It is said that the dreams of doing during pregnancy are accurate. Pregnant mothers see these claims!

There are often pregnant mothers left a message saying that they always dream, and they are particularly real. I hope that October bacteria can help analyze their dreams.Therefore, at the strong requirements of the majority of pregnant mothers, October fungus started to talk about the dreams of dreaming during pregnancy.

This night, this wind has quietly entered the dream

In the background message in October, she saw that the pregnant mother said that she dreamed of snakes and turtles born with sons, and dreamed of flowers and pearls to have daughters.What made October crying most was that a pregnant mother dreamed that she had a double yellow egg, but she gave birth to twins!For this, in October, I just wanted to say, so powerful!

Dreaming during pregnancy is also called fetal dream.After the people’s sleep, a small part of the cells in the brain are still moving, thereby generating imagination images, sounds, thoughts, or feelings to form a dream.In fact, this is a normal physiological phenomenon in the human body without any directional significance.

In addition, for the problem of giving birth to boys and women, October bacteria have been talked about before, which is determined by the genes of parents, which has nothing to do with dreams!

Dream in the dream that I can’t wake up

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother is like a "bird of surprise", and a little things will make the pregnant mother anxious.For the phenomenon of dreams during pregnancy, most of the reasons cannot escape the physiological or psychological "little ninety" of pregnant mothers.

★ Physiological reasons

Generally, normal sleep is from the light sleep period to the deep sleep period to the light sleeping period. Such repeated several cycles form the entire sleeping period.

However, during pregnancy, the sleep quality of pregnant mothers is affected by various hormones. Therefore, most pregnant mothers are basically in a light sleep state, that is, the body is rest, and the brain is active.

Therefore, a small stimulus at night will continue to be active in the cerebral cortex of the pregnant mother, thereby increasing the chance of dreaming, and the dream is more realistic.

In this case, I hope that the prospective dad can always be with the pregnant mother. When the pregnant mother rolled around or wakes up in the middle of the night, give the pregnant mother a peaceful hug ~

★ Psychological reason

After pregnancy, due to changes in lifestyle and environment, and the impact of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are easy to think about it, and have negative emotions and psychological pressure.

For example, some pregnant mothers are worried that pregnancy will affect work, and some pregnant mothers are worried about whether they can give birth smoothly; if some pregnant mothers worry about whether the baby baby will develop abnormal or deforms, etc.After the drug, the impact of the heart of the drug on the baby.

In short, a variety of stress, bad emotions, or psychological disorders have caused insomnia and dreams of pregnant mothers.


Once some pregnant mothers feel unwell, they will think of bad places.If the bad emotions have accumulated more, it will also cause insomnia and dreams.

In October, I had encountered a pregnant mother. She said that she dreamed that a huge octopus tightly grabbed her legs.Will there be multiple fingers and multiple legs or something, this … how can October bacteria break.Everyone must take the right and scientific view of the problem. Hey!

★ The cause of the disease

There are very few pregnant mothers who have some heart and cerebrovascular diseases. When sleeping in improper position, she will cause ischemia and hypoxia in the heart and brain tissue, causing many dreams.

October fungus reminder: Pregnant mothers with this situation are best to go to the hospital for examination and treatment to ensure the stability of the disease and spend pregnancy during safety.

Why do you solve the "dream", only …

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Part of the reason for the dream during pregnancy is that the pregnant mother has a strong psychological pressure and a heavy ideological burden. For the changing emotions during pregnancy, the pregnant mother must "curb bad emotions and maintain an optimistic attitude", and learn to regulate their emotions.

The harsh mood is unsuitable, and it may be counterproductive.Therefore, when pregnant mothers have doubts or burdens, it is best to find friends and family to talk to it, let her body and mind be healthy, and to pass the pregnancy happily.

✔ Hot water soak your feet

The feet are rich in nerve endings and capillaries, and soaking feet with hot water have a mild and good stimulus effect on nerves and capillaries.This warm stimulus reflects to the cerebral cortex, thereby improving the sleep of pregnant mothers.

October fungus reminder: The water temperature of the pregnant mother’s feet should not be too high, and the time can be kept in 15-20 minutes. Do not use a foot bath ~

Don’t eat too much before going to bed

I often feel hungry during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers often eat another meal before going to bed, but after eating, I find that the sleep state is even worse.

This is because the gastrointestinal and intestines will be excited before going to bed before going to bed. At the same time, it will also increase the excitement of the brain nerves, which will affect the sleep of the pregnant mother and cause insomnia and dreams.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Pregnant mothers can sleep less during the day, ensure the quality of sleep at night, adhere to regular sleep, and the situation of insomnia and dreams will gradually improve.


If there are many dreams, nightmares, and easy to wake up, it has been frequent 3-4 times a week, and the pregnant mother should go to the hospital to consult the doctor early.

In fact, no matter what dream and "symbol", as long as the mother is happy and the baby is healthy, everything is just right ~

PS: The following is the top ten classic dreams of pregnant mothers compiled from the bacteria from the background message. If there is similar, it is pure gossip.

Top ten classic dreams during pregnancy

I dreamed of a big python at night. I told my husband the next morning that I would definitely have a son, but finally gave birth to a son.

怖 My dream is super horrible, dreaming of a big black spider, and then giving birth to a girl ~ Later, I learned that the spider means the pearl on the palm!

, After my due date is pushed, I have been very anxious. One night I dreamed of a green little sea turtle with a goldfish tail, which was particularly beautiful. I brought him home, but he refused to enter the door.This is too dirty.The next day I told my husband that he immediately cleaned the family completely and brought the car brush. At 11:30 in the evening, my amniotic fluid broke, and it was a bit amazing.

到 When I was pregnant, I dreamed of chasing me to run, and I still fight with it!The day before the due date, I dreamed that my teeth fell, and it was born the next day.

另 My colleague A dreamed that another colleague B was pregnant, and then told colleagues B, but she was really pregnant.Later, colleagues B dreamed that I was pregnant. At that time, I was really pregnant for 2 months, which was amazing.

Often dreams of running my black dogs and running with me, and also dreamed of grapes and watermelons. Now my little handsome guy is more than three months!

到 Once I dreamed of the gecko full of walls, but now I think of goosebumps.

I dream of a black cat lying on my stomach, but I am not afraid at all, I don’t know what the situation is …

生 In the early days of pregnancy, I dreamed of giving birth to a little girl who looked like her husband. After that, I dreamed of a beautiful flower butterfly flying out of my belly, and then I was happy!

连 When I was pregnant, I dreamed for two nights. On the first day, I dreamed of two black goldfish. The next day I dreamed that two black ants bees were on my eaves on my house. I still told my husband that it would not be twins.As a result, going to the hospital for examination is really twins!

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