It is said that when Bao Ma dreams of having a boy when he is pregnant?Is this not scientific?

We Chinese have always paid attention to dreaming, especially some pregnant mothers. Before they do n’t know the sex of the baby, dreaming what it means to ask what it means.During her pregnancy, my friend often had the same dream. She dreamed of a large pumpkin in her dream. According to her, she dreamed that this pumpkin more than once, and she told her mother -in -law.My mother -in -law laughed and laughed in the future. She said that she was a boy or boy. Sure enough, after the production, it was a boy. So what would you like to have a boy??Let’s take a closer look at this dream of dreaming during pregnancy.

1. What can I dream of having a boy

The above mentioned my friend dreamed of pumpkin, and finally gave birth to a boy. In fact, there are many fruits and vegetables. As long as you dream of one of them, you may also have a boy, such as our most common cucumber, eggplant,Or sweet potatoes and potatoes.There are not only foods, but also some very specific dreams, such as dreaming of continuous undulating waves, or towering mountain peaks, and tall pine cypress, which are said to have a boy’s dream.

2. Don’t be too serious

We often say that there is something in the day and dreaming at night. Maybe you dream of the potatoes mentioned above. It happens that you just want to eat potatoes recently or you have just eaten tonight.Therefore, it is still necessary to focus on scientific arguments. I believe that many parents know what the gender of the fetus is determined.Don’t be attributed to seriously, this is all scientific basis.

3. Treat the sex of the baby rationally

In modern society, it is advocated that men and women are equal. Government propaganda also says that there are the same problem for boys and women, so don’t care about the problem of having a boy or a girl. Girls must be worse than having a boy.The concept of human beings is still in the words of raising children. In fact, in today’s society, women also have a lot of right to speak. There are many examples of daughters to raise the elderly."So girls take care of the elderly are not necessarily worse than boys.

This argument for having a boy to have a boy and what you dream of giving birth to a girl is actually a thing that has no scientific basis. What do pregnant mothers dream during pregnancy?Boys and girls are the same children’s children, so there is no difference.

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