It is said that when you are pregnant, you can’t raise pets, but you don’t expect you to believe it!The truth is …

Pets are a friend of human loyalty, but in some cases, they will have a threat of harm and health, especially for prospective mothers and young babies.Among these potential dangers, the most well -known besides rabies, the bowworm is the bow!After pregnancy, does it always say that cats and dogs are not good for their bodies, and then let expectant mothers send them away?If you are pregnant, you need to send your pet away, which is a bit simple and rude!

Gow -shaped worms are a parasite who uses cats as the only ending host, so the expectant mothers who raise dogs can first let go.If it is a first infection, there may be abortion or cause fetal malformations in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature birth or death may cause premature birth or death in the middle and late pregnancy.It sounds sensational like this, but except for expectant mothers, ordinary people have no obvious symptoms after infection. If the expectant mothers have been infected and cured before pregnancy, the antibodies in the body are generally enough to protect the baby from harming the baby.

In fact, those cat owners who lie down are also very innocent. As the final host of Toxoplasma worms, many people think that cats are prone to infections during pregnancy, but this is not the case!

there is only one truth!

If the cat is raised at home, does not feed raw meat, does not drink raw water, and does not allow it to eat living things such as mice and cockroaches. It is very low infection with the toxoplasma.Even if the cat is infected, the insect eggs will only be spread within 2 weeks when they are infected for the first time, and the insect eggs need to be incubated for more than 24 hours after the eggs are out of the time to be contagious.

Therefore, expectant mothers should infect the toxoplasma worms at the same time to meet the following three conditions:

1. Must grow cats and feed it to eat raw meat and drink raw water;

2. To contact the overnight cat shit for more than 24 hours;

3. It is not that there will be bow -shaped eggs every time.

The dog is even more wronged!They are not the ultimate host of Toxoplasma, and excrement is not contagious.Therefore, it will not be infected with a bowworm during pregnancy, unless you eat the infected dog meat.

In fact, as long as you do a bow -shaped torch check for pets during pregnancy, you can keep pets healthy without infection.Of course, expectant mothers are weak during pregnancy. Pay attention to the following details with pets daily, and take preventive measures!

1. To prepare before pregnancy, the five of the eugenics are included in the bow -shaped insect inspection;

2. Do not feed raw meat for pets on weekdays. Cats should be raised in their homes, feed cooked food or finished cat food, and do not let it capture living things;

3. Regularly injected the vaccine to do a good job in inside and outside the body;

4. After touching your pets, wash your hands thoroughly, do not kiss, let alone go with it with it;

5. Do a good job of sanitation of small nests and tableware, and often disinfect;

6. The glorious and arduous task of shovel officer is handed over to the prospective father;

7. In diet, the meat should be cooked thoroughly and then eaten;

8. Pay attention to separate foods in the kitchen to avoid cross -infection;

9. Wash or peel it thoroughly before eating fruits;

10. In European studies, there are inextricable relationships between Toxoplasma and soil, so expectant mothers should also pay attention not to walk around the wild, and it is best to bring gloves and masks when dealing with flower and grass soil.

Of course, the infection of Toxoplasma can be treated by antibiotics, but the damage caused by the baby is not estimated. Therefore, it is absolutely better than the treatment for Toxoplasma!

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