It is good for eating acidic foods during pregnancy, but these acidic foods should be eaten as little as possible as possible

After pregnancy, the hormone level in pregnant mothers will change greatly, so the body of the pregnant mother will change. Many treasures will have some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, such as vomiting, nausea, decreased appetite, etc. These pregnancy reactions will beAs a result, the pregnant mother cannot eat, which will also affect the growth and development of the fetal baby. Some pregnant mothers eat some acidic foods in order to alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy reaction.Gastrointestinal peristalsis can not only alleviate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, but also have an appetizer.Although it is good for eating acidic foods during pregnancy, the following kinds of acidic foods are eaten as little as possible. Next, I will take a look with you.


After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers like to eat hawthorn. The sweet and sour sweetness can play a role in strengthening the spleen and appetizing, but hawthorn can easily stimulate the pregnant mother’s uterus, which causes contractions. This will cause premature birth.Even abortion, so after pregnancy, for the health of herself and the baby, pregnant mothers should eat as little hawthorn as much as possible.


Sauerkraut fish is a food that many people like to eat. Some pregnant mothers particularly like to eat sauerkraut, but this kind of sauerkraut is usually marinated by hand. After treatment, the nutrition in the dishes will be lost a lot, and there are many inside containing a lotIf you eat too much nitrite, the pregnant mother is not conducive to the health of her and the baby, so the pregnant mother should eat this kind of food as little as possible and other pickled products.

The health of pregnant mothers will be directly related to the healthy development of baby baby. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use today’s headline app to enter in the search box: What foods can not be eaten during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers know more about pregnancy, which is conducive to themselves and fetal health.

Diet during pregnancy

Hot and sour powder

The hot and sour powder is also very popular with people, the taste of hot and sour, especially appetizing, many pregnant mothers like to eat, but the hot and sour powder contains a lot of pepper and vinegar. After the pregnant mother eats itIt brings some joint reactions to increase the gastrointestinal burden of pregnant mothers, and the pregnant mother eats too much spicy and easy to get angry, causing the symptoms of constipation, so the pregnant mother should eat as little as possible.I hope today’s sharing can help you sisters. That’s it for today’s sharing. Remember to like, follow, and share in this article!

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