It turns out that pregnancy will not get his distress and forbearance. What should I do in the face of domestic violence?

Hello everyone, I am Yunnan Momo, 20 years old.I am a woman who has been violent by her husband for a long time. In the face of my husband’s domestic violence, I chose to bear it. I think he still loves me, but sometimes I do n’t work well.He may make changes in the baby’s portion, but it turns out that I was wrong.

I met with my husband in the company last year. At that time, we were colleagues, he was also my upper -level leader. We did sales work. He was the team leader of our group.He often helps me encourage me during work, and often cares about taking care of me in life. We have become a couple relationship. After a year, we get married.

Before we got married, I always thought that he was a responsible, detained, and worthy of entrustment. Everything changed after marriage.

After marriage, his parents were anxious to urge us to have children, saying that he was the only child in the family. When they are still young, they can help us take care of our children. In the future, we will live a little bit.I was pregnant with a child earlier, and my husband also agreed with his parents’ thoughts, so I resigned with the persuasion of my husband and in -laws and became a housewife.

Because of my resignation, the family income has decreased accordingly. With the daily life expenses, my husband’s work is unsatisfactory. Gradually, my husband had alcoholism. After returning home, he would yell at me.I slapped, kicking me with my feet, and he would apologize to me afterwards and asked for my forgiveness.After pregnancy, I am very happy. I thought that the arrival of this little life may make this family warmer, and my husband will no longer scold me to hit me, but the fact is not what I think.

I remember that I just went back to the hospital for a birthday a few days ago. It was more than six o’clock in the evening. When my husband came back from work and saw that he hadn’t cooked, he went to me. Then he asked me how much money did it cost to go to the hospital. I said it spent more than 500 more than 500.The husband suddenly came up, and fiercely slapped me. My face was burned as much as possible in an instant. The in -laws came back to see but immediately ran into the room.When I was flowing out, my forbearance was in exchange for his inch. When he slapped and fist fell on me, he didn’t treat me as someone at all, and he would not think that I was a pregnant person.

After my husband went out, I told my parents while he was not at home. I decided to divorce with him. After the child was born, I took the child together. He was so irritable, and the child left him.EssenceAfter telling my parents my thoughts, my parents felt that my belly was not suitable for trouble, and after the divorce, I would have a hard work with the child alone.joke.The persuasion of my parents made me feel confused. In addition, I did n’t know what to do if I did n’t have a job or income. In addition, the child was born in one and a half months. It is basically impossible to induce labor.

I told my girlfriend about my experience. My girlfriend sympathized with me and gave me an idea.Let me go back to my mother’s house first, give birth to the child at my mother’s house, and then throw it to the in -laws.Isn’t his parents who want a child? Then he gave birth to his parents, but I couldn’t bear to be the same poisonous hand in the future. I don’t know what to do.

In the face of my husband’s domestic violence, I have never thought of a way.I also know that domestic violence is never forgiven, no matter for anyone.Family violence cannot be tolerated, otherwise it will bring endless regrets.But my plan gave up after I thought about it.

I wanted to steal evidence such as monitoring or recording pens at home before, but I was afraid that he found that he would fight me to death.I was afraid that even if the police caught him for a few days, in case he came out to revenge on me, what should I do, I was scared and helpless when I thought of it, I don’t know what to do.

The above is a self -described by a victim from the husband’s domestic violence for a long time. In the face of her husband’s long -term domestic violence, she doesn’t know what to do. Even if she thinks of a way to fight her husband, she thinks of her husband’s brutality again.Husband’s resistance.

In the face of domestic violence, what better ways friends can provide to the victims?I was deeply sympathetic to this victim, so he consulted a friend who knew the law. He provided me with some ways, hoping to provide some help to the victims who were experiencing domestic violence.

According to the "Anti -Family Violence Law of the People’s Republic of China", family violence refers to physical and mental violations such as fighting, binding, harming, restricting personal freedom, and regular abuse, and thresholds between family members.

(1) Learn to use legal weapons to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests

Domestic violence is a very severe problem in my country and even the whole world.In order to protect the victims of domestic violence, my country has formulated and introduced the anti -domestic violence law.In July 2022, the Supreme People’s Court of my country issued the "Provisions on the Application of Laws for the Application of Personal Security Protection Cases" to prevent and reduce the harm caused by many domestic violence.Whether women and men suffer from domestic violence, they can learn from the opinions of the anti -domestic violence law to provide you with legal aid and reduce the harm of domestic violence.

(2) Collect evidence.Speaking, there must be relevant evidence to prove that the domestic violence can be proved

For example, you can quietly install recording pens, monitors or videos at home, which can be used as very powerful evidence.

(3) Find the Women’s Federation, alarm, go to the hospital for injury identification

If the other party has violent behavior that beats you, you should go to the hospital for injury identification in time, and record the video reserved evidence, and the police will seriously senify torture according to the circumstances.At the same time, when encountering domestic violence, the victims should find ways to leave the violence in time to reduce or avoid secondary injuries.

Note: The injury identification is best to do the same day or then. Do not wait for a few days before going to the hospital. You must know that the body will recover. After a few daysWell, it is better not to do this.

Although it is now a rule of law, the tragedy of domestic violence is still performed every day.In the past, there was a case of killing the corpse in Jiangsu, and the case of Hong Kong ladies Cai Tianfeng broke the corpse case. They were all examples of living in life.

Therefore, when you encounter domestic violence, you should stay away from domestic violence and learn to use legal weapons to protect yourself. You must not tolerate again and again. There are only countless domestic violence. Blind tolerance will only make yourself more harmful.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to seeing people. People with violent tendencies are generally irritable and extremely thoughtful, and they will inevitably do something incredible.

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