nervously. After going to the hospital, the doctor was checked. The doctor said that he had miscarriage and the fetus could not hold it.

This incident was spread in the village. Many elderly people believed that the mountains in the mountains were too heavy and affected the fetus, which led to the abortion of the fetus.Only she herself knew the most deadly was her fall.

If the concept of the elderly is not uniform, conflicts are prone to occur

Many elderly people’s thoughts are relatively ingrained. She thinks this is the case, so she will think this is right.The old man in the above example feels that the yin in the mountains is heavier and will affect the fetus.But young people often do not believe in this, but therefore conflicts with the elderly, conflict, and make themselves unhappy.The ups and downs of pregnant women can easily affect the fetus.

The mountain road is narrow and steep, not suitable for pregnant women to walk

In the place where rural grave sweeping is relatively remote.Moreover, the mountain road is relatively narrow and steep, and it is not suitable for pregnant women to walk.In addition, most people choose to go to the grave on the same day, and people on the mountain will be crowded at this time.On such a steep road, so many people are crowded, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of a pregnant woman.

The ceremony of the grave sweeping will affect the fetus

Although many places have begun to promote environmental grave sweeping, but in remote rural areas, firecrackers and paper money will still be burned when grave sweeping.If pregnant women stay in an environment for a few hours of firecrackers, it is likely to affect the hearing of the fetus, or that the fetus will be afraid of the sudden loud noise until the age of three.

Burn paper money, paper clothes, and a large amount of smoke when burning incense. These smokes will affect the fetus through expectant mothers.In severe cases, the whole mountain will be filled with the smell of burning and burning paper money, which is very unfavorable to both mothers and fetuses.


Many young people will go to KTV to sing a few songs in their spare time and relax.The expectant mother must also have her own circle of friends after pregnancy.But when expectant mothers are dating her boudoir, it is best not to choose a place like KTV.Because the sound in KTV is relatively loud, it will scare the fetus.

A friend went to KTV with her girlfriend at seven months of pregnancy.Because the sound of KTV was too loud, she only stayed in KTV for half an hour.Later, her child was very sensitive to the sound after birth, especially at the New Year’s Eve, and she would be scared to cry when she set off firecrackers.When he is thunderous, he is also scared to cry.This situation has been accompanied by children until 3 years old.After the age of three, the child is slowly sensible, and he will not be afraid of these lings.

Later, the friend was pregnant with a second child and never went to the place like KTV.She thought the child would be afraid of the sound before, but the second child would not be scared by firecrackers.In this comparison, the friend’s first fear of the sound of the sound is likely to be the effect of when she was pregnant when she was pregnant.

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The bar is a mixed place in my impression, and everything is.And pregnant women should not drink alcohol, coupled with the bar, there are often fighting phenomena in this place.As a expectant mother, you should avoid going to this kind of place to avoid collisions and not good for the fetus.

Internet cafes

Friends who have been to the Internet cafe may find that all the Internet cafes are all smoke.If a expectant mother goes to such a place, it is equivalent to sucking second -hand smoke.Second -hand smoke contains a large amount of harmful substances, including 69 carcinogens, so expectant mothers must stay away from the areas of second -hand smoke.If expectant mothers stay in the environment of second -hand smoke for a long time, it is easy to cause sudden fetal death.

The Qingming Festival grave sweeping does not mean that pregnant women cannot go, but it is recommended not to go.It is not superstitious things that are not clean, but an accident will inevitably occur during the process of going to the grave. In addition, the outdoor environment on the day of the grave sweeping is not good for pregnant women, which can easily affect the health of the fetus.In order to think about the baby, the expectant mothers should not travel to the grave sweeping. It is better to listen to light music at home, read books, relax and relax, and settle the fetus!

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