It is not the same, it is normal to increase the increase in secretions near the due date. You don’t have to worry

After pregnancy, women will calculate the due date with the last time of menstruation, as the starting time of pregnancy.In the process of effectively movement of the gestational week, after the fetal development reaches a certain degree, it will definitely make a significant change in the physical condition of pregnant women.In addition, when the due date is almost due to the preparation of childbirth.Therefore, there will be obvious changes and differences in signs, and the increase in secretions in the private parts when the due date is about to increase. What is going on?

When pregnant women are pregnant, there will be some changes in their bodies. Generally, when childbirth, the vagina of pregnant women and the cervix will soften.Such changes generally occur after the start of the outbound process, and the softening of the birth canal can expand the vagina, and then allow the fetus to give birth smoothly.During the softening of the production channel, a large amount of mucus secretes in the internal channel.When the birth canal is effectively lubricated, it can also promote softening. After the mucus works in the channel, it is easy to mix into the vaginal secretion and increase leucorrhea.

After understanding the relevant content, the increase in secretions that occur during the due date are generally reminding pregnant women to get childbirth.At this time, you must prepare for the preparation and be ready to give birth at any time.Generally speaking, after an increase in secretions, delivery will start in a few days.Therefore, when the due date is about to be expected, the body needs to be prepared to avoid busyness during childbirth.

The increase in the number of secretions during the expected period is the reaction adjustment and change made for women’s childbirth. It indicates that women are about to produce and need to be prepared.After softening at the birth canal, the cervical mucus is secreted in large quantities.After the mucus is mixed with the vaginal discharge, there will be more leucorrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the work of the bag in the leucorrhea for a long time.

All in all, it is normal for women to increase secretions near the due date.Because these substances will be secreted after softening, there is no need to worry too much, and the increase in vaginal secretion is likely to occur.Generally, when there is a lot of leucorrhea before the due date, it only takes a few days to make the birth canal comprehensively softened and launch the production process.Therefore, after the leucorrhea has appeared in many cases, it should be prepared to prepare related things and other things to prepare the mobility of the production process at all times.

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